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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1953 British Industries Fair: Companies W

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1953 British Industries Fair

Held 27th April - 8th May at Olympia and Earl's Court

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  • Waddells (Stratford Steel Equipment), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand J.39 Millmarsh Lane, Brimsdown, Enfield, Middlesex. Teleph. : Howard 1271-2. Cables : “ Steelofurn, Norphone, London.”—Manufacturers Of Steel Storage Equipment. Cupboards, Clothing Lockers, Partitioning For Office and Factory. Benches, Trays and Workshop Sundries. “ Simpla ” Mobile Racking. Shelving and Cabinets For Offices. See Advt. Page 126
  • Waddington, John, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stands 0.17 and 0.63 Waddington’s Printing Works, Wakefield Road, Leeds, 10. Teleph. : Leeds 76011. Cables : “ Wadding, Leeds.” London Offices : 43, Hertford Street.— Printing By Lithography, Photo-Offset Lithography, Letterpress, Photogravure. Playing Card Makers, Cartons For Liquids, Jig-Saws, Lexicon, Monopoly and Otiier Games.
  • Waite and Saville, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand G.33 Falcon Works, Otley, Yorks. Teleph. : Otiey 2254. Cables ; “ Falcon, Otley.”—Manufacturers Of Machinery For The Printing and Allied Trades. Die Stamping, Offset Lithographic, Photogravure, Cylinder Letterpress and Falcon Platens, Tag Making and Washering, Also Speciality Machines.
  • Waite and Son, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.80 Menin Works, Bond Road, Mitcham, Surrey. Teleph. : Mitcham 2201. Cables : “ Waitanson, Mitcham.”—Manufacturers Of Quality Lampshades In All Fittings. Contemporary Ranges Of Pottery, Table and Floor Lamps. Decorative Lighting Fittings. The Latest “ Astrashade ” Range.
  • Wakefield, Greenwood and Co. (Huddersfield), Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.303 6, Railway Street, St George’s Square, Huddersfield. Teleph. ; Huddersfield 6560. Cables : “ Merino, Huddersfield.”—Manufacturers Of Hand and Machine Knittings, Including 100 Per Cent. Nylon, Nylon Wool and Nylon Angora Yams. Branded Hand Knittings Include Luxury Nylaness, Springtime, Trianon Mohair, Nylgora, Downdale.
  • Wakefield Shirt Co, Ltd., The Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.705 and R.804 Room 547/8, Ulster Chambers, 168, Regent Street, London, W.L. Teleph. : Regent 5116. Cables : “ Dubletwo, London.”—Manufacturers Of “ Double- Two ” Men’s Collar-Attached Shirts Incorporating Our Patented Spare Couar. Available In A Wide Range Of Materials, Including Poplins, Nylon, Terylene and Mixtures Thereof. See Advt. Page 46
  • Wakely and Wheeler, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.222 Ganton House, 14-22, Ganton Street, London, W.L. Teleph.: Regent 1076. Cables : “ Forks, Phone, London.”—-Manufacturers Of Coronation Souvenirs, Christening Spoons, Mugs, Bowls, Eggcups, Teasets, Coffee Services, Tankards, Boxes, Fruit and Flower Bowls, Sandwich Dishes, Sugar Castors, Teaspoons, Jamspoons, Napkin Rings.
  • Walker Electronics, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.314 31, Kingsmead Avenue, Worcester Park, Surrey. Teleph.: Derwent 4601.— Manufacturers Of “ Meridian ” Electronic Watchtimers and Rate Recorders. Movements Of Different Trains Can Be Rated. Fault Finding Is Simplified and Escapement Sounds Amplified.
  • Walker and Rice (1952), Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.106 and R.202 Walric Hotse, 3-4, Mitre Court, Milk Street, London, E'.C.2. Teleph.: Monarch 8161—3. Cables : “ Walric, Cent, London.”—Manufacturers Of Cotton, Rayon and Spun Rayon Fabrics For Women’s and Children’s Wear. Plain and Colour Woven Poplins and Producers Of Woollen Piece Goods, Etc.
