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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1953 British Industries Fair: Companies P

From Graces Guide

Note: This is a sub-section of the 1953 British Industries Fair

Held 27th April - 8th May at Olympia and Earl's Court

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  • Padgett and Braham, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.224 48-50, Broad Wick Street, London, W.L. Teleph.: Gerrard 4451-2. Cables: “ Goldsilva, Piccy, London.”—Manufacturers Of Cigarette Boxes and Cases, Gold and Silver, Dressing Table Sets Silver and Enamel, Photograph Frames, Regalia. Exclusive Desk Sets and Calendars, Combined With Onyx.
  • Page, Charles G., Ltd. Olympia, 2nd Floor, Stand Q.26 Shaftesbury Road, Edmonton, London, N.18. Teleph. : Tottenham 5128. Cables: “ Colorbox, London.”—Manufacturers Of Water Colours and Artists’ Students’ and Children’s Paint Boxes Suitable All Countries. Artists’ and Soft Hair Brushes For Cosmetic and Other Trades. Metal Printers.
  • C. H. Paine and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.99 Paico Works, Rodney Road, Portsmouth. Teleph. : Portsmouth 33542.— Manufacturers Of Cuckoo Clocks and Novelty Wall Clocks, Including Owls, Monkeys and Dogs With Moving Eyes. See-Saw and Windmill Clocks.
  • Pakistan (Official Exhibit) Commonwealth Section, Ground Floor, Earls Court High Commissioner For Pakistan, Trade Division, 39, Lowndes Square, London, S.W.L. Teleph.: Sloane 3402. Cables: “ Pahic, London.”— Producers Of Jute, Wool, Cotton, Hides, Skins, Crushed Bones, Sports Goods, Medicinal Herbs, Seeds, Dried Fruits, Saltpetre, Chrome Ore, Rock- Salt, Surgical Instruments, Ephedrine, Hydrochloride, Tea, Gutlery. See Advt. Page Vih
  • Pal Chemicals, Ltd. (See Also Hemingway and Co]], Ltd.) Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand D.37 22, Marsh Gate Lane, Stratford, London, E.15. Teleph. : Maryland 4577.-^ Manufacturers Of 2, 4-D, 2, 4, 5-T, M.C.P.A., Amine Salts and Esters, Fruit Drop Inhibitors, Fruit Setting Sprays, Plant Growth Regulators, Potato Sprouting Inhibitors, Rooting Compounds, Selective Weed Killers. See Advt. Pages 56 and 57
  • Palmer, John, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand E.4 Victory House, Somers Road North, Portsmouth, Hants. Teleph. : Portsmouth 74025-6-7-8-9. Cables : “ Brushes, Portsmouth.”—Manufacturers Of “ Victory ” Household, Farm, Dairy, Dog, Industrial, and All Types Of Brushes. “ Kleensweep ” Brushes, Paint and Decorators’ Brushes. Victory “ Decorouer ” The New Tool For Decorating.
  • Parker File Co, Ltd., The Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.42 85, Station Road, Swindon, Wiltshire. Teleph. : Swindon, 3696. Cables : “ Parkflle, Swindon.”—Manufacturers Of “ Manilla ” and “ Presspahn ” Files, Folders, Wallets, Box Files, Leverarch Storage Cases. Blotters, Music Albums, Other Miscellaneous Items. Holders Of Patent For Collapsible Box File.
  • A. W. Paskin and Co, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.118 3, Canal Street, Manchester, 1. Teleph. : Manchester, Central 1497. Cables : “ Pascolin, Manchester.”—Manufacturers Of Cotton, Rayon and Nylon Piece Goods For Corsete, Shirtings, Suitings, Linings. Drills, Gaberdines and Poplins. See Advt. Page 39
  • Patent Office, The Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand A.23 25, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Holbom 8721. Cables : “ Patent Office, London.”—H.M. Government Office For Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Copyright.
