Completion of The Engineer (1856-1960)

After a national search, several journal courier trips and plenty of nail-biting moments, we’ve successfully managed to piece together the last remaining pages of The Engineer, to finally make our online archive complete!

Although we have 103 of the 210 volumes held here in the SMC Library, we couldn’t have done it without the generous help of three organisations: Bristol Reference Library, The Engineer (Centaur Communications) and The Institute of Mechanical Engineers , both of London, whose combined efforts into lending us journals to archive, we’re so thankful for.

View the complete bound volumes here.

The next step for The Engineer project completion is now to finish indexing the journals. Enriching the site with crucial links back to relevant pages of the journals, indexing is an invaluable process for those wanting to research deeper into engineering subjects.

Found at the footer of each page, there may be a link to an Engineer journal. By clicking through one of these links, you will be presented with a list of information found within the journal, including the subject you’re pursuing, as well as a full list of other subjects within that month/year. Here you can find out which page number you need to refer to for your subject before opening the searchable PDF file located at the top of the page for further reading.
For example, John Fowler has a link from his page to the journal of 1873/07/11:

The EngineerClick-through to this page and you’ll find a list of main subjects. For, John Fowler in this example, he is referenced to the 1873 Royal Agricultural Show.

Note the page number you’ll need when you’ve found your subject and open the PDF at the top of the page to find and read more information:

The Engineer 1873We’re constantly indexing the site, so make sure to keep checking back!

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