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Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Index: Letters to the Editor

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Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Letters to the Editor Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Letters to the Editor Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Letters to the Editor Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Letters to the Editor Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Letters to the Editor Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Letters to the Editor Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Letters to the Editor Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Letters to the Editor Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Index

Addresses, Patentees’—Thomas Moy, 576

Air Currents, Experiments with—H. C. Ahr-becker and Son, 287

Air Currents, Experiments with—Horatio Phillips, 200, 253

Atkinson’s Differential Gas Engine—J. C. R.

Okes, 200

Awards, Jury—George Kent, 200

Awards, Jury—J. A. Muller, C.E., 185

Awards, Jury—Alex. Turnbull and Co., 382

Bell Buoys—S. B. Goslin, 383

Bessemer Steel, Large Output of—W. H. Greenwood, 445

Bessemerising Copper Mattes—Cuprum, 200

Bichromate Batteries—W. N., 408, 445

Bichromate Batteries—H. Twyford, 422

Boats, Submarine—Cochran and Co., 360

Boiler Explosion, The Tourcoing—G. G. M.

Hardingham, 7

Boiler Explosions Act, The—Observer, 526

Boiler Insurance—Michael Longridge, 494

Boiler Insurance—Roger Smith, 525

Brakes, Railway—G. Mitchell, 326

Brakes, Railway—Henry Prince, M.S.A., 326

Brakes, Return, The Continuous—Clement E.

Stretton, 311, 360

Bridge-Building, Iron for—Walter Shellshear, 114

Bridge, The Cabin John—M. C. Meigs, 408

Bridge Work, Novel Method of Erecting— Hubert Bland, 164

Bridges, Designing Highway—J. A. L. Waddell, 114

British Commerce, The Future of—Survival of the Fittest, 128

Buoys, Bell—S. B. Goslin, 383

Cabin John Bridge, The—M. C. Meigs, 408

Canal Lifts—W. Howard White, 359

Canal, The Suez—G. T., 549

Chatham Pier, Collapse of—Richard Hartland, 164

China, Engineering in—J. W. C. Haldane, 164

Chinese Industrial Progress—Hathorn, Davey, and Co., 550

Chinese Industrial Progress — W. Lawford, M.I.C.E., 550

Chinese Industrial Progress—Liang Poo Chan, 527

Chinese Progress—C. W. Kinder, C.E., 576

Chronometers, Errors in—Francis Mason, 7

Clock, The Great, at Lucknow—W. G., 275

Coal Whips—John Duckitt, 7

Collapse of Chatham Pier—Richard Hartland, 164

Compound Locomotives—Argus, 251, 309, 349, 358, 406, 419, 479, 491, 548, 597

Compound Locomotives—R. M. Baily, Jun., 494

Compound Locomotives—William H. Booth.

274, 326

Compound Locomotives—Brazilian, 200

Compound Locomotives—Duplex, 445

Compound Locomotives — Charles J. Ennor, A.M.I.C.E., 382, 445, 574

Compound Locomotives—Eupatoria, 612

Compound Locomotives—Druitt Halpin, 274

Compound Locomotives—Henry Harrison, 327

Compound Locomotives—Thos. Hunt, 310

Compound Locomotives—Inquirer, 382, 444, 526, 575, 612

Compound Locomotives—L., 359

Compound Locomotives—Learner, 359

Compound Locomotives—F. Lister, 327

Compound Locomotives—P. M., 445

Compound Locomotives—Marine Engineer, 359

Compound Locomotives—Junius Minimus, 422

Compound Locomotives—Henry Monk, 478

Compound Locomotives—Observer, 310

Compound Locomotives—An Old Subscriber of

Twenty Years’ Standing, 382

Compound Locomotives—M. P., 612

Compound Locomotives—Alexander Remeolchs, 421

Compound Locomotives—Robert H. Smith, 4(8

Compound Locomotives—Taite and Carlton, 445

Compound Locomotives—J. A. Timmis, A.M., Inst. C.E., 274

Compound Locomotives—Traveller, 237, 403

Compound Locomotives—Thomas Urquhart, 478

Compound Locomotives—H. E. W., 421

Compound Locomotives—X., 237, 274, 359, 382, 408, 526, 612

Compound Locomotives—Z., 274

Compound Locomotives—R. Ziese, 252, 480

Condensers, Evaporative Surface—Novus Homo, 676

Condensers, Evaporative Surface—W. R. Pidgeon, 527

Continuous Brakes Return, The—Clement E.