  • Patent Pulp Manufacturing Co, Ltd., The Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.24 Mill Lane, Thetford, Norfolk. Teleph.: Thetford 3209. Cables : “ Pulpco, Thetford.”—Manufacturers Of “ Thetford ” Pulpware : Baby Bath Sets, Nursery Requisites, Trays For Home, Restaurant, Canteen Use, Pads, Kitchen Bowls, Display Bowls, Fruit Bowls, Industrial Mouldings, Miners’ Helmets.
  • Patterson Edwards, Ltd. Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stands Q.95 and Q.96 Manor Works, Lewisham, London, S.E.I3. Teleph. : Lee Green 4484-5-6-7. Cables; “ Juveniland, Phone, London.”—Sole Overseas Distributors:
  • Patterson Edwards Export, Limited, 19, Manor Park Parade, S.E.I3.— Manufacturers Of “ Leeway ” Baby Carriages, Bedfolders, Pushchairs. Invalid Chairs, Garden Furniture, Wood and Metal, Wheeled Toys.
  • W. Patterson and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.11 Dartmouth Place, Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill, London, S.E.23. Teleph.: Forest Hill 6200. Cables: “ Statsunds, London.”—Manufacturers Of Stationers’ Sundries, Artists’ Brushes, School Chalks, Crayons, Penholders, Erasers and Mathematical Scales. Proprietors Of The “ Dufferin ” and “ Tops’le ” Series Boxed and Carded Lines.
  • Payton, Pepper and Sons, Ltd. - Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.207 3, 4 and 5, Vyse Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph.: Birmingham, Central 3932. Cables : “ Haresfoot, Birmingham.”—Manufacturers Of.Goid and Gem-Set Jewellery Including Rings, Brooches. Bracelets and Ear-Rings. Gold Cigarette Cases and Powder Boxes. Gentlemen’s Jewellery, Charms, Coronation Souvenirs and Watch Bracelets.
  • J. Pearson and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.90 Peerart Works, Colne, Lancashire. Teleph. : Colne 223. Cables : “ Pearson, Colne 223.”—Manufacturers Of Mirrors In Period, Barbola, Convex, Modem and Triple Frames, Firescreens, Tablescreens and Wall Plaques. Picture Frames, Framed Pictures. Original Watercolours and Oilpaintings. Fancy Goods.
  • Pearson-Page-Jewsbury Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.39 Westwood Works, Westwood Road, Witton, Birmingham, 6. Teleph.: Birmingham, East 1462. Cables : “ Olbras, Birmingham.”—Manufacturers Of “ Peerage ” Brassware and “ Homemaker ”, “ Silware ” Furnishing, Gift, Souvenir Articles. “ Homemaker ” India Brassware ; Alabaster, Pewter. Period Electrical Fittings, Fireplace Equipment. Home Safes For Financial Houses.
  • Peck, John, and Co, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.513 Pexwear Factory, Edge Lane, Liverpool, 13. Teleph. : Liverpool, Stoneycroft 2717. Cables : “.Washable, Liverpool.”—Manufacturers Of Washable Hygienic Overalls (Men’s and Women’s), Butchers’, Grocers’, Chefs’, Waiters’, Painters’, Engineers’, Mercantile Marine, Warehousemen’s, Surgeons*. Proofed and Unproofed Sportswear For Golfers. See Advl Page 42
  • H. W. Peel and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.46 Planet Works, Jeymer Drive, Greenford, Middlesex. Teleph.: Waxlow 3491-2.—Manufacturers Of Drawing Office Stationery. “ Planet ” Sectional Pads. “ Chartwell ” Logarithmic Graph Data Charts. “ Tracergrid ” Drafting Units. Surveyors’ Books. Drawing and Sketch Books. Isometric and Perspective Scales.
  • Pelham Puppets, Ltd. Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stand Q.64 Victoria House, Marlborough, Wiltshire. Teleph. : Marlborough 442. Cables : “ Pelpups, Marlborough.”—Manufacturers Of Hand-Made Puppets Of All Descriptions, By Master Craftsmen, For Children, Amateurs and Professionals, Together With All Puppet Accessories, Stages and Scenery.
