Registering with Grace’s Guide – Updates April 2018

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We are introducing a small charge to access and view our digitized pdf files.

This month we are updating the way you’ll be able to view and download our digital material so we can continue to digitize and publish invaluable historical publications.

Presently, to view our digitized pdfs you are required to sign in and become a member of Grace’s Guide, but as from 16th April 2018 in addition to this, we will also be introducing a small charge to view this material.

Why are we changing the way you will be able to access digital publications on Grace’s Guide?

This is something we have been putting off for as long as we can, but due to unavoidable costs for the upkeep of Grace’s Guide, we are now asking our members for a small cost to access our digitized material. The price we’re asking won’t only essentially contribute to the administration and technical cost of Grace’s Guide, but will also enable our small team to continue to increase the amount of information published.

How much will I have to pay to access pdfs on Grace’s Guide?

There are three different payment options to choose from once you’ve registered with us.

These options are as follows:

5 pdf files for £4.95

25 pdf files for £12.95

60 pdf files for £24.95

Once you’ve selected and paid for your payment option, you can download pdfs up to your specified limit at anytime within the following three month period. After three months your credits will automatically expire, but if you reach your download limit before your three months are up, you’ll be able to pay for more pdfs anytime. To view your download status, refer to your ‘Account Status’ on the drop-down menu at the top-right of the page where you’d normally log-in.

Once I’ve viewed/ downloaded a pdf, will I be charged again if I re-visit it next time I login?

No, your pdf download limit will not be affected if you view the same pdf more than once. Your pdf download limit counts every new pdf you ever view, so you will technically only ever pay to view it once, then you can come back to the same file freely anytime.

All pdf files downloaded are free for you to store and print for you own personal use, but please be aware you are not licensed to share or resell all or any part of them.

If you have any problems or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form, or use the problem form to raise an issue.

Thank-you for all your on-going support.

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