  • Walker and Rice (Walric Fabrics), Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.106 and R.202 Walric House, 3-4, Mitre Court, Milk Street, London, E.C.2. Teleph.: Monarch 8161-3. Cables : “ Walric, Cent, London.”—Manufacturers Of Cotton, Rayon and Spun Rayon Fabrics For Women’s and Children’s Wear. Plain and Colour Woven Poplins and Producers Of Woollen Piece Goods, Etc.
  • Walmer Manufacturing Co, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.419 and R.516 Chapel Street Works, Store Street, Manchester, 1. Teleph. : Manchester, Ardwick 3915-6-7. Cables : “ Veriwarm, Manchester.”—Manufacturers Of Ladies’ Dresses, Lingerie and Nightwear. Men’s Shirts and Pyjamas.
  • Walters, Stephen, and Sons, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.302a Sudbury Silk Mills, Sudbury,. Suffolk. Teleph.: Sudbury 2266. Cables: “ Silkworm, Sudbury.”—Manufacturers Of Woven Silk Piece Goods, Facing Silks For Men’s Evening Wear, Tie Silks For Colleges, Regiments and Clubs, Umbrella Silks, Shirtings, Academical, Ecclesiastical, Regalia and Banner Silks.
  • Walter's (West End), Ltd. Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stand S.13 Point Pleasant, London, S.W.18. Teleph. : Vandyke 3421. Cables: “ Nutritious, London.”—Manufacturers Of Biscuits, Petit Fours and Potato Puffs.
  • Warburton, Thomas, and Sons, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.327 and R.434 69-73, Mosley Street, Manchester, 2. Teleph.: Manchester, Central 5036. Cables : “ Flashmils, Manchester.” and At Groveland House, Bow Lane, London, E.C.4.—Manufacturers Of Grey and Coloured “ Gaydex ” Cotton Blankets, Printed and Jacquard Cot Blankets, Grey Sheets. See Advt. Page 34
  • B. J. Ward, Ltd. Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stand Q.73 130, Westminster Bridge Road, London, S.E.L. Teleph.: Waterloo 6416-7. Cables : “ Wardie, Lamb, London.”—Manufacturers Of and Sole Agents For “ 00 ” Gauge “ Master Models ” Railway Accessories, “ Hailey Models ” Railway Platforms, Buildings. “ Woodside ” “ 00 ” Gauge Railway Platforms. “ Raylect ” Transformers and Rectifiers. “ Clyde ” Yacht and Cruiser Kits.
  • Ward, Thomas, and Sons, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.114 Wardonia Works, Sheffield, 1. Teleph. : Sheffield 23217-8-9. Cables: “ Wardonia, Sheffield.”—Manufacturers Of “ Wardonia ” Razors and Blades, Brushes, Cutlery Cased Goods, Canteens, Cabinets, Electro-Plated Chrome Pewter, Scissors, Penknives, Pocket Knives, Carvers, Bread Knives, Stainless Nickel Silver.
  • Wardle, Bernard, and Co, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.326 82-83, New Bond Street, London, W.L. Teleph.: Mayfair 4163^. Cables: “ Alderdale, London.”—Manufacturers Of Furnishing Fabrics Of All Types, “ Alderdale ” Prints On Linen, Cretonne, Sateen, Rayon. “ Alderdale ” Chintzes With “ Everglaze ” Permanent Glaze, Damasks Woven In Cotton, Rayon, Etc.
  • Warner and Sons, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.424 77, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W.L. Teleph. ; Museum 4161. Cables : “ Warran, Rath, London.”—Manufacturers Of Woven and Printed Furnishing Fabrics, By Hand and Power, In Traditional and Contemporary Designs : Damasks, Brocades, Modem Weaves, Chintzes, Linens, Of The Highest Quality.
  • Washington Pottery, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand C.21 Sales and Showrooms : 499, Oxford Street, London, W.L. Teleph.: Mayfair 7581. Cables : “ Lipton Ex, London.” Factories : Victoria Road, Shelton and Edward Street, Stoke-On-Trent.—Manufacturers Of Earthenware For Tea, Dinner, Coffee, Breakfast, Sets, Etc. All Types Of Domestic Earthenware and Hotel Ware.