  • Pencils, Limited Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.39 West Road, Tottenham, London, N.17. Teleph. : Tottenham 3701. Cables : “ Smoothryta, Southtot, London.”—Manufacturers Of Blacklead, Coloured Crayon and Copying Ink Pencils, Refill Leads, Drawing Sets and Cosmetics, Under The Trade Mark “ Master,” Also Printed Pencils For Advertising Purposes.
  • Penkala Products, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.74 140-144, Lancefield Street, London, W.Io. Teleph. : Ladbroke 1768.— Manufacturers Of Roll Tip Products High Quality Ballpoints At Low Cost In Hexagonal Or Streamline Moulded Plastic Cases In A Variety Of Colours.
  • Pepper, Arthur J., and Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.Losa 5, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph. : Birmingham, Central 5936. Cables : “ Pimpernel, Birmin^Am.”—Manufacturers Of “ Apex ” Silver Plate, “ Crusader ” Stainless Plate Hollow and Flat Ware, Sports Cups, Novelties. Specialty China, Mounted Goods, Glass Mounted Ware Suitable For All Markets.
  • Perihel, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.43 17, Edge Street, London, W.8. Teleph.: Park 7870. Cables : “ Perihelray, Kens, London.”—Manufacturers Of Electro-Medical Appliances ; “ Perihel ” Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red Apparatus. Quartz, Mercury, Vapour, Arc and Discharge Tubes. Ultra-Violet Air Sterilisation Equipment. Fluorescent Lighting Tubes. Fluorescent Desk Lamps.
  • Periodical Proprietors Association, Ltd., The Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand A.12 Imperial House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Temple Bar 9204-5. Cables : “ Weneppa, Estrand, London.”—Combined Exhibit Of British Industrial and Specialised Journals, Organised By Council Of The Trade and Technical Press. Particulars With Subscription and Advertisement Rates Available.
  • F. Perkins, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand H.26 Peterborough. Teleph. : Peterborough 3241. Cables : “ Perkoil, Peter Borough.”—Manufacturers Of High-Speed Diesel Engines For Marine, Tractor, Industrial Vehicle Applications. Horse Powers From 18 B.H.P. To 100 B.H.P. Speed Ranges From 1,000 R.P.M. To 2,400 R.P.M.
  • Permutit Co, Ltd., The Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand D.16 Permutit House, Guimersbury Avenue, London, W.4. Teleph. : Chiswick 6431. Cables: “ Permutit, Chisk, London.”—Manufacturers Of Ion Exchange Materials For Treating Water and Other Liquids. Emergency Seawater Desalting Kit. Testing Equipment For Controlling Ion Exchange Plant, Etc.
  • Perry, Bevan and Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.3i1 Priory Road, Aston, Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : Birmingham, East 0656. Cables : “ Enchant, Birmingham.”—Manufacturers Of The Patented “ Ever- Hot ” Chromium Plated Tea Services and Fancy Goods. See Advt. Page 17
  • Pershke, Frank F, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand G.54 Norfolk House, Norfolk Street, London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Temple Bar 8371-3. Cables : “ Vipremac, Estrand, London.”—Manufacturers Of Automatic and Hand-Fed Platen Printing Machines, “ Autovic A.2.” Paper Size 13|"X L8j" and “ Autovicobold ” 10j"Xl4" Automatic Cylinder Printing Machine, “ Glockner,” Paper Size 15" X22".
  • Petty and Sons, Ltd, Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.48 Whitehall Printeries, Leeds, 12. Teleph. : Leeds 32341. London Office: 14, Queen Victoria Street, E.C.4. Teleph. ; City 2358.—Designers and Producers Of Printed Advertising By Modern Letterpress and Photo-Offset Lithography. Catalogues, Showcards. See Advt. Page 25
  • Phillips (Quilts), Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.419 and R.516 100, Burlington Street, Manchester, 15. Teleph. : Manchester, Ardwick 2414.—Manufacturers Of Down and Wadded Quilts.
