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1912 Engineering and Machinery Exhibition

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October 1912.
October 1912.
October 1912.
September 1912.

1912 International Engineering and Machinery Exhibition held at Olympia from October 4th

1912 October. Technical article on Drilling Machines in Internal Combustion Engineering

Things worth seeing.[1]

Mr. Henry Milnes of Ingleby Works, Brown Royd, Bradford, whose productions in the way of machine tool, and accessories are well known by name to many of our readers, will be making a representative display of really first-class tools, for both light and heavy duties. Power users and charge engineers on the look out for accurate and reliable machines will therefore do well to give Mr. Milnes a call at his stand. The following are some of the various machines which will be on view one Type Z. Improved Strong High Speed Self-Acting Lathe, with hollow spindle, for heavy, also accurate work, 6-in. centre 6-ft. bed. One Type Y. High-Class Combination Lathe, with 4 }-in. centre and 4 ft. 6 in. bed. One Type R. Self-Acting Sliding and Screw-Cutting Lathe; this lathe has 3? ins. Centre with 2ft. 6 in. Bed, takes i6 ins. between Centres, swings 5 ins. over Saddle and is 4 ins. distance between top of Boring Table and line of centres, admits work 12 ins. diameter in Gap, Hollow Mandrel i in. diameter bore through, and weighs 31 cwts. Several improved planing machines for hand or power, milling machines for hand or power, and as stated above, a varied display of accessories will help to make a very interesting exhibit.

Messrs. Kasenit, Ltd., 8 and 9, Ludgate Square, E.C. Stand No. 329. On this stand will be shown samples of the well-known compound for case-hardening made by this firm, sold under the trade mark of " Kasenit," also many examples of pieces of steel, tools, etc., hardened by their special process. In connection with " Kasenit " this firm also show their" Unique" case-hardening furnaces, which are gas fired, and appear a thoroughly workmanlike job. Gas-fired forges and high-pressure gas furnaces are also shown. Of special interest on this stand will be a collection of " Leskole " distance thermometers and pyrometers for many purposes. The equipment is to include a switchboard with connections to several furnaces of various kinds, arranged in such a way that the temperature can be obtained from any of these simply by setting the switch. An entirely new recording pyrometer is also to be shown, which has been brought out specially to meet the demand for a low-priced instrument suitable for all temperatures from the lowest up to 2,9oo° F. This recorder produces 24-hour charts, which are specially printed on the maker's own machine according to the range which each client requires. The scales on the instruments are also hand engraved, so that any special needs can be catered for. Another feature of this instrument is that it can be supplied suitable for thermo-electric pyrometers of any make. Another very interesting instrument to be seen on this stand will be the " Leskole " optical pyrometer, which is the latest form of " Wanner " instrument brought thoroughly up-to-date, and so constructed that it can be used by any workman. It is made suitable for temperatures from 70o to 7,000° C., and will be of special interest to many who have had difficulties with high-temperature measurements. No part of this pyrometer comes in contact with the heat.

Messrs. James Keith Blackman Company, Ltd., 27, Farringdon Avenue, London, E.C. (Stands Nos. 195, 196, 201. and 202), will be showing fans for all purposes, as well as many other heating, lighting, and ventilating appliances for which the firm is well known. We enumerate some of the exhibits below: (1) Keith steel plate blowing and exhausting fans, suitable for mine and tunnel ventilation, induced and forced draught for boilers, dust extraction and conveying, general ventilation of buildings, fume and smoke removal, etc., etc. (2) Keith open-type fans for handling large volumes of air against comparatively low resistances, suitable for ventilating engine rooms, stokeholds, etc. (3) High-pressure fans suitable for furnishing %blast for cupolas and furnaces, smithy forges, gas producers, etc.; also portable ventilating and dust-blowing sets. (4) The Keith-Blackman air propellers, box blade and reversible types for ventilating, air circulation, fume, smoke, and dust removal, etc. (5) Keith " Plenum" window ventilator for use in offices, private rooms. etc. (6) Smiths' hearths fitted with self-contained water bosh and electrically-driven blower. (7) Centrifugal and rotary gas boosters. exhausters, and compressor; for raising the pressure in mains for long-distance transmission. feeding gas engines from suction producers, exhausting gas from oil wells, supplying gas under pressure for furnaces, lighting systems, etc. (8) Independent heating units for warming factories, workshops, stores, etc. (9) The Keith light (high-pressure gas) Electrically-driven gas compressor, supplying gas under pressure to Keith patent inverted lamps; also fittings, etc.

