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1927 Public Works Exhibition

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The Public Works, Roads and Transport Exhibition, which opens at the Agricultural Hall on November 14, will present a varied and comprehensive range of exhibits illustrative of almost every phase of municipal activity. Following is a preliminary review of a number of exhibits of special interest to local authorities.

Allan-Taylor and Co. will show a Ford chassis fitted with the A.T. equipment. The A.T. outfit consists of a standard Ford '1-ton chassis fitted with a D-shaped tank of 250 gallons capacity and a pump located under the bonnet on the. near side of the engine. The pump, which is of the rotary type with a capacity of 7 gallons per minute, is mounted in line With a simple form of clutch, so that it can, by a lever on the dashboard, be put instantly into and out of action, the pump thus running only when actually engaged in pumping operations. The pump and clutch are mounted on a platform, which latter is supported at one point on the main chassis frame, and on the other secured to the engine cylinder block casting by bolts. The pump drive, which is the subject. of a patent, is off the radiator fan spindle, which is driven off the crank-shaft by sprockets and a silent chain instead of by the usual belt and pulleys. Two sprockets are provided on the fan spindle, a second silent chain connecting the spindle with the clutch shaft, which is mounted in ball bearings. A Fordson Tractor will also be shown.

Berry, Wiggins and Co., Ltd.— This stand will contain a comprehensive display of road-dressing and stone-binding materials, namely, Liquaphalt," for hot application, supplied in various grades—for road surfacing and grouting; as a binder for mixed macadam, whether for hard or soft stone; for making bituminous concrete and for surfacing concrete roads; and " Coldcoat," a bitumen emulsion, for road surfacing, grouting, and pothole repairing, applied cold direct from barrel to road.

Bristowes Tarvia, Ltd.— On this stand will be found exhibits of the undermentioned group of firms comprising " Steve " at St. Stephen's House, Westminster, S.W.1 :—Bristowes Tarvia, Ltd.: Tarvia, bituminous compound for tarmacadam mixing, grouting and spraying ; tarviated macadam, selected blast-furnace slag ; limestone ; granite—all treated with tarvia. Wettern Bros., Ltd.: Grey Royal and Cornish granite, kerbs and setts ; grey Royal special paving blocks ; Porphyry paving blocks. Bristowes Machinery, Ltd.: Tar and bitumen sprayers ; tar and bitumen boilers ; portable tarmacadam plant; portable asphalt plant ; crushing and screening plant; patent chipping machine ; road tools for all purposes. Associated Asphalt ,Co., Ltd.: Duraphalt Mastic asphalt, hand-laid, waveless and non-slippery ; asphalt for buildings, footways. roofs, tanks, &c. ; Sureinac asphalt, non-slippery and. free from corrugations; Suremac grout, a high-grade grout for dry macadam, tough, and resilient, consisting of carefully tempered bitumen with special filler. Road Maintenance and Stone Supply Co., Ltd.: Contractors for road construction and supplies of all materials used in modern I road construction. Cooper, Wettern and Co., Ltd.: Dressed and polished granite for all kinds of architectural and engineering work. Aylesford Sand Co., Ltd.: Special silica sand for asphalt work ; sand, 'ballast, flints from Aylesford pits. Cuteline, Ltd.: Cuteline, for preserving every kind of constructional material from decay ; Cuteline stone preservative for all stone or cementfaced buidings; Cuteline paint for ironwork. steelwork, woodwork, &c. ; Cuteline metallic paint for undercoating rusty metal; Cuteline fume-prOof paint ; Cuteline tramcar-body paint; Cuteline tramcar-top waterproof dressing ; Cuteline Safety White Line paint.

British Reinforced Concrete Engineering Co., Ltd.- This exhibit will consist of a display of photographic enlargements of various types of roads in which B.R.C. fabric has been used, namely, reinforced concrete surfaced roads, reinforced concrete road foundations., reinforced concrete tram track foundations, and reinforced tarmacadam roads. In addition there will be various models showing different types of road reinforcement, i.e., single layer longitudinal and square mesh reinforcements, which are supplied in rolls or sheets, double reinforcement with spacers, etc. The new B.R.C. films showing reinforced concrete surfaced roads which have been carrying traffic for not less than five years, will be shown to surveyors on request.

British Road Tar Association.— Demonstrations of the use of tar in all its phases for road-making should attract considerable attention to this stand. Samples of No. 1 and No. 2 Road Board tar, together with tar emulsions, used respectively for the surface dressing, surfacing in the form of tarmacadam, and cold dressing and patching of roads will be exhibited, and aggregates in the tarred and untarred state; experimental sections of roads constructed in tar; instruments used in the testing of tar ; photographs illustrating roads constructed of all British materials; together with literature cm the tar treatment of roads.