Stretton, 311, 360

Copper Mattes, Bessemerising—Cuprum, 200

Copper Regulus, Pneumatising—John Dixon, 186, 527

Cork-Cutting Machinery—J. W. Hawdon, 8

Couplings, Railway—Clement E. Stretton, C.E., 422

Crank Axles, Locomotive—George Brown, 310, 525

Crank Axles, Locomotive-Clement E. Stretton, 327

Crank-Pins, Lubricating—R. and W., 81

Crank-Pins, Lubricating—Geo. B. Richard, 114

Crank-Pins, Lubricating—Trier Bros., 114

Cruisers, The New United States—An English Traveller, 360

Curious Electro - Chemical Phenomenon, A — John E. Chaster, 360

Curious Electro-Chemical Phenomenon, A—B. H.

Thwaite, 327, 408

Currents of Air, Experiments with—Aeronaut, 186

Currents of Air, Experiments with—H. C. Ahr-becker and Son, 237

Currents of Air, Experiments with—Thomas Moy, 186, 237

Dalzell Steel Works, The—Robert Harvey and Co., 477

Deacon’s Waste-Water Meter System—J. A., 528, 576

Deacon’s Waste-Water Meter System—W. D., 528

Designing Highway Bridges—J. A. L. Waddell, 114

Draught in Large Steamers, Forced—G. B.

Richards, 113

Drysdale v. Gwynne—John W. W. Drysdale, 128

Drysdale v. Gwynne—John Gwynne, 114, 164

Effects of Stress, The—X. Y. Z., 275

Electric Lighting—Alfred Jonas, 550

Electro-Chemical Phenomenon, A Curious—John

E. Chaster, 360

Electro-Chemical Phenomenon, A Curious—B. H.

Thwaite, 327, 408

Engineer Services, The Indian—Civil Engineer, 7 Engineering in China—J. W. C. Haldane, 164 Engineering Profession, The—B., 526

Engineering Trade of Sunderland, The Strike in the—John Haswell, 576

English and American Railway Speed—H. B., 186 English and American Railway Speed—Edward

Bates Dorsey, M. Am. Soc. C.E., 164

Errors in Chronometers—Francis Mason, 7

Evaporative Surface Condensers—Novus Homo, 576

Evaporative Surface Condensers—W. R. Pidgeon, 527

Experiments with Air Currents-Aeronaut, 186

Experiments with Air Currents—H. C. Ahrbecker and Son, 237

Experiments with Air Currents—Thomas Moy, 186, 237

Experiments with Air Currents—Horatio Phillips, 200, 253

Explosions Act, The Boiler—Observer, 526

Exports, Home—Thomas Robertson, 383

Factories, Steel Gun, in the United States— W. H. Jaques, 200

Flying Machines—Walter F. Bell, M.I.C.E.I., 575

Flying Machines—Thomas Moy, 600

Force and Tension—E. Aldred Williams, 311

Forced Draught in Large Steamers—G. B.

