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Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Index: Patent Record

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Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of Engineering 1885 Jul-Dec: Index

SUBJECT MATTER. {Where the Name is in Italics the Abridgment is Illustrated.}

Air Compressing Engines : 316

Blowing Engines, W. Kent, 316; Controlling Apparatus for the Valves of, J. C., J- >4., ana E. jR. Walker, 316

Batteries, Electric : 93, 267, 268, 462

G. G. Andre. 267 ; W. Hellesen, 267 ; E. van Rysselberghe, 462 ; P. G. Skrivanow, 93 ; Application of Carbon or Carbonaceous Electrodes, H. F. B. Schafer, 462 ; Carbon Fabrics, J. S. Williams, 267 ; Cells for Primary and Secondary, C. Moseley, 462; Compound Galvanic Batteries, S. H. Emmens and United Patents Corporation, 267 ; Conducting Materials, C. S. Bradley, 268; Electrodes for Secondary,

R. Tamine, 267 ; Elements for Primary Electric, C. P. Elieson, 462 ; Galvanic Batteries, Dr. F. Hornung, 462; P. R. de F. D’Humy, 267 ; T. J. Jones, 267; Galvanic Cells, S. Raudnitz, 93 ; Galvano-Electric, P. Jablochkoff, 268 ; Primary, R. A. Lee, 268 ; T. Rowan, 267 ; A. R-Upward and C. W. Pridham, 93 ; Rotary Electric, E. Bazin, 462 ; Secondary, C. S. Bradley, 267 ; E. Commelin, G. Bailhache, A. L. de Vir-loy, and L. de Bousignac, 462 ; E. G. Dorn-busch, 93 ; D. G. Fitzgerald, 267 ; Voltaic, D. Fitzgerald and T. J. Jones, 93

Bearings : 390, 507

J. E. Marchant, 507; for Block and Pulley Sheaves, G. Hughes, 390 ; Repairing Metallic, W. Struthers, 390

Belts, Ropes, Chains, &c. : 390, 507, 508

H. Chcesman, 508; Gautier Bros., 507; J. McDougall, 390; G. S. Sapsworth, 390 ; B. L. Stowe, 390; Checking Shocks in, J. G. Lockwood, 507 ; Fasteners for, E. C. Smith, 390 ; G. Smith, 507; Link Driving, J. K. Tullis, 507 ; Screw Couplings for, J. H. Carruthers, 508; Washers and Nuts for, W. Gadd, 390

Boiler Fittings, Steam : 194

Asbesto-Metallic Cloth, S. Turner and J. Bell, 194 ; Packing for Joints, B. Rhodes, 194; S. Turner and J. Bell, 194; Steam Traps, J. French, J. Hayes, and T. H. Hodge, 194 ; Tube Scraper, W. H. Gales, 194

Boilers, Feeding Steam : 194, 530

W. R. Alexander and W. H. Tooth, 194 ; W. H. Rushforth, 194 ; T. H. White, 530 ; Heater for, J. Womersley, 530; Heating and Purifying Water for, T. Lishman, 530 ; Heating Water for, J. Tweedy, 530; Injectors, S. Borland, 530 ; F. Brunbazter, 530 ; J, Gresham, 194 ; IK. Hartcliffe, W. H. Malkin and T. H. White, 529 ; S. R. Hawke, 530; Purifiers, California Feed Water Purifying Company, 194

Boilers, Steam : 192,193, 529 {See also Furnaces) E. S. T. Kennedy, 193; G. H. Lloyd, 192; J. McG. McCullock, 193 ; W. Malam', 529; O. Meredith, 193; F. D. Rose, 193 ; G. Stevenson, 529 ; H. Turner, 529; Compound, E. Kemp, 193; Covering to Prevent Radiation of Heat, C. J. Dunn, 529 ; Covering Steam Boilers and Pipes,

S. Dohlmann and Co., 529; Firebars and Smoke Prevention, D. Riley and W. Lee, 529; Fireboxes of, R. A. Hardcastle, 529; Flexible Stays,

| W. Leach, 193; Flues and Furnaces, S. Webster, 193; Furnaces for, C. Honychurch and A. H. W. Brown, 529; J. Shaw, 529 ; J. M. and T. B. Stanley, 529 ; Gas Producer Furnaces for, J. W. MacFarline and J. J. Coleman, 193 ; Generators,

J. Blake, 529 ; C. Klotz, C. Gtinther, and Wilh Kops, 193; S. Leutner, 193; W. R. McKaig and J. C. Stitt, 193 ; W. Schmidt, 192 ; Joints for Water Tube, C. C. S. Knap, 529 ; Mechanical Stokers, J. Hodgkinson, 529; J. Proctor, 529; Multitubular, F. S. Morris, 529; Non-Conductor of Heat, E. C. C. Stamford, 529; Preventing Priming, J. A. Orme, 529 ; Rocking-Bars of Furnaces, W. Ball, 529; Rivetted Joints ; J. A. Rowe, 193 ; Stopping Leakage in, W. Potter, 529; Tubular, A. Normand and Co., 529; Vertical, R. Coles, 193; T. Rounthwaite, 193; Vertical Steam Generators, W. Gardner, 193