  • “Watchmaker, Jeweller and Silversmith” Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.403 Drury House, Russell Street, Drury Lane, London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Temple Bar 3422. Cables : “ Organigram, Phone, London.”—Published Monthly (Heywood and Co.). Official Organ National Association Goldsmiths For Manufacturers, Retailers and Repairers. Annual Subscription £1. Bi-Monthly Overseas Edition : Annual Subscription 30/-.
  • Watford Chemical Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand D.38 Copperfield Road, London, E.3. Teleph.: Advance 2604-6. Cables: “ Watchempro, Bochurch, London.”—^Producers Of Estax Emulsifiers, Oil Additives, Plasticisers, Surface-Active Agents, Hyroxyesters. Fine Chemicals, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Food Chemicals. Perfumery Intermediates, Methylcoumarin, Indoles, Methyhydroxy-Quinolines. Insecticides, Resins, Penta- Erythritol, Cellulose Derivatives.
  • Watford Glass Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand C.18 Liverpool Road, Watford, Herts. Teleph: Watford 7214-5. Cables : “ Crystal, Watford.”—Manufacturers Of Hand-Cut Table Glassware Incorporating Illuminating and Toilet Ware. Also A Complete New Range Especially Designed For The American Market, Including Cased-Glass In Six Colours.
  • Captain O. M. Watts, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand H.25 49, Albemarle Street, London, W.L. Teleph. : Mayfair 4505. Cables : “Yachtnavi, Piccy, London.”—Manufacturers Of Yacht Equipment and Accessories Of Every Description. Nautical Jeweuery and Novelties, Folding Dinghy, Tufnol Blocks, Coloured Yachting Charts, Appliqued Yachting Flags,' Starting Cannon.
  • Watts, Matthias, and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.87 The Art Works, Moseley Village, Birmingham, 13. Teleph.: Birmingham, Southern 0848. Cables : “ Repousee, Birmingham.”—Manufacturers Of Moseley Ware Photograph Frames In An Extensive Range Of Wood Mouldings and Chromium, Gilt, Antique Silver, Finishes On Metal. Miniatures and Brooches For Needlework.
  • S. F. Watts and Co. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stands L.121 and L.201 15, Bracebridge Street, Aston, Birmingham, 6. Teleph.: Birmingham, Aston Cross 2492,—Manufacturers Of Imitation Jewellery, Including Necklets, Bracelets, Brooches, Ear Clips. Also Necklet Fasteners Set In Paste Or Marcasite.
  • Wearwell Cycle Co, Ltd., The Olympia, 2nd Floor, Stand Q.32 New Griffin Works, Horseley Field, Wolverhampton. Teleph.: Wolverhampton 23241. Cables; “Wearwell, Wolverhampton.”—Manufacturers Of Juvenile Cycles and Tricycles.
  • Webb, William A., Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand B.23 1-9, Perrymans Farm Road, Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex. Teleph.: Valentine 6370. Cables : “ Accuracy, Ilford.”—Manufacturers Of Precision Weighing Instruments ; Micro-Chemical Balances ; Analytical Balances ; Aperiodic Balances; Bullion and Precision Balances; Pharmaceutical Balances, Including The “ White Monarch ” Enclosed Dispensing Balance.
  • T. Webster and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.64 “ Diamine ” Works, 2, Tariff Street, Liverpool, 5. Teleph.: Liverpool, North 2130. Cables : “Diamine, Liverpool.”—Manufacturers Of Inks For Writing, Stamp Pads, Marking Cases, Drawing, Metal Marking. Writing Ink Powders. Blackboard Paints, Renovators. Carbon Papers, Ribbons, Typewriter Oils, Stamp Pads, Adhesives.
  • Wedgwood, Josiah, and Sons, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand C.5 Barlaston, Stoke-On-Trent. Teleph.: Stoke-On-Trent, Barlaston 141. Cables: “Wedgwood, Stoke-On-'Trent.” London Office : 34, Wigmore Street, W.L Teleph. : Welbeck 0717.—Manufacturers Of Fine Bone China, Fine Earthenware Queensware, Hand Embossed Queensware, Jasper, Black Basalt, Mortars and Pestles.