British Steel Piling Co., Ltd.— On view will be a No. 4 " Zenith " 2-drum friction winch, complete with its boiler. These winches are made in a full range from 1 to 8 tons load, for rope speeds up to 800 ft. per minute, and with steam, petrol, crude oil, or electric drives. On the same stand will be shown sections of B.S.P. " Universal " and " Simplex " steel sheet piling, which is used largely in the construction of cofferdams, retaining walls; in the building of bridges, embankments, harbours, docks, etc. The stand will also have a full sized 30 ft. pile driving frame, with racking gear, specimens of the McKiernan-Terry automatic pile hammers, and other types of steam piling hammers which the British Steel Piling Co., Ltd., make. An interesting exhibit will be an actual "Vibro " cast-in-situ concrete pile, which has been extracted from a job specially for this exhibition. " Vibro " cast-in-situ concrete piles are being used for the foundations of the London Underground Electric Railway's new skyscraper at St. James Park. How " Vibro " piles are cast in the ground will be seen from the model " Vibro " pile driving plant at the cow pang's stand.

British Taroleum Co., Ltd.— For the production of macadam or for the surface dressing and grouting of roads, Taroleum Cold Emulsion— British Taroleum Company's chief exhibit—is both sound and economical. Taroleum can be applied cold with equally good effects whether the road is wet or dry. It enables the cost of road work to be spread over the whole twelve months instead of being confined to certain specific months of the year. Taroleum binders are prepared for use with slag, whinstone granite and limestone for the production of bituminous macadam. They can also be used for grouting purposes. Another product of this company that will be displayed is Tardleum bituminous paint for bridge work and all exposed steelwork. This bituminous paint has been successfully used for years for steelwork and has proved as satisfactory as other Taroleum products.

Bromford Tube Co., Ltd.— An attractive display will be arranged of hot finished weldless steel tubes of all descriptions, from f in. to 10 in. bore, including: boiler tubes and stay tubes, coils, colliery pipes (loose flange), hydraulic tubing, poles (tram poles, electrical transmission poles and lamp standards), spigot and faucet steel gas mains and fittings, steam mains, superheater grids, victaulic tubing.

G. R. Cawood and Co., Ltd.— The company specialises in the provision of raw materials for the construction of modern roads. On their stand they will exhibit samples of tarred and dry slag from several areas, including Scotland, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire; tarred and dry limestone from Derbyshire; tarred granite from Wales; granite and whinstone setts, chippings for tarspraying, of many varieties, and other commodities of interest to the road engineer. A novel feature will be the exhibition of a model of one of the ships used for the conveyance of tarred slag in their coastal business.

Chittenden and Simmons, Ltd. Exhibits will be shown illustrating " Bicon asphalt surfacing and other modern road construction methods; Kent ragstone tar macadam for roads; Kent ragstone tar paving for footpaths and playgrounds; Kent ragstone macadam; crushed beach for concrete works, road gritting, etc.; and " Grassphalte " hard tennis courts.

R. S. Clare and Co., Ltd.— As the company's products, Tarco, Bi-Tarco and Tti-Tarco, do not lend themselves very readily to demonstrations in the confines of an exhibition, they will show photographic enlargements of various types of roadway treated with their compounds. Other exhibits will be specialities such as Tarcolene hand cleanser, TarcoLine road enamel for white safety lines, and various kinds of disinfectants. R. S. Clare and Co., Ltd., are agents for Messrs. T. Coleman and Sons' Flapper tar-spreading machines and gritters, one of which will be shown on the stand.

Colas Products, Ltd.'s, stand will comprise an extensive exhibit of their products. The durability, non-slipperiness, and the general simplicity of the Colas road will be demonstrated, while samples will be shown taken from roads that have been surfaced with Colascrete, which is a pure asphaltic concrete that is mixed and laid cold. Special provision has been made for visitors from abroad, and Asphalt Cold Mix, Ltd., the holders of the foreign patent rights, are showing a considerable number of photographs of roadwork in various countries throughout the world.

Thomas Coleman and Sons, Ltd. —The following exhibits will be seen :—(1). The Coleman patent " Flapper " spraying machine of 250 gallons capacity. This machine has neither pumps nor brushes, and in operation is simplicity itself. Width of spray, 5 ft. 6 in., which may be varied by an arrangement of sleeves operated by levers at each side. Coleman patent valve is fitted to control flow of liquid for heavy or light coats. (2) Coleman patent "Arch " boiler, type " C " (120 gallons capacity). It is claimed that this is the quickest heating boiler for tar, pitch, or bitumen. Made in five sizes, varying from 35 to 320 gallons 'capacity. (3) Coleman Rotary pump. This is a most useful apparatus. The pump is fitted inside the tank, which contains a steel sieve. When feeding a spraying machine from a boiler, bitumen or tar is run into the tank, the heat of the liquid releasing the pump from bitumen which may have set solid after previous use. (4) The Coleman " V " type grit-spreading machine of 24 cubic yds. capacity. An all steel production. The even distribution of material is obtained by a series of vibrators (driven from the road wheel) striking the lower part of the body of the machine, thus ensuring that the grit falls evenly to the discharge door. (5) A gas-heated tar boiler .of 200 gallons capacity. (6) Coleman concrete mixer of 5 cwt. capacity. Stationary type, with fast and loose pulleys for belt drive and fitted with special mechanical feeding arrangement.

Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Co., Ltd.— This company will show. Portable Air Compressor plants for road repairing and quarry work, two types of concrete breakers, Boyer Pneumatic Shovels (consisting of a pneumatic hammer giving about 3,000 blows per minute on the spade end), Pneumatic Tamping Tools for trench work, Boyer Hammers for caulking lead wool into joints of cast-iron pipes, and a line of Rock Drills. Notable for their low cost of maintenance and low air consumption, these drills are now extensively used in the South African mines, Australian mines, and in the mines and quarries in this country.

Croft Granite, Brick and Concrete Co., Ltd.— Exhibits of " Crofmac " tarviated Leicestershire granite, Leicestershire broken granite and chippings, Leicestershire granite kerbs and setts, filtering media, " Hardmac " tarviated Welsh granite, Welsh broken granite and chippings, Jersey broken granite and chippings, Croft adamant granite concrete paving flags, Croft adamant reinforced concrete manholes, Croft adamant granite concrete kerbs and channels, Croft adamant granite concrete fence and rail posts, Croft adamant granite concrete indicator posts, Croft adamant granite concrete line posts, and Croft adamant concrete door hoods and brackets.

Crow, Catchpole and Co., Ltd.— The exhibit will feature many specialities, such as Spranhalte, Super-tar and Superspray. Spraphalte is a scientific amalgamation of refined tar and bitumen, and can be applied at the same temperature as refined tar through ordinary tar-spraying appliances. Super-tar is a tar specially manufactured for use on the maintenance and construction of roads. It is pro duced from specially selected crude tar, and is manufactured at the company's own works at Barking and Rotherhithe. Superspray is a cold bitumen emulsion supplied to many leading local authorities. Samples of dry slag will also be exhibited.

Dammann Asphalt Co. (Great Britain), Ltd.— A comprehensive range of samples will be exhibited. It is claimed for Dammann. Asphalt that it eliminates the effects of the employment of binding material, as each particle of selected graded material is coated by intensive mechanical mixing with a thin film of lubricant, which merely facilitates the consolidation of the asphalt under pressure. Moreover, it is unaffected by extreme changes in temperature, a fact which will be demonstrated at the Exhibition by a block of the material being subjected to the heat of a Bunsen burner. Dammann Asphalt is used not only as a carpet, but also as a dry grout with untarred macadam. The Asphalt fills all voids, forming a permanent waterproof packing around each stone, thus eliminating attrition. The surface is non-skid and can be used with safety in hilly districts.

N. Downing and Sons, Ltd.— On this stand will be shown the " Clarence " patent deep water seal gullies, with end or side outlet 4 in. or 6 in. diameter. The nozzle is corrugated to facilitate joining up to the pipes, and being placed well down, prevents damage to the pipes by traffic passing overhead. The clean streamline design of the outlet, which is conducive to the water passing into the drain, will be noticeable. The deep -water trap consists of a removable canopy placed over the top of the outlet from the tank, which wedges itself into position between the gully wall and outlet. This canopy, on being lifted off,. allows access to the drain for inspection and rodding. Temporary drainage holes are cast in the ends and sides of the gully tank, to allow for draining the road before it is finally made up, Hutchinson's patent locking stop tap cover, suitable for all types of boxes, will also be shown.

Field and Mackay, Ltd.— Exhibits will include samples of "Clee Hill Basalt," "Cleemac," and "Special Clee Hill Basalt Cubical Chippings "; photographs of roads laid with " Cleemac " and " Cleo Hill 13asalt," and photographs of the Titterstone Quarries.

John Fowler and Co. (Leeds), Ltd.— A Fowler patent steam gully-emptier fitted with. street washing and sprinkling apparatus will be the principal exhibit. The machine is mounted on the chassis of their 6-7 ton steam wagon, and consists of a rectangular main tank, with separate vacuum tank mounted above it. The vacuum tank is of 170 gallons capacity, into which the sludge from the gullies is drawn through the flexible suction pipe. The necessary vacuum is obtained by a steam ejector in less than half a minute. There will also be displayed a 40 h.p. motor shunting locomotive; a Fowler road spraying and resurfacing plant, built on a compound steam road-roller and arranged for spraying tar and bitumen mixtures at high pressure cn to the road surface and covering them with grit or clippings immediately afterwards; the new Fowler 7-5 concrete mixer, developed from the older 6-4 type, so as to give increased capacity; a Fowler 4-3 tilting drum mixer, built to meet the need for an easily portable concrete or plaster mixer fOr small work; and a 10 cwt. Fowler contractor's hoist, mounted on steel channels, complete with 3 b.h.p. " Petter " paraffin engine, and 200 ft. of flexible steel wire rope.

