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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1920 Motor, Marine and Aircraft Red Book: Company O

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1920 Motor, Marine and Aircraft Red Book

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  • O. D. Cars Ld. Dunmore, Antrim rd. Belfast, Manufacturers of “ O.D.” Motor Cars
  • O'Brien and Co. Ld. H. F. Broadheath Motor Wks. Altrincham, Cheshire, Motor Oar Dealers, MTA, . Avon, Dunlop
  • O'Callaghan Cecil Stokes, 37 St. Stephen’s green, Dublin, Motor Engineer
  • O'Gorman Brothers Parnell st. Clonmel, Tipperary, Body Builders, RAO, Dunlop
  • O'Grady J. A. Enfield, Co. Meath, Motor Oar Dealer, AA, Dunlop
  • O'Kane P. J. Main st. Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Motor Oar Dealer, MTA, Dunlop
  • O'Keefe and Co. D. 36 Camomile st. London E.O.3, Tools
  • O'Malley Brothers. Dun-more, Co. Galway, Motor Oar Dealers, Dunlop
  • O'Reilly John, Main st. Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo, Motor Car Dealer, Dunlop
  • O'Reilly and McMillan, Clun ho. Surrey st. London W.0.2, Components
  • O'Sullivan Sons, M. D. 14-6 Henry st. Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Dunlop
  • Oakband Oil Co. Ld. The, see Scottish Oil Agency Ld. The
  • Oake G. E. Bridgend Motor and Cycle Depot, 55-7 Main st. and Islay rd. Perth, Repairs, Hiring, MTA
  • Oakes and Son, 80-1 Wool Exchange, Lonc^n B,0.2, Export Merchants *
  • Oakes, Roncoroni and Co. 5 Mark lane, London E.0.3, Agricultural Implement Exporters
  • Oakey and Sous, John, Wellington Mills,' Westminster Bndge rd. London S.E.l, Metal Polish
  • Oakham Motor and Carriage Works, Mill st. and High st. Oakham
  • Oakley and Fleming, Quay st. Halesworth, Repairs, MTA
  • Oakley Garage and Motor Works Ld. 25 St. Cuthbert’s, Bedford, Repairs
  • Oates Brothers The Wimbledon Motor Wks. 29 and 55-6 High st. and Hill Garage, Hill rd. and 25 Lingfleld rd. Wimbledon, London S.W.19, RAO, AA, Dunlc^, Goodyear, Michelin, DA
  • Oates and Co. George, Biigh st. Wellington, Somerset, Repairs, MTA, RAO, AA, AOU, Avon, Dunlop, Stepney
  • Oatey «and Martyn Ld. Wadebridge, Cornwall, Repairs Obey F.
  • Obey's Garage, Heath rd. Twickenham, Repairs, MTA, Dunlop
  • Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Ld. 42 Moorgate st. London B.0.2, Motor Insurance. Branches —London : Ocean bldgs. Martin st. Stratford E.15 ; 41 Bastcheap E.0.3 ; 243 Upper st. Islington N.I ; GO Borough High st. S.E.l; 11 Fall mall S.W.l; Ocean bldgs. Lavender Hill S.W.ll; 7 King’s prd. Acton hill W.3 and 233 Strand W.0.2. Oroydon: 3 Katherine st. Kingston-on-Thames : 90 Eden St. Aberdeen : 124 Union st. Lelfast: Ocean bldgs. Donegall sq. east.' Birmingham: Ocean chbrs. Waterloo st. Brighton: Ocean ohbre. 20 W^t st. Bristol: 7 Baldwin st. Cambridge: 30a, St. Andrew’s st. Cardiff: 21 High st. Carlisle: 22 Bank st. Dublin: 34 Dame st. Dundee: 104 Commercial st. Edinburgh: 2 Castle st. Glasgow: Ocean bldgs. 19O.,West George st. Hull: Ocean chbrs. 54 Lowgate. Leeds: 13 South prd. Leicester: Rowton bldgs. Bowling Green st. Liverpool : Ocean chbrs. North John st. Manchester: 33 Cross st. Newcastle-on-Tyne: Cross ho. Westgate rd. Newport, Mon.: 11 Stow hill. Nottingham : Milton st. Portsmouth: National Provincial Bank bldgs. Reading: Market pl. Rochester: 83 High st. Sheffield: 3 East prd. Shrew’sbury : Pengweme chbrs. Pride hill. Southampton : Ocean chbrs. Above Bar. Stoke-on-Trent: 4 Cheapside. Swansea : 64 Wind st
