RMS Titanic – 104 year anniversary

The magnificent Titanic is perhaps the most famed ship in history and its tragic story still stirs emotions and imaginations today. She was one of the three Olympic Class liners of the White Star Line, built by Harland and Wolff at their shipyard in Belfast, and deemed “unsinkable”; an industrial sensation destined for America and one of the fastest liners yet.


…The Titanic was 1799 miles from Queenstown and 1191 miles from New York, speeding for a maiden voyage record. The night was starlight, the sea glassy. Lights were out in most of the staterooms and only two or three congenial groups remained in the public rooms. In the crow’s nest or lookout, on on the bridge, officers and members of the crew were at their places, awaiting relied at midnight from their to hours’ watch. At 11.45 came the sudden sound of two gongs, a warning of immediate danger.
The crash against the iceberg, which had been sighted at only a quarter of a mile, came almost simultaneously with the clink of the lever operated by those on the bridge, which stopped the engine and closed the watertight doors…

The maiden trip of the newest and greatest of the modern ocean liners in the world ended in the most appalling marine disasters in history when she struck an iceberg and sank 2 miles below the icy Atlantic .  Although, she was carrying 2,223 people on board, the ship carried lifeboats for only 1,178.

The tragedy resulted in the deaths of 1,517 people in one of the most heart-rending maritime disasters ever recorded.

Visit our page on Grace’s Guide to read more and view photographs of the Titanic.

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