Fox, Stockell and Co.— The exhibits will consist of the following :— Samples of Vialit "A " and "B " Cold Emulsion, samples of Vialit " A " and " B " after vaporisation ; sample showing the intense viscosity of "A " and " B " grades and the -respective films on different substances ; stones coated with special grade of Vialit used for the manufacture of Vialit macadam ; section of a semi-grouted road ; examples of surface painting; photographs of various Vialit works, and special spraying apparatus. The special grade of Vialit for the manufacture of macadam gives a real coating of bitumen to granite and other classes of stone, and does not lose tackiness or lustre after vaporisation. Vialit has been used during the last year for the surface sealing to wood-block roads in many London boroughs, and a striking example of this is Shoot-up-Hill, Willesden, on the main Edgware Road, which is one of the heaviest traffic roads in London.

Francois Cementation Co., Ltd.— A number of interesting displays will be arranged on this stand—among them exhibits of the Francois cementation process as applied to pit shafts and public works; a model showing in cross-section the application of cementation by the Francois process to a shaft; specimens of treated stone taken from actual contracts; Betonac steel concrete exhibits, consisting of samples of the three grades of hardening material and pre-cast units treated with Betonac hardening material, together with a wide range of photographs of important contracts carried out; asbestos-cement pipes : These pipes should prove of interest to water engineers, as they are far lighter than cast-iron, yet can withstand a working pressure of 225 lb. per sq. in., and have a wide margin of safety. Some outstanding features are their Immunity from corrosion and encrustation and their non-conductivity. Another exhibit will be specimens of Corsican granite. The Consican quarries are being developed on sound commercial lines, and the samples possess the high crushing strength for which Corsican granites are famous. The polished slabs, which will be exhibited, amply illustrate the beautiful colouring, and decorative effect to be obtained.

Gas Accumulator Co. (United Kingdom), Ltd.— Automatic Flashing Road Beacons, Railway Crossing Warning Signals and Light Valves for automatically switching electric lights into or out of service, will be the chief exhibits on this stand. The Automatic Flashing Road Beacons enable the exhibition of a distinctive flashing light signal at intersections or other road locations requiring special cautionary or • danger warnings. In the Semi-Automatic Electric Road Beacons the same flashing light signal is produced, but electricity is employed as the illuminant, while in the Automatic Railway Crossing Gate Signal a lantern mounted centrally on one gate is fitted with lenses arranged to offer light in two or more directions. The Light Valve has been designed to control electric light circuits in a manner identical with that for many years employed by the company for automatically lighting and extinguishing Marine and Aerial Navigation Lights.

W. and J. Glossop, Ltd.— A display of the following road-dressing plant will be arranged by this company:— Glossop's patent 1,000 gallon automatic spraying machine; steam power; steam heating: self-filling; automatic selection of hottest tar; sprays any width 2 ft. to 7 ft. 6 in.: patent automatic adjustment of spraying jets; capacity 6,000 to 7,000 yds. per hour. Autar horse-drawn 200 gallon tar or bitumen spraying machine; manual operations; very rapid heating ; automatic selection of hottest liquid. Tar distilling plant and special tars and compounds.

Hadfields, Ltd.— The Hecla Disc Crusher, Symon's patent, which has been shown at previous Public Works, Roads and Transport Exhibitions, will again form the main "plank" of this stand. The "containing chamber " formed by the discs renders the crusher an admirable medium for dealing with rounded pebbles, or any form of stone which, when fed to jawbreakers or rolls, would have a tendency to fly out. Moreover, the spreading of the material over the entire periphery of the discs, by centrifugal action, causes the wear on the latter to be quite uniform, with the result that the crushed sample maintains a pronouncedly cubical shape. Among other features of interest on the stand will be car wheels with the tyres secured by their lock-fast method, tie bars, hollow and solid drill steel, high speed tool steel, forged' steel balls, eccentric shaft, scarifier picks, barrow wheels, springs for motor cars and lorries, motor valves, elevator links, digger teeth for excavator, medallions, and a show-case of hammers.

Hadsphaltic Roads, Ltd., will exhibit samples of " Hadsphalt," the nonslippery road surface, which has been adopted in Sheffield, Nottingham, Leegls Harrogate, Wolverhampton, Brighouse, Wenlock, and also by various County ouncil on Class " A " roads.

Highways Construction, Limited. —A striking feature of this stand will be a picture of Shaftesbury Avenue, Westminster, London, which was paved with Monolastic asphalt in 1920, in substitution for wood paving, and is in first-class condition to-day. "The Monolastic paving was laid direct on to the existing concrete foundations, the thickness of the asphalt being 3i in. Binder course with 14 in. carpet superimposed thereon (this being the approximate thickness of the wood blocks which were removed). Samples of this type of paving, also of hand-laid Monomastic granited rock asphalt paving will be shown, and in addition samples of compressed rock asphalt paving, asphalt paving slabs and the asphalt rock as quarried from the asphalt mines of St. Jean de Maruejols, Gard, France. A daily exhibition of cinema films of interest to all authorities will. be given on the stand.

