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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1908 Stanley Show: Motor Accessories

From Graces Guide

Note: This is a sub-section of 1908 Stanley Show

Extracted from the Cycle and Motor Trades Review

Aston Motor Accessories Co., Ltd.
Birmingham. Stand No. 270.
The chief exhibit at this stand is, of course, the Amac carburetter. This is at present only made in the motor-cycle size, but it is one of the neatest carburetters we have ever examined. The jet is placed centrally in the mixing chamber and is supplied from a float chamber, a noticeable departure from ordinary practice being that the needle valve is inverted. The float when lifted raises a collar on the needle and lifts a cone on the other end, thus closing the entrance pipe. This method does away with small levers and moving parts inside the float chamber. The throttle is -a mushroom valve, and may be lifted either by wire or by lever. The extra air is admitted through a ring of holes in the mixing chamber. These are normally covered by a cone valve with a wide face, through the centre of which the mixture passes. When the cone is lifted by the extra air lever air rushes in round it and mixes with the central column of gas. The carburetter is extremely well finished, both internally and externally, and can be taken to pieces very easily. Amac switches are to be seen on this stand. in 20 different patterns. This firm also make float chambers, sparking plugs, terminals, and other electrical goods.

Benton and Stone.
On this stand a number of inflators are shown in various forms, but as is well-known, the firm produce many specialities in motor fittings, etc., such as lubricators, oil- pumps, oil-tanks, petrol-filters, grease-injectors, grease-cups, etc. The " Enoto" hinge lid grease-cup is a speciality. it is not necessary to remove the cap for charging with grease. To force the grease in, the whole of the cup is screwed round instead of the lid. One of the novelties is also the " Enoto" combined triple-action pump, which is perfectly easy to work against 100 lbs. pressure per sq. in., or over. It is 18in. by 1.5in., and the price is 30s. retail.

Cowey Engineering Co., Ltd.
Albemarle Street, W. Stand No. 117.
This firm are showing a full range of their motor-cycle speed indicators and mileage recorders. The instruments can be fitted to any make of motor-cycle, the most elaborate spring forks not interfering with the attachment. They are gear driven, the large gear wheels being clipped to the spokes. Each machine is combined with a milometer, and the price is £4 4s. The body of the instrument is carried on the handle bar by a fibre-lined clip.

City Ignition Co.
Spencer Street, Goswell Road, E.C. Stand No. 166.
This firm show all kinds of motor and motor-cycle accessories. Their speciality is the "Voltoo" coils which work, as their name implies, with only 2 volts. These are made in every size and pattern, both trembler and non-trembler, a particularly interesting pattern being a 4-cylinder " Unit" coil with a single trembler, which may be cut out at will by a switch on the front of the case; thus the engine may be started on the trembler, and as soon as running, by turning the switch, the coil becomes a plain one. Commutators, magnetos, accumulators, plugs, lamps, horns and other fittings are shown. Amongst these may be particularly noticed the "Stanley Dermatine" belt and the "Dependence" lamps.

Drummond Bros.
Rydes Hill, Guildford. Stand No. 6.
This exhibit consists of several sizes of the well-known Drummond lathes, and an extremely interesting radial drilling machine. We have always believed that the radial type of drill was decidedly the best for use in a garage, as it enables accurate work can be done on cylinders, gear boxes, and other large parts of cars. The objection has always been the price, but the Drummond drill costs only £22 10s. for the complete machine, fitted for use with both treadle and power. It will take work up to 22ins. wide, and altogether should appeal to a very large number of men in the trade.