  • Philmar, Ltd. Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stand Q.81 62, Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : Monarch 9774-7. Cables : “ Philmarx, Ave, London.”—Manufacturers Of Cardboard and Wooden Jigsaws—^Adult and Children. Cardboard Constructional Toys. Dous’ Dress Sets. Magnetic Toys. Model Books and Sheets. Children’s Transfers. Scrap Books.
  • Phoenix Straps, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.404 De Barri Street, Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd, Glam. Teleph. : Pontypridd 2482. Cables : “ Phoenstrap, Pontipridd.”—Manufacturers Of Watch Straps Of All Descriptions.
  • Phoenix Tinsel Products, Ltd. Olympia, 2nd Floor, Stand Q.49 The Phoenix Works, The Hyde, Hendon, London, N.W.9. Teleph. : Colindale 7243. Cables : “ Tinslfenix, London.”—Manufacturers Of Tinsel Garlands, Stars, Icicles, Christmas Trees, Cake Decorations, Tinsel Ribbons In Silver, Gold and Coloured. Hanked, Spooled Or Carded Tinsel Cords, Brilliant and Sparklet.
  • Photowork Ltd.—(Incorporating Lilywhite, Ltd.) Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.60 Halifax Road, Brighouse, Yorkshire. Teleph. : Brighouse 1240-1-2-3. London; 73, Baker Street, W.L.—Manufacturers Of Giant Enlargements, Showcards, Brochures, Cut-Outs, View Cards, Calendars, Lantern Slides, Circularising Cards, Commercial and Fashion Photographers, Colour Photography, Colour Prints, Translites, and Royal Portraits.
  • Pickering and Mayell, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.309 Reliance Works, 42, Caroline Street, Birmingham, 3. Teleph.: Birmingham, Central 2183^. Cables: “ Velvet, Birmingham.”—Manufacturers Of Cases For Jewellery, Silver, Electro-Plate, Cutlery, Brush Sets, Window Display Pads, Trays, Travellers’ Sample Cases, Stock Pads, Instrument Cases, Wedding Ring Books and Wallets.
  • Pickles, William, and Co, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.109 and R.208 101, Portland Street, Manchester, 1. Teleph. : Manchester, Central 2182. Cables : “ Artsilpop, Manchester.”—Manufacturers Of Cotton and Rayon. Shirting, Drills, Overall Cloths. Also Cloths For Industrial Purposes. “ Conquest ” Shirting and Pyjama Cloths.
  • Pickles, William (Textiles Exporters), Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.109 and R.208 101, Portland Street, Manchester, 1. Teleph.: Manchester, Central 2182. Cables : “ Wilpik, Manchester.”—Manufacturers Of Cotton and Rayon, Dyed and Printed Goods, In Home Trade and Overseas Styles. “ Sunny- Ripple ” Split Haircord. Linings.
  • Pifco, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stands B.26 and B.33 Pifco House, Watling Street, Manchester, 4. Teleph.: Manchester, Deans- Gate 5544 and 4231. Cables : “ Provencal, Manchester.”—Manufacturers Of Pifco Electro-Medical Appliances, Decoration Sets, Mains and Battery Night Lamps and Electric Appliances, Electric Torches and Accessories. See Advt. Page 152
  • Pinking Shear Co, Ltd., The Ci, / , 7 ' “ , " 26-28, Wellington Street, Sheffield, 1. Teleph. : Sheffield 29202.- Facturers Of High Quality Pinking Shears, Tailors’ Shears and Scissors. Trade Mark “ Precision Sandkaulen.” See Advt Page 18
  • Pippett, D. Radbone, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.116 2 and 3, Hanover Square, London, W.L. Teleph. : Mayfair 7981. Cables : “ Linings, London.”—Manufacturers Of “ Knights ” Quality Linings For Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Clothing.