Richard Hill and Co., Ltd.— This firm will exhibit a range of "Maxweld" -electrically-welded fabrics which have been used on the most important roads and constructions both at home and abroad, and from which it is possible to select a reinforcement suitable for any conditions likely -to be encountered.

Horstmann Gear Co., Ltd., will be exhibiting a complete range of Newbridge automatic gas controllers and electric time switches for public street lamps. The gas exhibit will comprise a complete range from their type 3A/VER for square lanterns, and other models for square lanterns, up to ironclad controllers with the largest possible gas ways for the largest " gas arc " lamps made. The electrical exhibit will include models for unit electric lamp control, of 1.5 ampere capacity up to large ironclad models for controlling group -circuits up to 50 amperes. In addition to plain on and off controllers and time switches, The Horstmann Gear Co., Ltd., make a speciality of controllers with compound actions which are useful for further reducing the cost of public lighting. After midnight it is not necessary that the streets should be brilliantly illuminated, and lighting officials will therefore be interested in the Horstmann checking controllers and time switches with a view to reducing consumption of gas and electricity.

Hub Ironworks Co., Ltd.— A representative collection of road direction and warning signs will be exhibited, including road direction and warning signs to the Ministry of Transport requirements; various types of road direction posts and arms with lettering up to 6 in.; improved luminous and plain warning signs.

Imperial Chemical Industries will show various products of their constituent companies, including :—Silicate cf soda P.84, specially prepared for hardening and waterproofing concrete • a block showing the remarkable hardening effect of silicate of soda on concrete; silicate of soda for silicate macadam roads.; blocks prepared from silicate of soda and limestone only, showing resemblance to concrete; special grade silicate of soda for prevention of plumbo solvency and iron corrosion of drinking water mains; soda ash and hydrated lime for water softening and the treatment of industrial waters; Chloros, disinfectant, steriliser and cleanser; liquid chlorine : in connection with this will be seen a demonstration showing its application to water supplies; Melanoid bituminous paints in various grades to suit the requirements of every industry ; commercial explosives and accessories; model of a quarry face, showing the most modern method. of blasting; Premier electric welding; complete plants and accessories, electrodes suitable for all types of metals ; Crawshaw's chemical colander, the new apparatus designed for the removal of grease from all metals and mechanical parts; Thermit welding for tramways, pure metals and alloys, carbon free; artificial leather cloth for upholstery purposes for trams, trains, buses, etc., and gas mantles, all types, for street lighting and public works.

The Ingersoll-Rand Company, Ltd.— This exhibit will comprise: 7 by 6 type 20 portable air compressor, No. 34 " Leyner " rock drill steel sharpener, 5F oil furnace, size 4 by 6 by 7 pump (attached to portable compressor), R-12, BAR, BJ3R, BCRW, DCR, and. DDR jackhaulers, 157 and 158 trench diggers, riveting hammers, chipping hammers, backfill tamper, CA-35 and CC-35 paving breakers, 6-B " Safety First " air saw, 6-G surfacing machine, size DU " Utility " hoist (attached to portable compressor). X-71 rock drill mounted on tripod, No. 57 pick, No. 58 clay scoop, CC pile priver, No. 6 wire brush, steels, hose; etc. • Johnson's Reinforced Concrete Engineering Co., Ltd., will show their Lattice Reinforcement for roads, tanks, sewage schemes, etc., and their "Keedon " Reinforcement for beams and general structures. The " Bricktor " Reinforcement for brickwork will be demonstrated by a span and cantilever wall showing how cracks or local settlements are obviated in foundations of buildings using this material.

William Jones, Ltd.— All types of railway material for Public Works contractors and builders are to be exhibited. These will include :—Two examples of the " Excelsior " double-side tipping wagon, one being of extra heavy type for use with steam navvies,* examples of the usual standard type tipping wagons, " Excelsior " flat-top trolleys for carrying bricks, " Excelsior " circular crane tipping skips, one of the "Montania" petrol locomotives of 10 h.p., the gauge being variable from 18 in. to 30 in. and capable of hauling up to 50 tons on the level ; sample lengths of various types of rails and sleepers for portable railway work, crossings and wrought steel roller bearing turntables, a portable oscillating. turntable which can be placed at any point in the track and will divert a wagon to any angle without cutting into the existing track ; a set of points and crossings for contractors' use in 50/60 lb. flat bottom rail, spare parts for axle boxes, for tipping wagons and trolleys; shovels, spades, picks for contractors' ordinary use, hand winch with single and double purchase gear, and a full range of asphalt tools, including punners, rakes, smoothing irons, etc.