  • Wee-Kin Baby Toys Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stand Q.89 Wee-Kin Works, Park Hui Road, Harbome, Birmingham, 17. Teleph. : Birmingham, Harborne 0105.—Manufacturers Of Counting Frames, Pile-Ups, Screwing Toys, Plastic and Wooden Building Bricks and Threading Cubes, Pram Toys, Easy Jigsaw Puzzles, Teddy Bears, Plush Cot Toys.
  • Weller, Frank D., Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.12 Welcopa House, 209, Clapham Road, London, S.W.9. Teleph. ; Temple Bar 9424-5 and 0159. Cables ; “ Samiveu, London,”—Sole Agents For Cellulose Wadding, Corrugated Paper, Polythene Bags, Toilet Rolls, Artificial Drinking Straws, Tags, Labels and Ribbons, Paper and Ceuuiose Wadding Handkerchiefs. The “ Bellfield ” Corrugated Paper-Cutter.
  • Wellings, Norah Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stand Q.63 Victoria Toy Works, Wellington, Shropshire. Teleph.: Wellington 257.— Manufacturer Of Textile Fabric Dolls, Character and Novelty Dolls and Soft Toys.
  • Welwyn Metal Products, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand J.Io 80-86, Bridge Road East, Welwyn Garden City, Herts. Teleph. ; Welwyn Garden 725. Cables : “ Welmet, Welwyn Garden City.”—Manufacturers Of “ Welwyn ” Steel Equipment and Office Furniture, Comprising Card Index and Plain Filing Cabinets, Cupboards, Desks, Tables, Stationery Cabinets and Sundries, Shelving and Storage Bins.
  • Wescot Overall Manufacturing Co, Ltd., The Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.617 Runnymede Works, Egham, Surrey. Teleph.: Egham 3005. Cables; “ Wescot, Overall, Egham.”—Manufacturers Of Industrial and Protective Clothing, Including Coats, Jackets, Trousers, Bib and Brace Overalls. Also The Popular Wescot “ Texsun ” Jeans For Men, Women and Children. See Advt, Page 192
  • Westbrook Lanolin Co. (Subsidiary of Woolcombers, Limited) Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand D.9 Daisy Bank, Duckworth Lane, Bradford, Yorks. Teleph. : Bradford 42244. Cables : “ Lanolin, Bradford.”—Westbrook Exhibit Their Entire Series Of Woolgrease Derivatives Comprising The “ Golden Dawn ” Range Of Wool Wax Alcohols, B.P., Technical, and Commercial Lanolins and Ancillary Woolgrease Products.
  • Westland Shirt Co, Ltd., The Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.507 213, Piccadilly, London, W.L. Teleph. ; Regent 5023.—Manufacturers Of The Westland Shirt With The New Attached Collar Style (Patent Applied For). Also Tunic Shirts and Pyjamas. Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stand V.9. and Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand A.33 41,
  • Westminster Bank Lothbury, London, E.C.2. (Head Office and Foreign Branch Office). Teleph. : Monarch 6060. Cables : “ Fortyone-Stock, London ” And “ Westbank, Telex, London.”-—Banking Faculties, Including The Services Of Interpreters and Specialists In Overseas Business and Trade Regulations Available To All Exhibitors and Visitors. See Advt. Page 102
  • Westminster Carriage Co, Ltd. Earls Court, 1st Floor, Stand T.3 48, Old Church Street, Chelsea, London, S.W.3. Teleph. Flaxman 6782.— Manufacturers Of Grosvenor Trailer Caravans. Sunbird, Merlin and Curlew Models. Touring Or Living Vans, Three and Four Berth. Interior Layouts Built To Customers’ Requirements If Desired.
  • Whaley Bridge Partnership, Ltd., The Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.502 Wharf Road, Whaley Bridge, Via Stockport, Cheshire. Teleph. : Whaley Bridge 73. Cables : “ Overalls, Whaley Bridge, Buxton.” London Office : 205, Regent Street, W.L. Teleph. : Grosvenor 5454.'—Manufacturers Of Cotton, Nylon and Terylene Industrial Clothing. Contractors To Her Majesty’s Govermnent and Public Undertakings.
  • Whey Products, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand D.14 35, Crutched Friars, London, E.C.3, Teleph. : Royal 5364-5. Cables : “ Lactose, London.”—Manufacturers Of Lactose (Sugar Of Milk), “ Serolac ” Brand, Quality B.P. Edible and Commercial.