Price's Patent Candle Company, Ltd., of Belmont Works, London, Bromborough, Pool, Birkenhead, with various branches throughout the country, make their appearance at this show under a new name - that of " Price's Company, Limited," - which embraces the oil department of the old company and the business of the well-known oil firm, Charles Price and Co.. of Belvedere, Kent, which has been purchased by Price's Patent Candle Company, Ltd. Their exhibits will include specimens of the leading products of both firms. Among the specialities more particularly associated with the old Candle Company we find their oils for: gas, oil and petrol engines; steam engines, reciprocating and turbines; dynamos and motors, air compressors, textile machinery, and engineers' and machinists' tools of all kinds. The Charles Price and Co. section, which has branches in all the leading parts of the world, embraces oils for marine engines and for railways in which this firm have specialised ever since steamships and railways were included among the resources of civilisation. Their Stand is No. 356.

W. H. Bailey and Co., Ltd., Albion Works, Salford, Manchester (Stands Nos. 36 and 67), will be making a very interesting display of pumps, air compressors, and steam and water fittings, including: Bailey's " Davidson " boiler feed pump, with 91-in. diameter steam cylinder, 7-in. diameter pump cylinder, 24-in. length of stroke. This type of pump is being largely adopted in the mercantile marine, electric power stations, works, and mills, for boiler feeding. It is specially designed for working against high steam pressures. Bailey's " Roster's " patent two-stage air compressor, to deal with 4o cub. ft. of free air per minute, driven by electric motor. This will be shown working and supplying compressed air to the boiler feed pump. Bailey's " Mister's " patent belt-driven two-stage air compressor to deal with 33o cub. ft. of free air per minute and compress it to 150 lbs. pressure per square inch will also be shown, fitted with the " Koster's " patent valve gear, which is simple and efficient, and enables the compressor to be run at high speed. Bailey's " Thurston's " patent recording oil tester for testing oils and anti-friction metals for bearings, and for autographically recording the behaviour of the specimen under test. Bailey's patent dead-weight pressure-gauge tester for testing pressure gauges by actual dead-weight. Besides the above-mentioned goods there will be shown a large number of other accessories to the power house, such as pressure recorders, for recording steam. air, or water pressure; recording gyrometers or sight speed recorders; " Tell-Tale " recording pressure gauge, for steam, air, or water pressures; gyrometers (or tachometers); reducing valves; cement testers, made in accordance with the requirements of the British engineering standards specification; also Bailey's " Belliss and Morcom's " patent tool-cutting speed indicator, which indicates on a large dial the exact cutting speed of any machine tool, and detects gearing or belt slip.

The Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Company, 147, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C., will be exhibiting the following power-house accessories at Stand No. 309 (Annexe): Crosby feed-water regulators, containing nothing but water and working on a physical principle without mechanical parts, will he shown working on their stand and on the Boncourt Exhibition boiler of the Radiant Heat Company, Ltd. Relay reducing or surplus valves operated by water or steam pressure, designed to give marvellously close regulation; 6-in. valve may be seen working. Crosby indicators, of all types, and new device for obtaining continuous diagrams under the Lanza and Wallace patents; an indicator drum operated positively in both directions; continuous stroke diagrams on a paper strip too ft. long. Crosby sound signals, chime whistles, automatically tinted and electrically operated. Water arresters for dry steam, shown with whistles and svrens mounted on them as fitted on shipboard. Pressure and Vacuum recorders-a new pattern will be shown, British manufacture throughout. Crosby pop safety valves, latest patterns of locomotive valves shown in section. Mason reducing valves and pressure regulators, and Crosby gauge-testing appliances. The following goods will be exhibited fur the first time: Relay reducing valve (which will be shown in motion), pressure recorder, and the Wallace and Lanza indicator attachments.

