As a non-profit organisation, we rely wholly on the generosity of the people who appreciate and support the project. Without¬†donations and sponsors, it wouldn’t be possible to publish the amount of historical content we do everyday.

Already this year we have received numerous e-mails with attached photographs, written work and links from you, to help further the content on our webpages. Some of you have also been donating  magazines, books, and company publications in the post, which we are always very grateful to receive.

Thank-you for your continued support. With your help we can continue to preserve and grow the project. And remember to keep checking back to the website as we add new information daily.

If you think you can help in anyway, we want to hear from you. Please see our Wanted page or send us an e-mail.

2 thoughts on “Thank-you

  1. Thank you so much for your efforts to preserve our wonderful heritage. Please email where i can donate to support you. It wont be big-bucks but I would send what i can by cheque.

    1. Dear Mr Evans, thank-you for your kind comments about the project. Knowing the work we do is appreciated makes it so much more worthwhile. If you’d like to donate to Grace’s Guide we’d be very grateful for any contributions. We’re currently developing our donations page at the moment so please contact the editor in the meantime using the contact details on this page –

      Many thanks again – Roz, (Editorial Team)

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