Monthly Archives: March 2014

Our circulation

To understand our circulation, I have been in to the Google Analytics package installed on the Grace’s Guide site and the answer is a fairly constant 2,800 unique visitors each and every day. The average visitor looks at between 3 to 4 pages each time they come to Grace’s Guide so we have around 10,000 pages delivered each day. That’s an amazing 300,000 pages delivered each month.

Around 60% of those visitors are from the UK, followed by the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and France. It also tells me that it is a 2:1 ratio of male to female and that it appeals to the more mature person – but I doubt that these figures are very reliable. As I write this I can see that there are 21 people actually viewing the site at this moment in time.


I have just returned from an extended tour of Australia, trying to see as many collections and local museums as possible. Everywhere we looked there was UK equipment to photograph and record and now there are more than 2,000 photographs to sort, process and to get some of them live on GG.

Every town seemed to have a little local museum and unlike the UK, they were focussed on the social history rather than dinosaurs and stuffed animals. One example in a remote village, we came across an old-timer who had collected some 250 tractors and would have kept us there all day talking about them if we hadn’t needed to push on after a couple of hours. He did have some rather special ones though and I have always thought I would like to own a Field Marshall.

The ‘Contact Us’ Form

The ‘Contact Us’ form on the GG web site is how people make the first contact with us. The serious inquiries are then shared out among our team depending on their type of information. But we do attract a very large number of requests for things we don’t do, like valuations, supply spare parts, track lost pension funds or import things from foreign parts. It’s rather like searching through those antique fairs looking for the real gems among a mountain of lesser stuff. But those gems are so worthwhile with people with very special knowledge able to correct us or point us to additional sources. We would sorely miss them if they stopped.

The Engineer and Missing Volumes

We have completed the copying of the 200 plus volumes of ‘The Engineer’ dating from 1856 to 1960. That is not quite the end though as have to add indexes to the volumes so that the content links across to other material in Grace’s Guide and that is labour intensive.

The original volumes have been sourced from a private collection and with the assistance of Bristol Reference Library. We have around fifteen volumes missing from the sequence either completely or because the volumes we have are incomplete. Thanks to the current publisher of ‘The Engineer’ we have now found ten of those and these will be photographed and added to the site over the next few weeks. Then all we need to do is just need those last five volumes to have the complete run.