How you can support Grace’s Guide

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As a non-profit organisation, we rely wholly on the generosity of the people who appreciate and support the project. Without donations and sponsors, it wouldn’t be possible to publish the amount of historical content we do everyday.

There are many costs we have to inccur to keep Grace’s Guide online, from the running of the website, to the digital software and technology we invest in to reproduce digitized publications.

If you enjoy using Grace’s Guide and would like to see it continue,        please consider donating to us.

Whatever you can afford to give will make a great difference and will go straight to the upkeep of the website and maintenance of the archives. Read more on how your donations help us on our Support Page.

Every day we receive numerous emails with written contributions or photographs to add to our growing digital library of Britain’s industrial past. Many of you also donate important publications, magazines and specialised publications through the post, which we are always so grateful to receive.

This year we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and we hope to continue going for many years to come.

Thank-you for your continued support.