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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1953 British Industries Fair: Companies A

From Graces Guide

Note: This is a sub-section of the 1953 British Industries Fair

Held 27th April - 8th May at Olympia and Earl's Court

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  • A. A. Manufacturing Knitwear Co, Ltd, Ground Floor, Stand R.635 51, Baggrave Street, Leicester. Teleph. : Leicester 21095.—Manufacturers Of “ Eagle ” Boys’ and “ Girl ” Knitted Cotton Windcheaters. Ladies’ Knitted All Wool Dresses, Two Piece Suits, Jumpers, Tailored Blouses, Jersey Cloths, “ Rahilla ” Brands.
  • A. B. E. C. Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.318 “ Sectric House,” Waterloo Road, Cricklewood, London, N.W.2. Teleph, : Gladstone 6464. Cables : “ Rightime, Phone, London.”—Manufacturers Of All Types Of Escapements For Spring-Driven Clocks, Wrist and Pocket Watches. Also Hobs and Cutters.
  • A. E. R. (1938), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand D.29 196, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, Middlesex. Teleph. : Enfield 4012. Cables : “ Aereo, Enfield.”—Atom Meta^ Coating On Glass, Plastic, Ceramic, Metal, Enabling Plastic Jewellerv and Gold.
  • Abbey-Corinthian Games Co. Olympia, 2nd Floor, Stand Q.5 S.W.L. Teleph.: Victoria 3262-3. “ Abbeemanco, Sowest, London.”—Manufacturers Of “ Flexy ” “ Rubstuds,” “ Makimor ” Model Toy, “ My Teacher ” Alphabet, “ ” D-Ipt.'Ro Rinif Uciiic “ Gamcstcr” Safe Playballs,
  • Abrahams and Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stands L.217 and L.308 Brama Works, Spring Street, Bellbam Road, Birmingham, 15. Teleph. : Birmingham Midland 3868-9. Cables: “ Bramaplate, Birmingham.”— Manufacturers Of Chromium and Silver-Plated Cruets, Butters, Cake Baskets, Tier Stands, Fruit Stands, Hotel Ware, Smoker and Hearth Sets, Candlesticks, Table Lamps, Casseroles, Mounted Tableware.
  • D. Ackerman and Sons, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.304 163-165, Great Portland Street, London, W.L. Teleph. : Langham 5371—4. Cables : “ Namrekca, London.”—Manufacturers Of “ Houjwood ” and “ Ainette ” Fashion Jewellery Comprising Brooches, Dress-Clips, Earrings, Necklets, Bracelets, Novelties, Also Reproduction Pearls. See Advt. Page 103
  • Ackerman, Simon, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.Loo Westmorland House, 127-131, Regent Street, London, W.L. Teleph. : Regent 4733-4-5. Cables : “ Ackclothes, Phone, London.”—Manufacturers Of Men’s and Women’s Handmade Suits, Coats and Sports Wear.
  • Acorn and Lumium Sales Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.68 Carlisle Road, Colindale, London, N.W.9. Teleph.: Colindale 2459 and 8674-5. Showroom: 49, Greek Street, W.L. Teleph: Gerrard 2122.— Distributors Of “ Lumium ” Trays, Trolleys, Fruit and Flower Bowls, Ashtrays, Desk Sets, Calendars, Cocktail Shakers, Coffee Percolators, Coffee Tables.
  • Acrow (Engineers), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand A.17 South Wharf, Paddington, London, W.2. Teleph. : Ambassador 3456. Cables : Acrowlit, London.”— Manufacturers Of “ Rolstore ” System Of Mobile Steel Storage Equipment Of Robust Construction and Of Variable and Adaptable Design, Effecting Economy In Floor Space With Easy Access.
  • Adana (Printing Machines), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand J.18 15-18, Church Street, Twickenham, Middx. Teleph : Popesgrove 3655-6-7. London Showroom: 8, Gray’s Inn Road, Holbom, W.C.L. Teleph. : Chancery 5618.—Manufacturers Of Small Printing Machines, Hand, Treadle and Power, For Use In Offices, Factories, Etc.
