‘The Spitfire’ by Bert Martin


The Spitfire was a masterpiece of aerodynamic engineering, that adapted to every challenge the Second War World hurled in it’s way. It’s success shines through history, with numerous propeller designs and sixteen different versions , from reconnaissance planes to Seafires. It was the only fighter in production before, through and after the war, and around 20,300 produced for the RAF in total.

"Reginald Mitchell’s Spitfire fighter, is now a part of Britain’s heritage – history itself. Our history. And when I say 'our', I don’t mean a common market 'our', but a “Britain I’m proud of it our"…” …

"...when we heard the familiar wang of the Merlin engine – an unforgettable noise – followed by the victory roll, I said to myself – "there’s a little bit of me up there" and there must have been many others who felt the very same way..."

Bert Martin wrote down his feelings towards the production of Spitfires as he recalled his life memories in a short but touchingly detailed essay on the famed fighter planes. A talented and self-taught mechanical engineer, Bert worked for Follands, and was responsible for the Spitfire tail portion in the 1930′s.

His son Tony, has contacted Grace’s Guide with this fascinating and intimate account detailing the hey-day of Britain’s famed Spitfire.

Read Bert’s detailed account –‘The Spitfire’ now online on Grace’s Guide.

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