Restoration Success in Tasmania

Marshall 2

Last year we were contacted by the St Helens Lions Club of Tasmania asking for advice on the restoration of a Marshall traction engine. With no ID number or clues to it’s original appearance, this engine being one of only two left in the Southern Hemisphere, became part of the Lions Centennial Project.

Marshall 1Originally used at a local sawmills – photo taken March 2017.

Marshall 3 Engine after undercoat and ready to be painted -  photo taken June 2017.

Marshall 4

Marshall Mayor


Now, and after a year’s hard work it sits proudly outside the local history room and information centre. On Friday 16th March the Mayor of St Helens cut the ribbon and uncovered the plaque that has been put in place to commemorate the fantastic work done to bring the engine back to it’s former glory.

Although some areas of it’s working life remains a mystery, it’s a lovely thought to know that a piece of Gainsborough industrial history has not only survived, but been lovingly restored on the other side of the world from where it originated.


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