  • Adastra (Glenny and Hartley), Limited Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.401 160-164, Tower Bridge Road, London, S.E.L. Teleph. : Hop 2855. Cables : “ Threglan, Sedist, London.”—Manufacturers Of “ Adastra ” Corduroy Clothing For Children, Lumber Jackets, Sportwear, Leather Clothing.
  • Adrema, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand .1.19 Telford Way, East Acton, London, W.3. Teleph.; Shepherds Bush 2091. Cables : “ Adremalt, Wesphone, London.”—Manufacturers Of “ Bradma ” Addressing Machines and Business Systems. Applications Include Direct Mail, Factory Production Control, Payroll. Invoicing, Statements, Dividends, Government, Bank, Rating, Insurances, Newspapers, Libraries. See Advt, Page 19 ,
  • Advertising Pencil Co., The (A. W. Ellis]], Ltd., Proprietors) Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.15 Lindum Works, Pearl Road, Walthamstow, London, E.17. Teleph. : Larkswood 2922 and 2868. Cables. : “ Ellisdum, London.”—Manufacturers and Producers Of Advertising Pencils In Cedarwood, Propelling Pencils For Advertising Purposes. “ Own Name ” Pencils, “ Nursery Rhyme ” Pencils and Advertising Media.
  • Aerofilms, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand A.20 6, Elstree Way, Boreham Wood, Herts. Teleph. : Elstree 2214. Cables : “Astereo, Boreham Wood.”—Producers Of Air Photographs Of Factories, Industrial Plants, Building Estates, Etc., For Publicity, Planning, Progress Reports and Record Purposes.
  • Aerostyle, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stands G.34 and G.37 170-6, St. John Street, Clerkenwell, London, E.C.L. Teleph.: Clerkenwell 5963. Cables : “ Aerostyle, Smith.”—Manufacturers Of “ Aeroset ” Antiset-Off Equipment: Fluid Spray and Dry Spray, For All Purposes From Fine Multi-Colour Work To Carton Production. Complete Installations. Adaptable To All Presses.
  • Agran, Nathan Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stands Z.3 and Z.4 Rosebery Works, Rosebery Avenue, Tottenham, London, N.17. Teleph. : Tottenham 8772.—Manufacturers Of Modem and Reproduction Bedroom, Lounge, Dining Room, Occasional and Office Furniture. Specialists In Furniture For Export Which Is Packed In Our Own Packing Department. See Advt. Page 206
  • Ajax Printing Machines, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand J.16 194-200, Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : Avenue 3571. Cables : “ Weldable, London.”—Manufacturers Of Ajax Printing Machines For Quickly Printing Letterheads, Invoices, Invitation Cards, Visiting Cards, Sports Programmes, School Magazines, Menus, Circulars, Football Lists. Uses Ordinary Printers’ Type.
  • Aked, George H., Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.315 and R.416 63, Vicar Lane, Bradford. Teleph.: Bradford 22322-3-4. Cables : “ Deka, Bradford.” Mills : Hillside Mills, Bradford; Folly Hall Mills, Wibsey ; Bradshaw Muis, Halifax.—Manufacturers Of Superfine Worsted Suitings, Tropicals, Gaberdines, Flannels, Creams, Costumes and Dress Cloths For All Markets.
  • Albert Studios, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.61 10, Clare Street, Bristol, 1. Teleph.: Bristol 26238. Cables: “Frostreed, Bristol.” Associated With Frost and Reed]], Ltd. Works : Orchard Road, Bristol, 5. Teleph. : Bristol 56143.—Manufacturers Of Picture Frames Of All Kinds. Specialists In Picture Cleaning and Restoring. See Advt. Page 76
  • Albion Crystalcut, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.40 151, Church Walk, Albion Road, London, N.I6,—Manufacturers Of Perspex Door, Furniture, Drawer and Cabinet Handles.
  • Alda (Belfast), Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.906 16, Dominion Street, London, E.C.2. Teleph.: Monarch 0454 and 1437. Cables : “ Aldatex, London.”—Manufacturers Of All Types Of Handkerchiefs.
  • Aliman, Leonard, and Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.601 6, The Crescent, King Street, Leicester. Teleph. : Leicester 58388. Cables : “ Euanda, Leicester.” London Showroom: Vereker House, Rathbone Place, W.L.—Manufacturers Of Imitation Pearls, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Also Untamishable Gilt Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings In Original Designs.