W. and R. Jacobs, 39c King William Street, E.C. Stand No. 193.
There are several novelties on this stand, as the firm specialises in electrical fittings of all descriptions. They have electrical hand lamps, suitable for motorists, also hand flash lights of all kinds, medical coils, etc. A novelty of interest to motor-cyclists is the White Economiser, which sells at 4s. retail. This is a little appliance to attach to a motor-cycle carburetter, which will enable the cycle to start much more easily and at all times, as when the ordinary throttle is shut, this can be opened and a better mixture gained. It is shown suitable for various well-known carburetters in use, and the sample shown us was for a Triumph 3j H.P. motor-cycle. The Stanley Dermatine motor belt is also shown here, and a novelty is a neat case for motor-cyclists, to hold one complete spare belt and a spare inner tube. This firm also have a neat motor cycle lamp on the Rushmore lens, mirror, searchlight principle, with separate generator.

Griffin Simplex Gear Co.
Filton, Bristol. Stand No. 173.
This firm are showing a very ingenious 2-speed motor-cycle gear. The system comprises a counter-shaft with 2 sprockets mounted just forward of the crankshaft. The engine pulley is in one piece, with a sprocket ring, and is free on the crankshaft. There is also a small chain wheel outside the engine pulley connected by chain to the countershaft. A simple form of expanding clutch enables either the engine pulley or the outer sprocket to be locked to the crankshaft. When the sprocket is so fixed it drives by chain to the counter- shaft and back again to the engine pulley giving the low gear. For the high speed the pulley is locked to the crankshaft and the pulley sprocket free wheels so that the counter- shaft is not in motion.

Osborne Motor Mfg. Co.
Princess Works, Lincoln. Stand No. 72.
This exhibit consists of several of the already well-known Osborne four-speed motor bicycle pulleys. This device has a sliding flange which can be locked in four distinct and different positions, a jockey pulley being raised into engagement with the belt to take up the slack on the lower gears. A. complete machine is also shown in which the gear is an integral portion and the back wheel is slid bodily backwards instead of using a jockey pulley when it is desired to tighten the belt. A neat spring fork is used with this machine, which should be more than usually satisfactory in action.

Praed Safety Gas Light Co., Ltd.
20 Victoria Street, Westminster S.W. Stand No. 20.
The Praed gas-making machine has now been on the market for some considerable time, and large numbers are in use all over the country. The machine is of the simplest possible description, consisting of a slow-moving fan, and a small pump, which are driven by a little hot-air engine. The pump sprays the petrol into the top of a mixing chamber, and the fan forces air into the bottom of the same chamber, and thence to a small gasometer. The hot air engine is, of course, kept running by a small gas burner.

Premier Accumulator Co., Ltd.
Northampton. Stand No. 19.
This exhibit consists chiefly of "Premier" magnetos for motor-cycles and cars. The great feature of the machine is the ease with which it can be taken to pieces. It is possible to completely remove the commutator or the whole armature in a few seconds. The make-and-break is very stoutly made, and the wearing surfaces are of hardened steel. The same firm are the makers of the "Premier" accumulators, which have a distinctly neat form of grid. The ball-pointed sparking plugs and other electrical accessories should also be noticed.

Price and Co.
Mount Pleasant, London, E.C. *Stand No. 201.
The speciality here is the "Ukantes" patent stand for motorcycles. These are clipped on the rear tubes and fold up rearwards. They are made both for front and back wheels. Several motor-cycles are shown fitted with these stands. The latest model sells at 9s. 6d. retail. The Miller Patent Shield for motor-cycles is also shown. This protects the rider's legs and the engine from mud flying from the front wheel. It sweeps down from the top tube round to cover the whole of the engine part, and is then extended right over the back. wheel, the rear portion fitting underneath the ordinary mudguard. It certainly looks as though it should protect rider and engine from becoming splashed. Pedalling is not interfered with, and an increased draught is given to the engine owing to the peculiar shape of the front guard. There is also a new belt pulley-grip, forming a belt armour for leather or rubber belts. These serve to prolong the life of the belt.