George Kent, Ltd.— The major portion of the exhibits will consist of apparatus for controlling filters. For slow sand filter beds the three-in-one Diagram Recorder is used ; this gives simultaneously on one chart a record of the rate of filtration, the head lost in filtration and the level of'uaw water in the filter bed. For mechanical filtrations and rapid sand filters a Venturi recorder with duplex pressure gauge is used. Sandwashing meters, flow-control modules, air meters, and a complete range of positive and semi-positive meters ranging from i-in. up to 6 in. will also be shown.

Leedham and Heaton, Ltd.—T he chief exhibit will be the new Alloy Steel "HyBee " Shovel. In addition, there will be displayed a new range of tar mac tools, including tampers, smoothers, cutters,. 1-piece tar mac rakes and 1-piece tar mac shovels made out of steel throughout, including the handle.

Limmer and Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co., Ltd.— This stand will comprise exhibits connected with bituminous road construction, and the company will show the latest applications of Trinidad mastic asphalt. Trinidad lake bitumen for Continental use is in the hands of an associate corn piny, Previte (Trinidad Bitumen), Ltd:, who have arranged an interesting and instructive exhibit, demonstrating the origin of the material and some useful data as to its handling and manipulation. The featuring of the analytical side of bituminous road construction is being undertaken by Hutchinson's Testing Apparatus, Ltd., whose latest instruments for the correct estimation of ductility will be seen in operation; another interesting exhibit will be the ultra-microscope, which will reveal the minute particles which form the colloidal matter peculiar to Trinidad native bitumen. Asphalt paving machinery, manufactured by Roadways Equipment, Ltd., another subsidiary of the Company, also has a place on the stand, and the Western Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co., Ltd., who direct the Company's operations in Wales, will be well represented. Visitors from Liverpool district are invited to inspect the exhibits of the Penmaenmawr and Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co., Ltd., which will cover the operations in connection with Trinidad asphalt in Lancashire, Cheshire, and North Wales.

R. A. Lister and Co., Ltd.— Representative examples of " Lister " Hoppercooled Engines will be displayed. The 1-1 h.p., 1-2i h.p., and 1-6 h.p. models are of the well-known totally enclosed vertical. type. The 14 h.p. embodies such improvements as overhead valves and ball-bearing crankshaft. All "Lister " engines are automatically lubricated throughout, obviating the need of oil bottles. Various models of "Lister " Auto-Trucks, fitted with tipping bodies of different designs, will also be exhibited. The speed of these trucks, fully loaded, is 7 to 8 miles per hour, and the running costs are under one penny per tonmile. Each truck is fitted with a 600 c.c. J.A.P. air-cooled engine, efficient brakes on all wheels, and a safety cut-out switch on the handlebar.

H. R. Marsden, Limited, will show their latest type of Granulator, size 30 in. by 6 in., and also their standard " X " type lever motion stonebreaker, size 20 in. by 12 in. The 30 in. by 6 in. granulator has been specially designed to meet the increasing demand for small broken stone or "chippings." The generous size of the mouth of the new granulator will take material direct from a breaker crushing to 5 in. When set to crush to 1 in. and under, this machine will deal with approximately 10 tons per hour, requiring 25/30 b.h.p. to drive. The Blake-Marsden type stonebreaker is made in six different sizes, ranging from 8 in. by 6 in. to 30 in. by 18 in., giving outputs varying from 3 to 25 tons per hour, when producing roadmetal size of about 2 in. and under.

Marshall, Sons and Company, Ltd., will have a stand complete with the heavier classes of power machinery. Three notable examples of road rollers will be shown, including the standard three-wheel single cylinder type, 10-tons nominal weight, fitted with piston valve and radial valve gear, and a new type of road wheel, wherein hub and spokes are combined in a steel casting; a two-wheel or tandem type, with vertical boiler and quick reverse, completely enclosed splash-lubricated engine, specially designed for bituminous and similar surfacing work; and a specimen of the "Marshall. Universal " steam road roller.

Mechanical Tar Spraying and Grouting Co., Ltd.— The main display will be photographs showing the Fowler road spraying and resurfacing plant, used by the company, surface dressing in progress, and roads resurfaced with granite, limestone, whinstone, slag and gravel by their mechanical grouting system. Sections taken from grouted roads constructed in past years will also be exhibited.

Metropolitan Gas Meters, Ltd.— The exhibits will comprise a full range of this company's manufactures, including all sizes of ordinary gas meters, " Metro " slot meters, " Metro gas-fire meters, stop action meters, prepayment meters, the "Duplex " controller and. the " Duplex " convertible gas lighter and extinguisher.

The Neuchatel Asphalte Co., Ltd. —This company have arranged to show samples of their asphalt suitable for all types of road work, footways, roofing, building work, &c., and photographs of contracts carried out in the United Kingdom and of areas taken up from actual roads surfaced. There will also be a daily exhibition of cinema films showing the " NacoPax " asphalt plant in operation, and the preparation and laying of asphalt macadam, granited xnastic asphalt, and compressed' asphalt powder. .

