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Top Tips for The Researcher on Grace’s Guide

To ensure you make the most of all the information archived on the site and don’t miss any hidden gems, we’ve put together a few top tips in a detailed guide.

Read our top tips for searching the site.

With over one hundred thousand online pages and even more images and PDF’s, Grace’s Guide is a leading source for free-to-use historical information on Britain’s industrial past.

We’re the first and perhaps only site to hold a complete digital archive of the rare original volumes of The Engineer, spanning 100 years from the 1860’s. Every page of The Engineer is in an easy to read PDF format, both searchable on Grace’s Guide and the top search engines.

Eventually and with funding, we hope to do the same for ‘Engineering’ to collect even more rare accounts, editorials and engravings for you to freely use and view at your convenience.

Enjoy exploring the site!

4 thoughts on “Top Tips for The Researcher on Grace’s Guide

  1. I found your site quite by accident whilst trying to find the history of “Virol” on the web. I am mighty impressed by your site, it has everything that an old history buff like me could ever want. Congratulations to all concerned with its design and contents. 10/10


    Walter Crawford.

    1. Dear Walter,

      Thank-you for getting in touch, and we’re glad you find the website so useful! Please do keep checking back as we’re constantly updating and adding information.

      All the best – Editorial Team

  2. For more than 20 years I had been trawling through the dirty, dusty, mouldy and nicotine fumigated pages of these old volumes at a fabulous collection known as the ‘E.M. Baldwin’ collection at the National Museum of Australia, in Canberra – they used to make me ill after a day or two of searching!
    Now it is all at my fingertips, thanks to Graces Guide, thank you immensely you have improved and possibly extended my life span!
    Frank the ‘Shunter-down-under’
    Mittagong, New South Wales.

    1. Hi Frank, Thank-you for your lovely comments about the project and glad to hear you find Grace’s Guide so useful. Get in touch anytime if you’d like help finding any specific articles. Best Wishes – Roz, (Editorial Team)

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