Another “Pie and Pea Supper” with The Friends of Pudsey Roller

Please note: This image is taken from The Friend’s of Pudsey Roller’s website;

In it’s heyday, the ‘Pudsey Roller’ would’ve been a magnificent steam roller, built at the Steam Plough Works, of Hunslet in Leeds, by John Fowler and Co Ltd in 1921.

It was to become the pleasure of generations of  local children, when it was placed in the playground of Pudsey Park in 1959, remaining a popular attraction until 1990 when it was removed for safety reasons, inevitably left to stand many years of neglect.

 The Friend’s of Pudsey Roller are a dedicated group, working to raise money for the affectionately named steam roller, and they are united in the passion to see it restored back to working condition again.

The organisation meets twice a year to continue the successful fundraising  ‘Pie and Pea Suppers’ for the project to a “Transport and Steam” theme.  Money raised from ticket sales will go towards the cost of food, and the rest to the Pudsey Roller. This autumn the Friends will be meeting on Thursday 12th November 2015 and all interested are welcome.

See below for details.

To find out more about the project and how you can get involved check out the Friend’s of Pudsey Roller website.

Friends of Pudsey





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