Messrs. Drummond Bros., Ltd., Guildford, Surrey (Stand's Nos. 72 and -07), will be showing the following: " Drummond Barreto " universal turning, boring, drilling, milling, screw- cutting, and gear-cutting machine, with self-contained electric drive; a new design Colonial pattern 9-in. centre screw-cutting lathe, with large-bore mandrel; a 7f-in. centre all-gear head, constant speed drive, high speed, screw-cutting, sliding, surfacing, boring lathe; two new special design ring turret lathes; a 5-in. centre screw-cutting, sliding, surfacing, boring lathe, with self-contained electric drive; a 6-in, centre screw-cutting, sliding, boring lathe, specially designed for motor repair work; an entirely new design LO-in. centre screw-cutting and boring lathe, with self-contained electric drive (also another lathe of the same type with treadle drive); a 4-in. centre, turning, screw-cutting, and milling lathe.. with self-contained electric drive; a light radial drilling machine, with self-contained electric drive, also arranged for treadle; a Universal grinding machine, with self-contained electric dive, also arranged for treadle; a small hand lever bench shaping machine and varied assortment of lathe chucks, tools, milling and grinding attachments, etc.. etc. The Sturtevant Engineering Company, Ltd., 147, Queen Victoria Street, London, will be showing the following machines: Sturtevant patent " Ring Roll " mill; Newaygo patent screen separator; " Roll jaw " crusher; laboratory machinery comprising jaw crusher, rolls, elevator, and patent hammer screen; dust exhausting fan and piping; patent automatic air filter; and the Sturtevant turbine. The undermentioned are new machines and have not been shown before in this country: Sturtevant patent "Ring Roll" mill; Newaygo patent screen separator; patent hammer screen; patent air filter; turbine. The Sturtevant laboratory machinery, together with dust-exhausting plant and air filter, will be shown in operation. and samples of rocks will be crushed for demonstration. This firm will also have a hand model Sturtevant Newaygo screen separator on their stand to demonstrate its construction and operation.

Messrs. James Walker and Co., Ltd., Lion Works, Garford Street, West India Dock Road, London, E., will be exhibiting, amongst other things, the following: Patent "Lion" packings for steam, water, and hydraulic work; " Golden Walkerite " sheet jointing, which is guaranteed to be of British manufacture and to stand any pressure of steam water, acid, ammonia, petroleum. etc.; " Elephant " sheet jointing, " Lion " sheet jointing, " Wallico " sheet jointing; general packings; " Wallico " cone gauge glass rings, " Wallico " vacuum brake diaphragms; " Lion " metallic hydraulic cups. They will also be exhibiting the " Lion " metallic hydraulic cup and the " Wallico " vacuum brake diaphragms for the first time.

Exhibitors include; Charles Taylor,
William Boby,
George Kent,
Arthur Ross, Hotchkiss and Co,
Patent File and Tool Co,
Hindle, Maitland and Co,
Boving and Co,
W. H. Bailey and Co,
Hulse and Co,
Britannia Foundry Co,
Adjustable Moulding Machine Co,
C. Redman and Sons,
D. and J. Tullis,
Hudson Economiser Co,
Leeds Meter Co,
Saver Clutch Co,
B. and S. Massey,
Wadkin and Co,
Westinghouse Brake Co,
British Vacuum Cleaner Co,
Hans Renold,
Coventry Chain Co,
Skefco Ball Bearing Co,
Acetylene Illuminating Co,
A. Warden and Co,
British Oxygen Co,
Thorn and Hoddie Acetylene Co,
C. W. Burton, Griffiths and Co,
William Asquith,
Ordnance Accessories Co,
Alldays and Onions,
Archdale and Co,
Bailey and Co,
Colchester Lathe Co,
Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Co,
Darling and Sellers,
Hoffman Manufacturing Co,
Smith and Coventry,
H. W. Ward and Co,
Holbrook and Sons,
S. N. Brayshaw,
H. Rossel and Co,
Harper, Sons and Bean,
Coventry Chain Co,
Denham Engineering Co,
Frederick Pollard,
Cambridge Scientific Instrument Co.
Wadkin and Co,
J. W. Barnes,
A. Herbert,
Parkinson and Sons,
Schuchardt and Schutte,
Dickinson Machine Tool Co,
Redman and Son,
Timbrell and Wright,
Jones, Pollard and Shipman,
Charles Churchill and Co,
Osborne and Co,
G. Richards and Co,
C. H. Alexander,
Theodore Butler, E. G. Wrigley and Co,
Armfield and Co,
Mayer and Schmidt,
Carborundum Co,
Broom and Wade,
Tormo Manufacturing Co,
United Machine Tool Works,
Crompton and Co,
Lancashire Dynamo and Motor Co,
Robert Paul.

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