  • Pirie, Appleton and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.45 Chadwell Heath Mill, Essex. Teleph.: Seven Kings 5151. Cables: “ Pirie, Chadwell Heath.”—Manufacturers Of River Series, Wage and Selfseal Envelopes. Gateway, Terrier, Commercial and Personal Stationery. Account, Manuscript, Scholastic and Loose-Leaf Books. Printers’ Cards. Commercial Diestamping.
  • Plaza Hosiery, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.707 and R.806 11, Maddox Street, London, W.L, Teleph. : Mayfair 3951. Cables: “ Plaznotts, London.”—Manufacturers Of Ladies’, Gents’ and Children’s Hosiery. “ Plaza ” and “ N.H.C.” Brands. See Advt. Pages 40 and 41
  • Poetic Knitwear Co. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.903a 51, Wilson Street, Glasgow, C.L. Teleph.: Glasgow, Bell 1305. Cables: “ Poetic, Glasgow.”—Sole Distributors U.K. : A. Links and Co]], Ltd., Lynx House, Wilson Street, Glasgow, C.L.—Manufacturers Of Frame and Handknit Jumpers, Cardigans, Twin Sets. Men’s, Ladies’ and Children’s.
  • Point of Sale Advertising, Limited. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.18 98, Wimpole Street, London, W.L. Teleph. : Museum 2366-7. Cables : “ Decalorex, Wesdo, London.”—Manufacturers Of Decalorex “ Slide-Off ” Real Paint Transfers For All Purposes (Container Markings, “ Long Life ” Advertising Transfers and Decorative and Toy Transfers).
  • Pompadour Products, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.604 148, Golders Green Road, London, N.W.Ll. Teleph.: Speedwell 0310. Cables: “ Pompearlsp London.”—Manufacturers Of High Grade Imitation Pearls and Pearl Costume Jewellery.
  • Pond's Extract Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stands F.18 and F.21 Wandsworth Road, Perivale, Greenford, Middlesex. Teleph.: Perivale 4484. Cables: “Astringent, Greenford.”—Manufacturers Of Pond’s Vanishing Cream, Cold Cream, Dry Skin Cream, Liquifying Cream, Face Powder, “Angel Face” Hand Lotion, Skin Freshener, Talcum Freshener Pads, Tissue Hankies, Lipsticks, Extract.
  • Post Office Overseas Telecommunications Services Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.99 and Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand A.1 Public Relations Department, St. Martins-Le-Grand, London, E.C.L. Teleph.: Headquarters 4689. Cables: “ Postrelat, Cent, London.”—Overseas Telephone Cable and Wireless Telegraph Services Are Available To Buyers and Exhibitors. Expert Staff Will Advise On Au Aspects Of These Telecommunications Services.
  • Potter, Edmund, and Co, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.107 and R.206 89, Oxford Street, Manchester, 1. Teleph. : Manchester, Central 0018 and 4444. Cables : “ Potterfab, Manchester.” London Offices : 1-2, Berners Street, W.L. Teleph. : Museum 9048.—Manufacturers Of Rayon and Cotton Dress Goods, Lingerie, Overalls, Flannelettes, Shirtings. Potter’s “ Antishrink” Range. Children’s Wear Cloths. See Advt. Pages 32 and 33
  • Potters (London), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand A.13 97-99, St. John Street, Clerkenwell, London, E.C.L. Teleph. : Clerkenwell 2171-2,—Manufacturers Of and Sole Agents For Showcases, Shop Fittings, Display Stands In Metal, Wood, Perspex, Plastic and Glass. Shop Sundries For All Trades. Showcards, Price Tickets, Posters, Pelmets, Etc. And Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.408a Manufacturers Of and Sole Agents For Jewellery Cases, Boxes and Sundries For The Jeweller. Shop Fittings, Showcases, Display Pads, Velvet, Plastic and Glass Stands. Price Tickets, Showcards, Poster and Printing.