A. D. Powell and Co.
3 Aylestone Street, Leicester. Stand No. 164, Entrance Arcade.
On this Stand is shown Powell's motor-cycle 2-speed hub gear, and also the same principle applied to the engine crank shaft on the outside of the pulley. The usual sun and planet motion is employed, with the gears always in mesh. and an outside band to lock the gears in a certain position. An ordinary inclined sliding cam movement is employed to push the gears into action to produce second speed. The whole thing is cleverly designed, but has, of course, been employed many times in connection with tri-cars and motor-cycles. The price of the one fitted to the engine crank shaft is seven guineas. They are made in two sizes, the smaller size up to H.P. gives gears of 55% and 33% (gear speed) reduction; in the larger models for machines up to 9 H.P. only 33% (gear speed) reduction.

J. W. Perkin.
Lord Street Works, Leeds. Stand No. 197.
Here is shown the well-known "Gre-Solvent" for washing grimy hands, of great use to motorists. It instantly dissolves grease and grime on the hands, and is a perfect hand- cleanser. It has been improved since last season. Also shown here is the Universal Flux, "liozinal" soldering paste, so well and favourably known, and used by many leading firms. This is sold in tins from 2oz. to 101bs. weight.

Prested Miners' Lamp Co.
Holloway, N. Stand No. 207.
Much the same range of goods is being shown as at Olympia; that is to say, accumulators, coils, plugs, and so forth. Here, however, there are more motor-cycle coils and accumulators. The former are made in the trembler and non-trembler patterns, and the latter have a new paste which it is claimed gives something like 10% higher capacity than previously. There is also a neat handle bar switch shown, which is unusually stoutly made.

Sheppard's Patent Motor Wheel Co.
Bridgend. Stand No. 288.
This is the "Victor" motor-wheel with detachable flange to enable the motorist to get at the inner tube of his tyre quickly and easily. The rim can be partly turned (about 14in.), and locks itself behind segments of an inside flange on the rim. Two handles are supplied, which can be attached for the purpose of turning the flange round easily. When the handles are screwed in they loosen two catches which lock the rim in position, and in the same manner the locking arrangement is completed by the simple fact of unscrewing the handles out after the rim is adjusted.

W. Searle and Co.
33 Glasshouse Street, London, W. Stand No. 169, Entrance Arcade.
This firm's specialities include the "A.T." sparking plug, which is adjustable at the sparking point, and has no less than eight separate points for the spark to jump across. It has a solid nickel electrode carried through. This is a very well made plug, and retails at 5s. 6d. The "0.S." Speedometer is driven from the cardan shaft or from the sprocket shaft. If fitted on the former it is placed at the rear of the gear-box, and the gearing of the crown and pinion is taken into consideration. It is also combined with an Odomoter to register distance covered as well as speed. The registering principle is carried out by means of a permanent magnet rotating against a copper disc. It acts instantly according to the speed of the gear, and is very cleverly thought out, with dead-beat action. The firm are also sole agents for the Fulmen Accumulator. In this the terminals are of lead and non-oxidisable. The method of securing the wires to the terminals is by ebonite screw caps, which prevent any short circuiting across. There are also general lines in motor accessories, such as horns, lamps, bolts and nuts of all kinds, and an exhaust cut-out. The firm are introducing a new bouquet holder of a very new pattern, for use in high-class cars. They also market the Auteroche lamps and generator. The latter is on a good principle, as the pressure of the gas within regulates the flow of water, as in the Rushmore and other makes.

Tee Bee Specialities.
Templeton Bros., 535 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Stand No. 226.
Here are shown Tee Bee specialities for motor-cycles, consisting of Tee Bee carrier, spring fork attachment, spring seat pillar, spring foot-rest, foot-boards and hand starting device; also pedal brakes, heel brake, oil can carrier, plug case. high tension wire clip, valve spring lifter and belt punch combined, lame, brackets, etc. All these specialities are very useful accessories and fitments for motor-cycles.

Utopian Works Co.
Myrtle Road, Leicester. Stand No. 174.
A neat little switch for the handle-bar is shown here. It is called the "Autob," and retails at. 3s. 9d.; one of the neatest and handiest things of its kind on the market. The "Autob" adjustable pulley, with detachable flanges, is also shown.

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