  • All Purpose Building Co, Ltd. Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stand Y.5 Chilton, Sudbury, Suffolk. Teleph.: Sudbury 2924. Cables: “ Apee, Sudbury, Suffolk.” London Office : 65, Copthall House, E.C.2.—Manufacturers Of Structural Steelwork, Prefabricated Sectional Steel and Timber Buildings, Steel Framed Buildings Designed To Specification, Reconditioned Buildings, Water Tanks.
  • Allied Metals, Limited Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.14 62, London Wall, London, E.C.2. Teleph.: Monarch 4922-3. Cables : “ Almetrex, London.”—Sole Agents For “ Barrywald ” Safety Automatic Incinerator, Designed For Safe, Sure, Speedy Destruction Of Soiled Sanitary Pads, Etc. Technical Information On All Other Applications Obtainable On Request.
  • Ambassador Publishing Co., Limited, The Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.409 49, Park Lane, London, W.L. Teleph: Grosvenor 4871. Cables; “ Ambapublic, London.”—Publishers Of “ The Ambassador,” The British Export Magazine, Published Monthly In London, Fully-Paid Overseas Circulation In Ninety Countries, Available By Annual Subscription To Overseas Firms.
  • Amersham Works, Ltd. Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stand Q.80 31-35, Wilson Street, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : Monarch 2651-7. Cables : “ Elreesonia, London.”—Manufacturers Of Amersham Toys and Games In Wood, Dolls’ Houses, Garages, Farms, Bricks, Cubes, Tool Sets, Bagatelle ' Boards, Etc.
  • Amex Co, Ltd. Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stand Q.81 62, Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : Monarch 9774-7. Cables : “ Decormex, Ave, London.”—Publishers Of Children’s Board Books, Novelty Books, Picture, Story and Painting Books, Tracing, Drawing Books. Children’s Classics.
  • Amsel, Ltd. 20, Christmas Steps, Bristol, 1. . _ „ For Functional Assemblies For Card Recording, Punch Card Selection and System Filing.
  • Anchor Glass Co, Ltd., The Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.16 Brent Cross Works, North Circular Road, London, N.W,2. Teleph. : Gladstone 0123-5. Cables : “ Anchorglas, London.”—Manufacturers Of Scientific and Laboratory Glassware, Medical and Surgical Glassware, Hand and Machine Made Glassware, Atomisers, Ampoules, Droppers, Vials ; Screw-Neck, Flat and Round Bottomed Tubes, Test-Tubes.
  • Anderson, Rigden and Perkins, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand H.Lsa The Shipyard, Island Wall, Whitstable, Kent. Teleph. ; Whitstable 2730. Cables : “ Whitstable 2730.”—Manufacturers and Producers Of National 18 Ft. Restricted Centre Board Class Racing Dinghy. 16 Ft. General Purpose Motor Launch.
  • Andrew and Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.409 102, Hatton Garden, London, E.C.L. Teleph. : Holborn 0165-6 and 6647. Cables : “ Andrewclox, London.”—Manufacturers Of Springwound Clocks Of Au Kinds, “ Anvil ” (Perivale) Brand Striking and Westminster Chiming Clocks, “ Newport ” One-Day and Eight-Day Timepieces and Industrial Timing Mechanisms.
  • H. V. Andrew (London), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.223 79, Grosvenor Street, London, W.L. Teleph.: Mayfair 8955. Cables: “ Swerdnah, Wesdo, London.” Works At Dover and Torquay.—Manufacturers Of High-Grade Cocktail Accessories, Smokers’ Articles, Writing Sets In Exotic Woods, Onyx. Also Hand-Decorated Glass, Fitted Cabinets.
  • Anglow Fabrics, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.528 3, Rathbone Street, London, W.L. Cables: “ Anglowfabs, London.”— Producers Of Woven Furnishing Fabrics, Including Contemporary Texture Cloths, Repps, Plains. Damasks, Brocades, Satins, Tapestries, Dyed and Piece-Dyed Cloths For Curtains, Bedspreads, Upholstery. Trade, Export.
  • Angora (Birstall), Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand Carr Mills, Birstall, Leeds, Yorks. Teleph. : Batley 1594-5. “ Furwul, Birstall, Dewsbury.”—Manufacturers Of Pure Angora Rabbit Wool Yarn and Mixture Yarns. Woollen and Worsted Spun. For Hand Knitting, Machine Knitting and Manufacturing.