Richards, 113

Forgings, Heavy—J. M. Tulloch, 598

Frames, Stern—J. F. Hall, 550

Future of British Commerce, The—Survival of the Fittest, 123

Gardner Machine Gun, The—The Platt and Whitney Company, 253

Gas Engine, Atkinson’s Differential—J. C. R. Okes, 200

Girders, Launching Continuous—Robert Totth, 527

Gold, The Volatilisation of—V. W. Delves Broughton, 477

Governor, Marine Engine—Fridolf Frson Alm-qvist, 408

Governor, Marine Engine—C. Burnett, 445

Governors, Marine Engine — A. A. Common, F.R.S., 419

Great Clock at Lucknow, The—W. G., 275

Guildford, Sewage Purification at—S. Geoghegan, 526

Gun, The Gardner Machine—The Platt and Whitney Company, 253

Gwynne v. Drysdale—John W. W. Drysdale, 128

Gwynne v. Drysdale—John Gwynne, 114, 164

Heavy Forgings—J. M. Tulloch, 598

Heavy Forgings, The Manipulation of—P. W. Ramsay, 576

Home Exports—Thomas Robertson, 383

Ice-Making Machinery—Arch. H. Farquharson,

Imperial Defences for Protection of Commerce— George Fawcus, 58

Improvements, Railway—Albert E. Adlard, 36, 128

Improvements, Railway—Thos. H. Gibbon, C.E., 7, 57

Incandescent Lamps, Tests of—Woodhouse and Rawson, 576

Indian Engineer Services, The—Civil Engineer, 7 Indicator, The Reflecting—Fred. R. Low, 186 Industrial Progress, Chinese—Hathorn, Davey, * and Co., 550

Industrial Progress, Chinese—W. Lawford, M.I.C.E.,550

Industrial Progress, Chinese—Liang Poo Chan, 527

Institute, The Iron and Steel—F. J. R. Carulla,

t Rniler—Michael Longridge, 494

Insurance, Boi ei smith, 525

Insurance, Walter Shellshear, 114

Iron for The—F. J. K. Carulla,

Iron and Steel Institute, me


Jury Awards—GeorgeKent, 200 ,

S Awards—Al^' Turnbull and Co., 382

Kingdon’s Tandem Engine -Simpson and Deni-son, 81

La Guaira and Caracas Railway, The-J. W.

Grover, M.I.C.E., 399 Green-

Large Output of Bessemer Steel-W. 11. ureen

Law? The New Patent-An Associate of the Royal

School of Mmes, 444 ■n«».ninv

Law, The New Patent-Gem-ge A. Barchay, a28

Law, The New Patent—A. T. Booth, ,548 „

Law, The New Patent— Caveat Emptor, 4--

Law, The New Patent-William C ark, 422, 4/7 Law The New Patent-Edward Held, C.E., 422 Law, The New Patent—Wm. Gresham and Da' les,


Law, The New Patent—G. G. M. Hardingham, 444

Law, The New Patent-F. W. Haydock, 4/8

Law, The New Patent—Thomas Hunt, 7, 58

Law, The New Patent-A Patentee, 408,,528

1 Law, The New Patent-J. Richardson, 30

1 Law, The New Patent—S. J. 8., 548

1 Law, The New Patent-Jas. Swinburne, 36

i Law and Providence—R. Hartland, 237

i Life of a Shallow Water Cable, The—The Author of “ Telegraph and Travel,” 408

Lifts, Canal—W. Howard White, 359

Lighting, Electric—Alfred Jonas, 550

Locomotive Crank Axles—George Brown, 310, 525

Locomotive Crank Axles—Clement E. Stretton, 327

Locomotive for the Paulista Railway—Dlibs and

Co., 275 .

Locomotive for the Paulista Railway—D. M.

Fox, 253

Locomotive for the Paulista Railway—Walter J.