  • White, Zoltan and Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.301 83, Cranwich Road, London, N.16. Teleph, : Stamford Hill 2156.—Manufacturers Of “ Rococo ” Silver Bracelets, Earrings, Brooches, Necklets, Pendants, Rings, Crosses Or Complete Suites Set With Semi-Precious Stones. Jewellery For Period and Technicolour Films A Speciality.
  • Whitecroft Pin Manufacturing Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.12 Whitecroft, Lydney, Glos. Teleph. : Whitecroft 308-9. Cables : “ Pinco, Whitecroft.”—Manufacturers Of. Safety Pins, Hair Pins, Hairgrips, Hair Curlers, Snap Fasteners, Office Pins, Paper Clips, Brooch Pins, Light Stampings, Component Parts For Electrical and Radio Trades.
  • Wich, Frederick, and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.21 5-6, Argyll Street, London, W.L. Teleph. ; Gerrard 5211-2. Cables ; “Fancy, Phone, London.”—Manufacturers Of Wallets, Notecases, Billfolds, Purses, Dressing Cases, Wetpacks, Manicures, Writing Cases, Document Cases, Brush Sets, .Jewel Cases, Stud Boxes, Radio Times Coizers, Novelty Gift Lines.
  • Wilkinson Sword Co, Ltd., The Olympia, Ground Floor, Stands L.219 and L.306 Oakley Works, Southfield Road, Acton Green, London, W.4. Teleph. : Chiswick 6781. Cables: “ Swordproof, London.”—Manufacturers Of Safety Razors With Hollow Ground Blades, Nail Nippers, Nail Pliers, Pruning Shears, Edging Shears, Flower Gathering Shears, Foils, Sabres, Epees, Swords,
  • Williams (Hounslow), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand D.13 Hanworth Road, Hounslow, Middlesex. Teleph.; Hounslow 1166. Cables: “ Williams, Hounslow.”—Manufacturers Of Aniline Dyestuffs For Leather, Moulding Powders, Plastics, Oils, Waxes, Varnishes, Lacquers, Inks, Woodstains, Printing Inks, Polishes, Finishes, Wool, Silk, Cotton, Cosmetics. Guaranteed Foodstuff Colours. See Advt. Page 63
  • D. R. Williamson and Co, Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stands R.109 and R.208 1-5, Currer Street, Bradford. Teleph. : Bradford 24558. Cables : “ Darwil, Bradford.”—Manufacturers Of High Grade Plain and Coloured Woven Poplins, Cotton Rayon, and Nylon. “ Darwil ” Brand Shirting and Pyjama Cloths. Haircanvases, Linings.
  • Willis and Partners (Lymington), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand H.9b Tollbridge Works, Lymington, Hants. Teleph. : Lymington 806.—Manufacturers Of Backbone Trailers With Independent Suspension, Low Loading, Built-In Rollers To Order, No Pitch Or Roll. Large Variety Of Bodies Quickly Detachable, Great Strength.
  • Wilmot, Mansour and Co, Ltd. Olympia, 3rd Floor, Stand Q.77 Salisbury Road, Totton, Southampton. Teleph. : Totton 3356. Cables : “ Jetex, Southampton.”—Manufacturers Of “ Jetex ” Jet Propelled Toys, Jet Motors and Constructional Kits For Aeroplanes, Cars, and Boats. See Advt Page 203
  • Wilson Brothers, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.66 76-80, Great Eastern Street, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : Bishopsgate 8366. Cables : “ Duroline, Ave, London.”—Manufacturers and Publishers Of Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, Comic Post Cards, View Cards and General Greeting Cards. See Advt Page 27
  • F. Wilson and Co. (Arts), Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.9 10, Parson’s Green, Heathman’s Yard, London, S.W.6.. Teleph. : Renown 2026. Cables: “ Wildainart, Walgreen, London.”—Manufacturers Of Convex Mirrors, Framed Pictures, Fire Screens, Table Screens, Leather Photo Frames, Painted Butterflies, Mouldings, Oval and Circle Frames. Publishers Of Pictures For All Purposes.
