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175 Years of The Cunard Line

The famed Cunard Shipping Line marked its 175th anniversary this weekend as three of its largest liners performed a synchronized dance in celebration along the River Mersey.

The dramatic display was the first of its kind. Never before have three great ocean liners sailed as a fleet in such a way, and the event marked the first time the three ships: The Queen Victoria 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, had ever met in Liverpool.

The Cunard Line was founded in Liverpool in 1838.  The company headquarters were built in the city during the First World War and were used by Cunard until 1967.  The Cunard Building,  now known as one of the Three Graces (along with the Royal Liver Building and the Port of Liverpool Building), stands on the World-Heritage-listed Pier Head, marking the special bond between the city and its shipping history with Cunard.

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On July 4th, the Queen Mary 2 sails from Liverpool bound for Halifax, Boston and New York, to mark the maiden voyage of the RMS Britannia, which began on the same day in 1840. It will be the first time a Cunard ship has departed from Liverpool for America since January 1968.