  • Angora Silver Plate Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.215 Angora Works, Regent Street, Birmingham, 1. Teleph.; Birmingham, Central 5362. Cables: “ Angsilpla, Birmingham.”— Manufacturers Of Fiicctro-Plated and Sterling Silver Spoons and Forks, Speciality : Cased Goods. Electro-Plated Hollow-Ware.
  • Ankersmit Photographic Industries, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.7 102, Foxley Lane, Purley, Surrey. Teleph. : Uplands 5676. London Showroom: 27a, Thurloe Street, S.W.7. Teleph.: Kensington 1685.— Manufacturers Of Stereoscopic Equipment For Industrial and Commercial Uses, Including “ Sterolist ” Viewer, “ Sterota ” Cabinet, “ Stereo-Exhibitor,” Stereoscopic Projection.
  • Anstey and Wilson, Limited 44, Kenyon Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph. : Birmingham, Central 8157-8. Cables: “Anwiplate, Birmingham 18.”—Manufacturers Of E.P.N.S. Ware Tea Sets, Prize Cups, Tankards, Cake Baskets, Entree Dishes, Waiters, Cased Goods, Kiddies Lines, Mounted Semi-Porcelainware, Mounted Glassware, Casseroles, Musical Novelties.
  • Apis Engineering and Research, Limited Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.30 136, Pinner Road, Northwood, Middlesex. Teleph.: Northwood 226 and 1539,—Manufacturers Of Liquid Handling, Radio-Active Liquid Handling and Pharmaceutical Equipment. Laboratory Apparatus. Specialised Physical Research and Development Equipment. Cathod-Ray Tube Settling and Cellulosing Equipment.
  • Appleyard, Lincoln and Co (Boatbuilders), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand H.9b Riverside Boat Yard, Ely, Cambs. Teleph. : Ely 2430.—Manufacturers Of Cabin Cruisers, Launches, Sailing Craft, Park Boats. Hire Fleet On Fenland Rivers. Storage, Repairs and Fitting Out, All Classes. Two Slipways, Marine Engine Department.
  • Ardente Hearing Service Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.6 Ardente House, 309, Oxford Street, London, W.L. Teleph.: Mayfair 1380, 0947, 1718 and 7917. Cables : “ Acoucies, Wesdo, London.”—Manufacturers Of Modem Miniature Hearing Aids and Accessories, Including Tiny Magnetic Earphones, Audiometers and Sound Reproduction Equipment Of Every Description.
  • Ashworth, Hadwen and Co, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.207 and R.314 Regent House, 235-241, Regent Street, London, W.L Teleph.; Regent 3618-9-10. Mills : Droylsden.—Manufacturers Of “ Bicsa ” Fabrics ; Printed, Dyed, Novelty Cloths For Evening and Day Gowns, Blouses, Lingerie, Children’s Wear, Poplins, Suitings, Linings, Cotton and Rayon Gaberdines.
  • R. E. Ashworth and Co, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.113 15, Stoney Street, Nottingham. Teleph.: Nottingham 47291-2. Cables : “ Sunenta, Nottingham.”—Manufacturers Of The “ Sunenta ” and “ Era ” Lace Window Furnishings Of Every Description, Made In Both Cotton and Rayon. Also Fadeless Colours, Fancy Napery, Chair Backs, Etc. See Advt. Page 168
  • Aspull Carpet Co., The Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stand Z.23 Cale Lane Works, New Springs, Near Wigan. Teleph. : Wigan 44605.— Manufacturers Of 27 In. and 36 In. Wide Patterned Axminster Body Carpet. 9 Ft. Wide Patterned Axminster, Seamless Squares and Broadloom. A.2 Rugs In Various Sizes.
  • Associated Transfers, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.61 43, Avenue Chambers, Southampton Row, London, W.C.L. Teleph.: Holbom 8141 and 9082. Cables : “ Flexafix, London.”—Manufacturers Of Astra Cellulose Silk Screen Paint and Print Transfers. See Advt. Page 159
  • Association of British Chemical Manufacturers Olympia, Ground Floor, Stands D.4 and D.22 166. Piccadilly, London, W.L. Teleph.: Regent 4126-7 and 1557-8. Cables : “ Manuchem, Piccy, London.”—Enquiries Answered and Information Supplied Regarding British Manufacturers Of Heavy and Fine Chemicals, Disinfectants, Insecticides, Pharmaceuticals, Photographic and Other Chemicals, Coal Tar Products, Dyestuffs, Intermediates.