Wm. Park and Co., Wigan.— Contractors' and road-making tools' and equipment, comprising :—Spades,. shovels, forks, picks, wedges, hammers, punners, rammers, rakes, lamps, barrows, fire devils, etc. ; " Bulldog " solid blade, council shovels ; " Dreadnought " weldless forks (these forks are made from the solid bar without a weld, and are specially suitable for tarmac, asphalt and macadam work); "Bulldog " all-metal tarmac spades, shovels and forks ; " Bulldog special tarmacadam shovels (dispenses with rake); "Bulldog " special concrete barrows, tubular frame, crucible steel wheel ; " Clarington " 40-hour danger lamp.

Fredk. Parker, Ltd.— Among the exhibits to be shown by this firm will be the " Little Giant " mixer; the O.C. mixer, a new model of 7 cu. ft. capacity; and the " Monarch " granulator, super Blake crusher, stonebreaking and crushing rolls.

The Paterson Engineering Co., Ltd.— On their Stand No. 99, in the Main Hall, the Paterson Engineering Co. will have a number of interesting exhibits, including the latest type of Paterson Chloronome, specially designed for use in connection with the purification of swimming bath water. This apparatus forms a very vital part of the Paterson system of continuous circulating and purification plant, which has been adopted by a number of progressive authorities. In several cases the Chloronome has been installed in connection with existing filtration arrangements to secure a continuous high degree of bacterial purity. Scale modals are also to be included of the standard Pulsar type Choloronome, which is adopted for the sterilisation of water supplies up to, say, 2,000,000 gallons a day, and the Manometer Chloronome, which is used for supplies in excess of this quantity. Photographs will be shown indicating how the 'standard arrangement; of Chloronome can be applied to various sources of water supplies. Another attractive model will be the four 8 ft. diameter Paterson pressure filters. This is based on two installations, each of four such filters, which have been in very successful operation for the past few years at Malvern, each battery dealing with 500,060 gallons of water per day. Filtration plant of this type is now being installed by the company at Bournemouth, Chelmsloril, Sheffield, Bradford, Croydon, Carlow, Port Elizabeth, etc. The type of rapid gravity filter adopted by the Metropolitan Water Board and other authorities for the pre-filtration of water supplies before passing on to slow sand beds, will be indicated by the model of the Paterson installation of 9.000,000 gallons daily capacity at the Barn Elms Works of the Metropolitan Water Board. In connection with the softening of hard waters, the company are displaying a model of their bye-pass typo chemical proportioning gear.

Perkins Macintosh Petroleum Toot and Boring Co., Ltd., will exhibit the following equipment and tools:— Permac (Fordson) compressor tractor, Permac (McCormick Deering) compressor tractor, complete line Denver rock drills, showing six types, 7, 17, 95, 55, 73 and 39, Denver road breakers 1511 and 15L, Denver spaders 18 and 118, Denver sharpener, Denver hoists (two types, Model 3 and 5), Gardner compressors (two sizes, 118 cu. ft. and 160 cu. ft.) and Gardner pump (one size boiler feeder).

Robey and Co., Ltd.— The following " Robey " productions will be on display at this stand :—(1) A 6-ton Steam Wagon, 1928 Model, Overtype design with three-speed gear operated by a single hand lever, ballbearings to crankshaft, new design of "Akerman " steering-gear, ensuring high degree of lock and rapid operation, nickelsteel chassis frame, and all latest improvements. A feature of great interest is its three-way tipping body, operated by a powerful ram from the ordinary boiler feed pump under the control of the driver, and discharging its load at the back or either side smoothly and rapidly, the only manual work attached to the tipping operation being the sliding out of two pins in the corresponding tipping brackets. (2) 7-ton Steam Roller with tandem rolls and instantaneous reverse, fitted with a simple steam steerage engine, which greatly facilitates the work of the driver. (3) 3-tonPetrol Roller of the latest "clear-side tandem " model, embodying the "tandem " principle for front and back rolls with a clear-side free from projections ; and (4) a 12-in,. by 8 in. Stonebreaker, with solid rolled steel frame and manganese steel jaws.

Rocmac, Ltd.— "Rocmac" is a chemical binder for macadam, formed by the combination of Rocmac solution and crushed limestone. It is laid cold, is never slippery, and" is specially useful for gradients or damp places. Materials for making Rocmac roads, samples of " Slagmac " made from genuine old cold blast-furnace slag, and samples of various bituminous materials will form the exhibit.

Road Plant Construction Co., Ltd.— This company will be exhibiting one of its latest self-contained portable asphalt plants, suitable for producing asphalt at the rate of 4/10 tons per hour, according to the particular specification which is being worked to. The equipment comprises a new patent drying and heating arrangement, special (Avery). weighing and measuring equipment and new light-weight insulating bricks to the furnace and drying equipment, while the mixing unit of this plant is automatically heated Iv the exhaust gases as they pass from the drier to the chimney.