Hammond, 527

Locomotives, Compound—Argus, 251, 309, 349, 358, 406, 419, 479, 491, 548, 597

Locomotives,Compound—R. M. Baity, Jun., 494

Locomotives, Compound—William H. Booth, 274, 326

Locomotives, Compound—Brazilian, 200

Locomotives, Compound—Duplex, 445

Locomotives, Compound—Charles J. Ennor,

A.M.I.C.E., 382, 445, 574

Locomotives, Compound—Eupatoria, 612

Locomotives, Compound—Druitt Halpin, 274

Locomotives, Compound—Henry Harrison, 327

Locomotives, Compound—Thos. Hunt, 310

Locomotives, Compound—Inquirer, 382, 444,526, 575, 612

Locomotives, Compound—L., 359

Locomotives, Compound—Learner, 359

Locomotives, Compound—F. Lister, 327

Locomotives, Compound—P. M., 445

Locomotives, Compound—Marine Engineer, 359

Locomotives, Compound—Junius Minimus, 422

Locomotives, Compound—Henry Monk, 478

Locomotives, Compound-Observer, 310

Locomotives, Compound—An Old Subscriber of

Twenty Years’ Standing, 382

Locomotives, Compound—M. P., 612

Locomotives, Compound—Alexander Remeolchs. 421

Locomotives, Compound—Robert H. Smith, 408 Locomotives, Compound—Taite and Carlton, 445 Locomotives, Compound — J. A. Timmis,

A.M. In$t. C.E , 274

Locomotive*, Compound—Traveller, 237, 408

Locomotives, Compound—Thomas Urquhart, 478

Locomotives, Compound—H. E. W. 421

Lo<CA°=m?.V/e,S’.,Compound—X-, 237, 274, 359, 382, 408, 526, 612

Locomotives, Compound—Z., 274

Locomotives, Compound—R.*Ziese, 252, 480

Locomotives on the Paulista and St. Paulo Railways—D. M. Fox, 549

London Sewage—Thames, 383


Lubricating Crank-Pins—R. and W., 81

Lubricating Crank-Pins—Geo. B. Richard 114

Lubricating Crank-Pins-Trier Bros,, 114

Machinery, Cork-Cutting—J. W Hawdon 8 Machinery, Ice-Making-Arch. II. Farquharson,

Machines, Flying-Waiter F. Bell, M.I.C.E.I.,

Machines, Flying—Thomas Moy, 600 “alS.* H“” The—b. w.

-PHOoM Freon Alm-

Marine’Engine Governor-C Burnett 44n

Marine Engine Governors A a’ o

F.R.S. 419 crnors—A. A. Common,

Marine Engines, The Nominal Horse-Power of— Wm. Bury, 599, 613

Marine Engines, Triple-Expansion—The Risdon Iron and Locomotive Works, 327

Marine Engines, The Weight of—Tyneside, 275 Meters, Water—J. A. Muller, C.E., 253

Midland v. North-Eastern Railway—Novo Castrum, 58

Milling, Roller-Henry Simon, M.I.M.E , 550 Moy’s Steam Boiler-Thomas Moy, 495

Naval Reserve, The Royal—George B. Richards.

613 ’

New United States Cruisers, The—An English Traveller, 360

Nominal Horse-Power of Marine Engines, The — Wm. Bury, 599, 613

North-Eastern Railway v. Midland—Novo Castrum, 58

Notes from South Africa—P. France, 322

Novel Method of Erecting Bridge Work—Hubert Bland, 164

Overwork on Rail wavs : A Public Danger— Clement E. Stretton, C.E., 477

Patent Law, The New—An Associate of the Royal School of Mines, 444

Patent Law, The New—George A. Barclay, 528 Patent Law, The New—A. T. Booth, 548

Patent Law, The New—“ Caveat Emptor,” 422 Patent Law, The New—William Clark, 422, 477 Patent Law, The New—Edward Field, C.E., 422 Patent Law, The New—Wm. Gresham and

Davies, 478

Patent Law, The New—G. G. M. Hardingham,

Patent Law, The New—F. W. Haydock, 478 Patent Law, The New—Thomas Hunt, 7, 58 Patent Law, The New—A Patentee, 408, 528 Patent Law, The New—J. Richardson, 36 Patent Law, The New—S. J. S., 548 Patent Law, The New—Jas. Swinburne, 36 Patentees’ Addresses—Thomas Moy, 576

Paulista Railway, Locomotive for the—Dtlbs and Co., 275

Paulista Railway, Locomotive for the—D. M. Fox, 253

Paulista Railway, Locomotive for—Walter J. Hammond, 527

Paulista and St. Paulo Railways, Locomotives on the—D. M. Fox, 549

Petroleum, Transportation of—J. H. Harris, 326 Petroleum, The Transportation of—Pengwern, 550

