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As we’ve come to the end of The Engineer after over 2 years of thoroughly photographing, editing and uploading thousands of pages covering 150 years, indexing them has become a main priority for us. This involves routing through each page and noting its main subjects, taking care to link to any page within the website as we go. You’ll notice our referencing at the bottom of most featured pages under the ‘See Also’ heading where we’ve linked information back to its referenced page.

When taking time to go through the journals, you come to realise, not only are they like gold to historians researching the past century’s engineering and industrial past, but they are also works of art when complemented by such beautiful engravings, all of course successfully archived on the site.

Presently we’ve been working on the early 1860’s covering topics from boiler explosions to the launching of great naval ships. But during the year of 1862 the London Exhibition was the event that took the limelight of the earlier part of the decade, and is covered extensively in the weekly journals.

Held from May 1st to November 1st beside the gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society, over 28, 000 exhibitors from 36 countries were involved, securing its succession in becoming one of the biggest exhibitions that had ever been organised.

It was the successor to the Great Exhibition of 1851 in the time when Britain was the leader of the industrial revolution, and with sheer magnificence of its contributors, it arguably was just as spectacular.

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