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Can you help us identify this family?

A  few years ago, we received an e-mail  with the attached photographs of this family supposedly relating to Beans Industries Ltd – Engineers and Ironfounders of Tipton in Staffordshire.

They are captioned ‘The Bean family’ in our records and the photographs are noted down as being between 1937-38, although we’re almost sure these dates can’t be accurate for both photographs.

If they are members of the Bean family, who are they? Can you help?

Please contact the editor if you have any information for us.



Kirkstall Forge with a “Pie and Pea Supper”

Kirkstall Forge talk, colour

From axle production for horse-drawn vehicles, to military vehicle component manufacture throughout the hardships of war, Kirkstall Forge has an incredible history. With iron production at its heart, Kirkstall Forge was to become one of Leeds’ most iconic engineering businesses starting a fascinating industrial journey hundreds of years ago in the company of monks at Kirkstall Abbey.

The Friend’s of Pudsey Roller are to present an illustrated talk this November by Joe Northrop, covering all aspects about Kirkstall Forge and the thousands of people who worked there through the ages.

The Friends of Pudsey Roller are a dedicated group, united in the passion to see the famed steam roller restored back to working condition again. The organisation meets twice a year to continue the successful fundraising ‘Pie and Pea Suppers’ for the project to a “Transport and Steam” theme.

This traditional “Pie and Pea Supper” will commence on Thursday 3rd November at 7.45pm and tickets are £6. Money raised from ticket sales will go towards the cost of food, and the rest to the Pudsey Roller funding.

For more information on the local area of Pudsey with articles on its heritage, read the latest “Squeaker” stories. See the poster above for details about the talk.