  • Poulten, Selfe and Lee, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.2 Wick Lane, Wickford, Essex. Teleph. : Wickford 3246. Cables : “ Poulse-' Lee. Wickford.”—Manufacturers Of Scientific, Surgical, Medical Glassware. Hydrometers, Butyrometers, Test Tubes, Tubular Containers, Druggists’ Sundries, Glassware, Fuse Tubes, Graduated Volumetric Apparatus For Oil, Tar, Blood, Milk Test.
  • S. and B. Poultney Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stand Z.17 209, Rickmansworth Road, Watford, Herts. Teleph. : Gadebrook 2743. Cables : “ Nednivah, London.”—Producers Of Patented Floating Stools and Chairs. The Seat Is Suspended Independently Of The Frame, Giving Flexibility and Comfort Without Strain. For Home and Industry.
  • Premo Rubber Co, Ltd. Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stand Q.62 Petersfield, Hants. Teleph. : Petersfleld 346. Cables: “ Premo, Peters- Field.”—Manufacturers Of “ Minibrix ” All-Rubber Constructional Interlocking Building Bricks, Recreational and Educational. “Premo” Allrubber Complexion Brushes, Hand, Nail, Bath, Suede and Dog Brushes. Inbath and Table Mats. See Advt. Page 201
  • Prescott Clock Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.402 Bath House, Holborn Viaduct, London, E.C.L. Teleph. : Central 2973. Cables : “ Feldtyme, Cent, London.”—Manufacturers Of Eight-Day and 30-Hour Timepieces ; Watch Straps, Travelling Clock Cases.
  • Price Brothers and Co, Ltd. Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stands Z.L and Z.6 Staplegrove Mills, Wellington, Somerset. Teleph. ; Wellington 216-7. Cables : “Wool, Wellington, Somerset.”—Manufacturers Of Relyon Spring Interior Mattresses, Divans, Ottomans and Pillows.
  • Priest, Marians and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.28 56, St. Mary Axe, London, E.C.3. Teleph. : Avenue 5912. Cables: “ Kynlim, Stock, London.”-—Producers Of Arts and Crafts, Fancy Baskets, Fancy and Art Metal Goods, Table Mats, Decorated Art Pottery, Waste Paper Drums, Gifts and Novelties.
  • Printac, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.34 Lewis Street, Cardiff. Teleph.: Cardiff 27441. Cables :“ Printac, Cardiff.” —Manufacturers Of Printers’ Rule, Fretsaw Blades, Pencil-Sharpener Blades, Lacquered Strip Steel, Transformer Laminations, Hardened Strip Steel, Marking and Embossing Machines, Circular Cutters, Bandknives, Steel Cutting Rule. See Advt. Page 161
  • Prout, Geoffrey, and Sons Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand H.29 Small Gains, Canvey Island, Essex. Teleph. : Canvey Island 190.—Manufacturers Of Folding Boats, “ Seabird ” Folding Sailing Dinghy, “ Speedwell ” Folding Two-Seater Canoe, “ Scoprel ” Folding Yacht Tender, Oars, Canoe Paddles and Lifeboat Oars, Masts and Yards.
  • Pryce, Wright and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st F Loor. Stand N.3 74-94, Cherry Orchard Road, East Croydon, Surrey. Teleph.; Croydon 7281-3. Cables : “ Two-Tix, Croydon.”—Manufacturers Of “ Two-Tix ” Products : Fitted Dressing Cases, Brush Sets, Shaving Sets, Writing Cases, Dressing Table Sets, Manicure Cases, Sewing Sets. Pullars Instruments]], Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.318 Hollingbury Road, Brighton, 6. Teleph. : Brighton 56881.—Manufacturers Of Barometers, Industrial Second and Minute Timers, “ Pinger ” Timers, Timing Switches For Building Into Industrial and Domestic Apparatus. Minute Timers For Domestic Cookers.
  • Pye, Limited Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.46 Radio Works, Cambridge. Teleph.: Cambridge 3434. Cables : “ Pyrad, Cambridge.”—Manufacturers Of Television Receivers and Transmission Equipment, Radio Receivers, Telecommunications Equipment, Electrical Appliances and Scientific Instruments.

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