Ruston and Hornsby, Ltd.— A new Ruston Excavator is to be exhibited on this stand. The excavator is suitable for work as a crane navvy, dragline, grabbing crane, skimmer scoop, back trencher, or an ordinary loco crane. The machine is styled the " Ruston No. 4," and the standard capacity of the bucket is .71 cu. yd., while the output varies with the nature of the material being excavated from 20 cu. yd. per hour in clay of medium hardness to as much as 40 cu. yd. per hour in easy digging. The depth of face with which the machine can deal as a crane navvy is 16 ft. to 20 ft., this again varying according to. the nature of the material. Other exhibits will include a portable crude oil engine, which operates on the 4-stroke principle and is extremely simple to operate; a Ruston-Hdansby class "M " horizontal engine, designed to run on crude and refuse oils, and built in sizes from 6l "to 33 B.H.P.; several types of centrifugal and ram pumps and portable pumping' plants; and the " Ruston " patent " Thermax " boiler. These boilers are similar to the well-known vertical cross tube boilers, but, while retaining the advantages of the latter, have much greater efficiency, due to the special arrangement of the tubes.

Shell-Mex, Ltd., will have an informative exhibit on modern road work employing mexphalte as a cementing mastic. In addition, the company will be exhibiting Spramex, a semi-solid form of mexphalte, for surface dressing. A newcomer to the mexphalte family will be shown for the first time in Shelmac, a bitumen for coating stone, flint or gravel. The material, so coated, can be transported for long distances and laid cold with complete success. Specimens of various mineral aggregates coated with Shelmac will also be seen, together with stone coated with 60/40 bitumen-tar compound. A notable feature of the Shell stand will be a towering rock of bitumen, from which water trickles down to a pool, in which goldfish swim about — proof of the non-poisonous character of the mexphalte series of bitumens. Apart from the road work, exhibits of Shell motor oil and petrol and a wide range of industrial oils for every modern lubricating need will be exhibited. These, together with models and photographs, make up a display which will be of more than usual interest to surveyors and road engineers.

Tarmac, Limited. — "Tarmac" is now being produced to a total of well over 1,000,000 tons per annum, and is being supplied to county, borough, urban and rural authorities in practically all parts of England and Wales. Tarmac, Limited, have twenty works operating in ten counties, the geographical position of which enables them to quote advantageous prices based on the lowest railway freight. " Tarmac " is manufactured of specially selected blast furnace slag, and the company's own preparation of refined tar and other ingredients. The company's works are erected on sites adjacent to blast furnaces producing the slag, and " Tarmac " is sent from the works ready for application to roads and similar surfaces. The company also manufactures " Vinculum " building specialities, road kerbs and channels, fence posts, cable covers, and other concrete articles. Their exhibits will be :— Samples of untreated blast furnace slag, samples of all gauges of " Tarmac," samples of " Vinculum " concrete articles, samples of concrete aggregate, photographs of main roads laid with " Tarmac," and photographs of 'Tarmac works.

Winget (1924), Ltd.— Among a number of striking novelties to be shown on the " Winget " stand (No. 87, Main Hall) is a new model of their open drum mixers, embodying an excellent device for allowing the machine to be steered in either direction and changed immediately, for side or end loading. The " Winget series of open drum mixers now range from the 14/10 model, with the batch-a-minute record—complete with automatic water tank and swivel wheels— down to the handy engine-driven 5/3i model, which is now supplied with or without elevating hopper. A special machine for mixing bituminous compounds is another feature of the stand. This is a belt-driven plant of 10 cub. ft. capacity, fitted with a scientifically designed paddle-arm equipment, and extremely efficient. A new model will also be exhibited of the 4/3 paddle-arm mixer, designed more particularly for producing the semi-wet concrete necessary for the manufacture of concrete blocks and slabs for building purposes. Besides this full range of mixers, Winget, Ltd., will exhibit several types of concrete block and slab-making machines, including the No. 2A pressure machine, a wellknown hand-power press for building on the continuous cavity system, which has been used in housing schemes in all parts of the country. Other interesting exhibits will comprise the standard ."Junior Winget "— a hand-tamped machine designed for the manufacture of solid or hollow blocks (plain or textured) up to the limits of 18 in. by 9 in. by 9 in.; also half-blocks, slabs, or quoins ; a 24 in. by 12 in. plate-tamp slab machine (which has an output of no fewer than 800 slabs of this size per eight-hour day) ; a new concrete kerb and channel machine (a development of the platetamp idea, with a hand-vibrating action which gives a fine hard pressed face to the kerb) ; and a "Winget " engine-driven crusher, complete with screen, portable, and equally effective in dealing with granite, whinstone, brick, or any other aggregate.

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