Early Brewer’s Exhibitions on Grace’s Guide

S. Briggs and Co Picture a great hall lined with stands of bottling machinery, cooling contraptions, and brewers lorries, glass enamelled steel tanks and ornate water heaters. This was a common sight in the earlier Brewer’s Exhibitions of Great Britain held at the end of October each year.

The origins of great beer competitions and exhibitions date back to the late 1800’s when brewers, maltsters, wine merchants and distillers came together and showed off their best beer, latest innovations and finest apparatus.

An exhibition strictly of a trade character organised in 1879 in the Agricultural Hall, Islington was to become an annual event for many years to come,  attracting competitors including S. Briggs and Co,  Linde British Refrigeration Co and Leyland Motors.

We have a few of the earlier exhibitions covering the unfolding contraptions of the early competitors on the site, some particularly detailed, in the following Engineer journals:

1879 Brewer’s Exhibition  (p 259)
1893 Brewer’s Exhibition  (p 411)
1898 Brewer’s Exhibition (p 451)
1909 Brewer’s Exhibition (p 421)

Soda Water Machinery


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