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We receive an abundance of different inquiries and e-mails of interest from right across the Domestic Applianceworld here at Grace’s Guide. From queries over motorcycles, chainmaille and antique glass jars to beautifully printed adverts and antique manuals, the variety of subjects we hear about or receive in the post certainly justify people’s fascination over little pieces of industrial history.

An advert for the “Magnet” Electric Machine made by the GEC, was perhaps the most peculiar addition of this week claiming to not only be a device to make ice-cream, but “wash, wring, iron clothes, mince meat and fill sausages, clean and sharpen knives” as well!

We also had a fascinating photograph of a silver pair of scissor serving tongs, quite unique in their design, made by the renowned Cooper Brothers and Sons of Sheffield.

With certain British companies from the 19th and early 20th century, it’s remarkable to see traces of them so widely found across the world. One particularly good example of this would be the J. Stone and Company from London. Established in 1842, their brand name has been spotted on railway undercarriages in Uruguay and railings in Barbados. A photograph of a drain cover in Brazil, sent in recently, fits in nicely with the other examples we’ve collected on their page.

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