Pneumatising Copper Regulus—John Dixon, 186, 527

Preserving Timber—Henry Aitkin, 58

Profession, The Engineering—B., 526

Progress, Chinese—C. W. Kinder, C.E., 576 Protection of Commerce, Imperial Defences for—

George Fawcus, 58

Providence and Law—R. Hartland, 237

Pumps, Ships’—H. G. Gourlay, 81

Railway Brakes-G. Mitchell, 326

Railway Brakes—Henry Prince, M.S.A., 326

Railway Couplings—Clement E. Stretton, C.E., 422

Railway Improvements—Albert E. Adlard, 36, 128 •

Railway Improvements—Thos. H. Gibbon, C.E., 7, 57

Railway, The La Guaira and Caracas—J. W. Grover, M.I.C.E., 399

Railway Signal Lights—A. Hamilton Smythe, 327

Railway Speed, English and American—I LB., 186

Railway Speed, English and American—Edward Bates Dorsey, M. Am. Soc. C.E., 164

Railways, Overwork on : A Public' Danger-Clement E. Stretton, C.E., 477

Reflecting Indicator, The—Fred. R. Low, 186 Roller Milling-Henry Simon, M.I.M.E., 550

Royal Naval Reserve, The—George B. Richards, 613

Sewage, London—Thames, 383

Sewage Purification at Guildford—S. Geoghegan, 526

Shallow Water Cable, The Life of a—The Author of “ Telegraph and Travel,” 408

Ships’ Pumps—H. G. Gourlay, 81

Signal Lights, Railway—A. Hamilton Smythe, 327

South Africa, Notes from—P. France, 322

Steam Boiler, Moy’s—Thomas Moy, 495

Steel Gun Factories in the United States—W. II.

Jaques, 200

Steel Works, The Dalzell—Robert Harvey and Co., 477

Stern Frames—J. F. Hall, 550

Stress, The Effects of—X. Y. Z., 275

Strike in the Engineering Trade of Sunderland, The—John Haswell, 576

Submarine Boats—Cochran and Co., 360 Submarine Torpedo Boats—Polaris, 383 Suez Canal, The—G. T., 549

Swadlincote Accident, The; the Two-Minute Brake—Clement E. Stretton, Hon. Mem. A. S. Railway Servants, 186

Sydney Tramways, The- Arthur N. Rowan, 326

Tandem Engine, Kingdon’s—Simpson and Denison, 81

Tension and Force—E. Aldred Williams, 311

Tests of Incandescent Lamps—Woodhouse and Rawson, 576

Timber, Preserving—Henry Aitken, 58

Torpedo Boats, Submarine—Polaris, 38.3

Tourcoing Boiler Explosion, The—G. G. M. Har-dingham, 7

Tramways, The Sydney—Arthur N. Rowan, 326

Transportation of Petroleum—J. H. Harris, 326

Transportation of Petroleum, The—Pengwem, 550 ,

Triple-Expansion Marine Engines—The Risdon

Iron and Locomotive Works, 327

Two-Minute Brake, The ; the Swadlincote Accident—Clement E. Stretton, Hon. Mem. A. S. Railway Servants, 186

Velocities, Wind Force and—M.LM.E., 81

Velocity, Wind Force and—Horatio Phillips, 58

Vertical Lathes—Egbert P. Watson, 58

Volatilisation of Gold, The—V. W. Delves Broughton, 477

Waste-Water Meter System,Deacon’s—J. A., 528, 576

Waste-Water Meter System, Deacon’s—W. D., 528

Water Meters—J. A. Muller, C.E., 253

Water Supply, London—Francis Bolton and

Percy T. Frankland, 576

We’ght of Marine Engines, The—Tyneside, 275

Whips, Coal—John Duckitt, 7

Wind Force and Velocities— M.I.M E., 81

Wind Force and Velocity—Horatio Phillips, 58

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