  • Ocean Dry Docks Co. Ld. Central Graving Dock, Swansea, Ship Repairers
  • Oddie and Culshaw Ld. Yellow Ho. lane. Southport, Repairs, MTA
  • Oddie Automatic Variable Speed Gear Syndicate Ld. 11-2 Finsbury pvt. London B.0.2, Gears, Automatio • Oddy and Co. Ld. W. D. Propeller Wfe. Globe rd. Holbeck, Leeds, Propellers, SBAO
  • Odell Brothers 25 Bishop st. Coventry, Accessories
  • Offord and Sons Ld. 67 George st. Portman sq. London W.l, Body Builders, SMMT, MTA, Dunlop—30 ' Fulham rd. S.W.3 and 94 Gloucester rd. London S.W.7
  • Ogden (Sc Co. 4 Clerkenwell green, London E.0.1 <Sc -'Station St. Wls. Misterbon, Gainsborough, Components
  • Ogdens and Madeleys Ld. 3 China lane, Manchester, Motor Car Exporters to British East Africa
  • Oglanby D. Motor Exchange (fe Garage, High Graine rd. Spennymoor, Du^am, Repairs, MTA, Dunlop
  • Ogston Motor Co. Ld. Deemster Wks. Victoria rd. Action, London W.3, Manufacturers of “ Deemster ” Motor Cars and Light Delivery Vans, SMMT, MTA
  • “Oil News,” 32 Gt. St. Helens, London E.0.3, Publishers of “ Oil News ”
  • Old Silkstone Chemical Works Ld. The, Cleckheaton Yorks, Benzole
  • Oldfield Ld. J. and R. Refulgent Lamp Wks. Warwick st. Birmingham and 215 Shaftesbury ave. London W.0.1, “ Dependence ” Lamps, SMATT, MTA
  • Oldham R. Central Garage, Market st. Cleethorpes, Lincs, Repairs, MTA, AOU Clincher, Dnnlnp, Henley
  • Oldroyd and Sons Ld. William, 9 Mincing lane, London E.0.3, Aero Glue
  • Olds S. 3 Queen st. and West st. Deal, Kent, Tyres
  • Oliver Allanton, Berwinkshire, Agrioultural Implement Dealer, MTA
  • Oliver George, Front st. West Bud, Bedlington, Northumberland, Repairs, MTA
  • Oliver Harry, Advance Cycle Wks. Egerton, Kent, Repairs
  • Oliver Brothers The Garage, Union st. Mansfield, Notts, Motor Agents
  • Oliver Ld. Henry, 3 Sheep st. Northampton, Agricultural Implement Dealers (Wholesale)
  • Oliver and Son, A. Winchester rd. Hawldiurst, Kent, Motor Oar Dealers, MTA, Avon, Goodrich, Stepney, DA
  • Ollard, Westcombe and Co. Ld. 46-47 Gt. Charles st. Birmingham, The “ Cameo ” Wind Screens
  • Olympia Motor Co. 1 Hammersmith rd. and 7a, North End rd. London W.14, Repairs
  • Olympic Cycle and Motor Co. Ld. Granville st. Wolverhampton, Manufacturers of the “ Olympic” Moto Cycles
  • Onohan Motors Ld. Queen’s Garage, Derby sq. Douglas, Isle of Man and The Garage, Promenade, Peel, Isle of Man, Motor Car Dealers, MTA
  • Onions and Sons, Z. Derby rd; Loughborough, Leicestershire, Agricultural Implement Dealers, MTA
  • Onslow Gordon, Onslow’s Garage, St. George’s Lane Corner, Barbourne, Worcestershire, Motor Car Dealer
  • Opel Motors Ld. 5-6 Halkin st. Hyde Fk. Corner London S.W.l, Concessionnaires for “ Opel ” Motor Oars, Aeroplane Repairs, SMMT, RAO
  • Oppenheim Alfred, 11 Golden sq. London W.l, Clothing
  • Oppenheimer, Seckel and Co. Ld. 3 Hanover crt. Milton st. London B.0.2, Motor Cycle Exporters
  • Oppermann, Sons and Tasker, 3 Albemarle st. Clerken- well, London B.0.1, Worm Drives
  • Orchard 0. 7 St. John’s rd. Sandown, Isle of Wight, Motor Cycle Dealer
  • Ord and Son, B. G. Fleetham cottage, Chathill, Northumberland, Repairs, MTA, Dunlop
  • Orient Motor and Cycle Co. 32 Stafford st. St. George’s, near Oakengates, Salop, Factors ?'