  • [[Frank Wilson and Co|Wilson, Frank, and Co. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand J.21 Cross Street, Southport, Lancs. Teleph. : Southport 2133. Cables: “ Wallets, Southport.”—Manufacturers Of The “ Railex ” Filing System, “ Double Top ” Filing System and Every Pattern Of Letter File, Including Lever Arch Files, Box Files, Flat Files, Folders, Etc.
  • Wilson, George, and Sons (Boatbuilders), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand H.21 Thames Street, Sunbury-On-Thames. Teleph. : Sunbury 67. Cables: “ Wilsoncraft, Sunbury.”—Manufacturers and Producers Of “ Swancraft ” Motoryachts For Husky Build and Clean Lines Used For Pleasure and Service In All Parts.
  • Wilson, Terence, and Partners, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand A.40 15-17, Black Friars Lane, London, E.C.4. Teleph. : City 2181-2.— Producers Of Photographs In Colour and Black and White For Commerce, Industry and The Press. Operators Always Available and Sent Anywhere. Special Exhibition Service.
  • J. E. V. Winterbourne, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand L.318 Goodwood Works, North Circular Road, London, N.W.2, Teleph.: Gladstone 6355.—Manufacturers Of All Types Of Clock Cases In Wood, Plastic, Glass, For Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Clocks.
  • Withers, Samuel, and Co, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand J.36 Park Works, Barton Street, West Bromwich, Teleph. : West Bromwich 0122. Cables : “ Safes, West Bromwich.” London Office, 39, Hoxton Square, London, N.I. Teleph. : Clerkenwell 7773.—Manufacturers Of Fire and Thief-Resisting Bent Steel Safes, Strongroom Doors and Frames, Brick Safes, Jewel Boxes. See Advt, Page 123
  • Wolf, Victor, Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand D.15 Victoria Works, Croft Street, Clayton, Manchester, 11. Teleph. : Manchester, East 1082-3. Cables : “ Glycerine, Manchester 11.”—Manufacturers Of White Distilled Fatty Acids, Guaranteed 99 Per Cent. Saponifiable Matter, Manufactured In Modern High-Vacuum Steam Distillation Plant, Also Refined Glycerine,- Stearine Pitch, Esters and Laundry Detergents.
  • Wood Brothers (Glossop), Ltd. Earls Court, Ground Floor, Stand R.601 St. George’s House, 61-65, Conduit Street, London, W.L. Teleph.: Grosvenor 7010. Cables : “ Wobrotex, Piccy, London.”—Manufacturers Of “ Masterwood ” Men’s Shirts and Pyjamas.
  • Woodmet, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand M.36 Globe Lane, Dukinfield, Cheshire. Teleph. ; Ashton 3091-5. Cables : “ Woodmet, Dukinfield.”—Manufacturers Of Woodmet “ Colourdysed ” Aluminium Wares, Tea Trays, Trolleys, Table Mats, Ashtrays, Waste Paper Bins, Coronation Souvenirs and Similar Products Made In Non-Tamishing Colour and Anodised Aluminium.
  • World Distributors (Manchester), Ltd. Olympia, 2nd Floor, Stand Q.44 Clydesdale House, Turner Street, Manchester. Teleph. ; Manchester, Central 5346. Cables : “ Sydpem, Manchester.”—Publishers Of “ Roy Rogers ” Annual, “ Wild West ” Comic Annual. “ Wonder ” Books, “ Roy Rogers ” Comic, “ Bugs Bunny’s ” Annual, “ Popeye ” Comic, “ Trigger ” Comic, “ Rex Allen ” “ John Wayne ” Comics.
  • Wright, Denis, Ltd. Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand 0.5. 2, Barnsbury Street, Islington, London, N.I. Teleph, : Canonbury 2628.— Manufacturers Of Photograph, Autograph, Post Card, Stamp and Gramophone Record Albums. Zip Writing Cases, Compendiums, Blotting Pads, Etc. In Leather, Leathercloth and Leatherette. Scrap Books and Dictionaries.
  • Wright and Sons (Ipswich), Ltd. Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand H.Lsc Cullingham Road, Ipswich. Teleph. : Ipswich 3871.—Manufacturers and Specialists In The Production Of Small Craft For Private and Hire Use, Including Pulling, Sailing and Power. Spruce Oars and Paddles.

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