  • Aston and Co. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand N.Io Victoria Street, Basingstoke, Hants. Teleph. : Basingstoke 619. Cables : “ Astons, Basingstoke.”—Manufacturers Of Mass-Produced Ladies’ and Children’s Handbags, Shopping and Travel Bags, Beach and Sports Bags, Purses, Wallets, Notecases, Novelty Goods and Souvenir Lines.
  • Aston and Mander, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.17 25-37, Northdown Road, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. Teleph.: Thanet 22861. Cables : “ Astonmanda, Margate.”—Manufacturers Of Rules and Measures For All Trades, Including Tailors’ Squares, Trim Curves and Yard Sticks, Boot and Shoe Gauges, Height Standards, Folding Rules, Draughtsmen’s Scales.
  • J. and E. Atkinson, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stands F.18 and F.21 24, Old Bond Street, London, W.L. Teleph. : Regent 7353. Cables : “ Cymbidium, Piccy, London.”—Manufacturers Of Cosmetics, Perfumes, Toiletries and Toilet Soaps. Visit Our New Beauty Salon At 22, Old Bond Street.
  • Atonian Caravan and Monocar Co. Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stand T.2 Barnet, Herts. Teleph. ; Barnet 6354,—Manufacturers Of Streamlined Two Berth Caravan, All Metal Construction. Unit Furniture In Light Oak. Easy To Tow With Small Car. Inexpensive. See Advt. Page 51
  • B. Attewell and Sons, Ltd. Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stands Z.2 and Z.5 “ Reflection Works,” Southall, Middlesex. Teleph.; Southall 2888 and 3555. Cables : “ Reflection, Southall.”—Manufacturers Of “ Atsonea Superior Products.” Mirrors, Traditional and Modern. Wall, Triple and Table Designs, Sunrays, Eagle Ball Convexes, Queen Anne and Reproduction Styles, Pictures, Console Tables.
  • Australia (Official Exhibit) Commonwealth Section, Ground Floor, Earls Court Arranged By The Senior Australian Trade Commissioner, Australia House, Strand, W.C.2. Teleph. : Temple Bar 2435. Cables: “ Crotonate, Estrand, London.”—An Exhibit Designed To Bring Before Buyers and Manufacturers Opportunities For Trade With Australia. See Advt. Page I
  • Autofeeds (London), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand G.55 367a, King’s Road, Chelsea, London, S.W.Io. Teleph. : Sloane 7732. Cables : “ Autofeeds, London.”—Manufacturers Of Automatic Suction Feeders For Printing, Folding, Gluing, Slitting and Addressing Machines, Handling Paper, Card, Envelopes, Etc. Continuous Stationery Feed With Guillotine For Addressing Machines.
  • Avon India Rubber Co, Ltd., The Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand G.3a Head Office and Works, Melksham, Wiltshire, Teleph. : Melksham 3101. Cables : “ Rubber, Melksham.”—Manufacturers Of “ Nuber ” Roller Coverings For Lithographic; Letterpress and Newsprinting Machines. Special Coverings For Lithographic Dampeners and Riders. Rubber Roller Coverings For Aniline Printing. “Sterite” Stereo-Compound.
  • Aylmer Supplies, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand N.H 165, Old Street, London, E.C.L. Teleph.: Clerkenwell 6892-3. Cables: “ Aylmer, London.”—Manufacturers Of Ladies’ Handbags. Specialising In All Types Of Plastic, Made Up Into A Large Range Of Styles, To Suit Every Taste.
  • H. Aynsley and Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand C.22 Commerce Works, Commerce Street, Longton, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffs. Teleph. : Stoke-On-Trent 33433 and 33485. Cables : “ Commerce, Stoke- On-Trent.”—Manufacturers Of Earthenware, Dinnerware, Teaware, Fruit Sets. Open Stock In All Types Of Decorations and Plain White. Also Hotel Ware and Fancies.

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