  • Orient Transport Ld- 47 New Kent rd. Lohdon.S.E.1, Motor Transport Mid-East Europe
  • Oriental Tube Co. Ld. West Bromwich, Seamless Steel Tubes
  • Orme, Evans and Co. Ld. Phoenix Wks. DuiRey rd. and Elgin Wks. Wolverhampton, Radiators, Tanks, SMMT •
  • Ormerod and Co. R. Wroxham, Norfolk, Motor Car Dealers, Boat Builders, MTA, Dunlop, Michelin, Stepney, MTA
  • Ormerod Ld. 0. and W. Railway Leather Wks. Rochdale, “ Watawata” Motor Cycle Belts
  • Orr Hugh Lamont, 17 Garfield st. Belfast, Accessories, MTA
  • Orr Ld. Arthur J. 1 Gorton lane, W^t Gorton, Man- ’ Chester, Brass Founders
  • Ortona Motor Co. Ld. 110 HUls rd. Cambridge, Motor Omnibus Services, Macintosh, STM «
  • Orvis and Co. W. H..Cliff rd. Ipswich, Motor Boats
  • Osbaldiston and Co. L. Bath Wks. Bath st. Sheffield, Steel
  • Osborn and Co. Ld. Samuel, Clyde Steel Wks. Sheffield and 32 Queen Victoria st. London E.G.-l, Aero {¥teel, SBAO
  • Osborne S. Burgh-by-Sands, Carlisle, Oil and Petrol, MTA
  • Osborne S. J. 113 High st. Tewkesbury, Motor Car Dealer, A A, AOU, Dunlop, DA, DAC
  • Osborne and Co. Ld. William, 138 Long acre and 14 Upper St. Martin’s lane, London W.C.2 and Riverside, Littlehampton, Sussex, Motor Car Dealers, Motor Boat Builders, SMMT
  • Osborne and Hitchcox, 82 Station rd. Rugby, Body . Builders
  • Osborne’s Ld. Bond st. Ealing, London W.5, Repairs, MTA
  • Oswald Edward, 211 and 227-9 Stockport rd. and South sb. Levenshulme, Manchester, Repairs, MTA, Clincher, Dunlop, Michelin
  • Otterburn Mill Ld. Otterburn S.O. Northumberland, Motor Rugs, SMMT
  • Oswald and Duncan Ld. Rochdale, Tyre FabriO Oughtibridge T. J. Crowle, Lincs, Repairs, MTA, Dunlop
  • “ Out and Away,” see Robinson G. Heath and .T. Birch Ld Outhwaite William, Queen’s Engineering Co. Spencer terr, Blackpool, Repairs
  • Outhwaite and Sons, 113a, Manchester rd. Burnley, Steam Coal
  • Overseas Maritime Insurance Col Ld. 8 Bucklersbury, London B.C.4, Marine Insurance
  • Over-Seas Motor Co. Ld. The, 14 Johnstone st. Ladywood, Birmingham, Manufacturers of ” Over-Seas ” Motor Cycles
  • Overtime Farm Tractors Co. 124-7 Minories, London E.l, Concessionnaires for “Overtime” Farm Tractors
  • Overton Arthur, Headley rd. Grayshott, Hants, Motor Oar Dealer, MTA
  • Owen William, Market sb. Oakengates, Salop, Dunlop, Stepney . i
  • Owen William Thomas,_The Garage, Towyn, Merionethshire, Repairs, MTA, B.A0, Dunlop
  • Owen Brothers and Co. Ld. Green lane, Hull, “Kosco” Cylinder Paint
  • Owen and Son, Meifod, Montgomeryshire, Dunlop
  • Owen and Son, H. Bank quay, Carnarvon, RAO, AA. Owen and Sons Ld. Joseph, Stanley Mills, Melrose rd.
  • Liverpool, Aero Wood and Motor Bodies—199a,» Borough High sb. London S.E.l and Tunstall Saw Mills, Tunstall, Staffs
  • Owen and Chadwick, 2 Shaw st. Hoylake, Cheshire, Repairs, MTA
  • Owen Davies Engineering Co. Ld. Ballard’s lane, Finchley, London N.12, Body Builders
  • Owen-Jones and Classey. 11 Celbridge mews, Porchester rd. London W.2, Motor Car Dealers
  • Owens D. R. The Spa Motor ho. Llandrindod Wells, Motor Oar and Motor Cycle Dealer, Hire
  • Owner Drivers’ Trading Co. Ld. 39 Gerrard st. Soho Wil; 2 Bedfordbury W.O.2 ; Rostrevor Garage, Rostrevor rd. S.W.6 ; Down pl. W.6 and 283 Battersea Pk. rd. London S^W.ll, Accessories, Stepney
  • Oxford Motor Club (W. A. Mathews), 6 St. Aldate’s, Oxford '
  • Oxford Motors Ld. (Parker’s Oxford Cycle and Motor Car Co.), 68 St. Giles’ and Helen rd. Binsey lane, Botley rd. Oxford, RAC, A A, Clincher, Spencer Moulton
  • Oxford Steam Plough Co. Ld. Cowley, Oxford, Hire, Repairs, SMZMT
  • Oxford Tyre and Rubber Co. 66 Newman st. London W.l Oxford University Motor Cycle Club (J. G. Harwood), 165 Walton Oxford
  • Oxfordshire Automobile Club (Dr. F. B. Judge Baldwin), Draycott ho. Bodicote, Oxon
  • Oxy-Acetylene Welding Co. Ld. 2a, St. Vincent cres. Glasgow, Welding, MTA
  • Oylers Ld 35 New Cavendish st.; 44| Upper Marylebone sb. and Ogle Wks. Ogle sb. London W.l, “ Skaw ” Non-Skid Tyres, SMMT, MTA, RAO, DA

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