Bridges : 70, 218

W. H. Lindsay, 70; J. A. Westerman, 218 Centrifugal Machines : 340, 390

J. Laidlaw, 69; W. H. Tolhurst, 390; Continuous Discharge, J. Laidlaw, 340

Chimneys, Raising and Lowering : 48

T. W. Airey, 48 ; W. Hornby and R. Edwards, 48

Condensers : 438

J. B. Edmiston, 438 ; Condensing Steam from Impure Water, O. M. Row, 438; Surface, T. Gannon and G. A. Daudt, 438

Cultivating Implements : 292

Anchors for Steam Cultivation, J. Edmonds and IK. H. Jefferis, 292 ; Attachments for

Ploughs, V. Wood, 292 ; Forks, C. Barker, 292; Harrow Teeth, T. Girfitt, 292 ; Harrows,

E. K. Stanford and E. Button, 292 ; J. Wilder-spin, 292 ; Hoes, A. Dyball and A. Payne, 292 ;

S. Mason and A. Hill, 292 ; Plough Breasts, J. Woods, 292 ; Plough Heads, J. Searby and T. Howe, 292 ; Ploughing, Harrowing, and Scarifying, J. and J. Broad, 292 ; Ploughs, J. Coulson and W. A. Todd, 292 ; J. Howard and H. W. Gibbs, 292 ; A. S. Massey, 292 ; W. C. Morton, 292 ; R. Sack, 292 ; Trenching, A. A churchy 292

Distilling, &c., Apparatus : 364

Ammonia, A. Feldmann, 364 ; Coal, Tar, &c., H. W. Fenner, 364 ; Heatingof Stills for, H. W. Fenner, 364 ; Heating Substances for Distillation, B. P. Walker, 364 ; Retorts for, P. Dow, 364 ; for Substances containing Nitrogen, C. Brison, 364

Distributing Electricity : 268

T. B. E. Turretini, 268 ; Transforming Electric Currents, M. Deprez, 268

Dredging, Excavating, &c., Machines : 166, 340 A. B. Bowers, 166 ; E. Chaquette, 340 ; J, Parker, 166 ; Buckets for, G. Hind, 166 ; Self-Acting, J. li. Bell, 340; Steam, Louis Gabriel, 340 ; Suction, A. Casse, 340

Dynamo-Electric Machines : 93, 266, 461

Aktien Gessellschaft Helios, 266 ; G. F. Chutter, 266 ; G. Forbes, 266 ; J. H. Green-hill, 461 ; L. J. Groves, 266 ; H. Jones, 461 ; C. de Nottbeck, 461 ; C. A. Parsons, 461 ; G. Scarlett, 266 ; A. Shippey and J. E. Wyder, 93 ; E, B. Whitney, 461 ; S. Williams, 93;

F1 ‘Wvnn!8 'rf’/ P~ and J- S- Sell0n< 93 ’ Hfvuil-ne r<nd P‘ R- Sellon, 461 ; Contact and ConZt 9^en'for> ?• J- Houghton and T. M. FlrcJ-Ho w ’ Conversion of Manual Force into

J- S- Williams, 461 ; Electro-7 « etic Engine, S. W. Maquay, 461 ; Motors, Elko™ ^ter’ 266 ’ C‘ A- J^kson, 266 electric Conductors : 94, 268

for t £?hnson> 268 ’ R- Tamine, 268 ; Alloys F TTr,haW’ 91: Covering G. C. Taylor and Ft ™™rnman’ 268 ! J- D- Thomas, 268 electric Current Meters : 93, 94, 268, 462

XXiA?1'1!02. i62’ L- B- Miller, 462; La 26R^F w®T £r^uet> 93 ; Sir W. Thomson, 268 , I. Walker, 93

Electric Current Regulators : 93, 462

/? pVe<? n"’ 93 ’ Automatic Safety Devices, Jenkin,S462°n’ 93 ’ Governors for> Fleeming

El5CTaic Railways : 48, 266, 267

Dkft 4s®eMle^ and VV’ H- Knight, 267 i L-Fnrkrh? ’orv and M. Leblanc, 267; J.

967 ^r^’zT267 ’ Contact Makers for, M. H. Smith, Ft w7r,,„;'1iderfi'round Haulage, F. Jenkin, 266 electric Switch : 94

ft ™^utator> ?■ p- Solt and A. K Jones, 94 Electrometer, A. Wright, 94

f>,™A1LWAY> A- and c- Milinaire, 602 .tp P rlK«« : 116, 218, 316 ^ee a'so Engines, O uvcul 11)

dSr^M “d W?teJ ?““W for Con-ConX ’ M’ ?°?ye11 and K- M- Wheeler, 316; H Wo t6rS’ J'1L’ Alberger and T. Sault, 116 ; cAn?on?lng’ 11TC’t C- C- Worthington, 116; P°“d£ ? s and Heaters, J. Kirkaldy, 116;

r A^ CS1 A J°y< 116 >' Cranks, J. F. Hall Vw‘ity’ 316; Crankshafts, J. P. Hall, W H X‘'“."Jr 681J Crankshafts and Bear’ fins •’ rm S ’ 316 i GauSe> Pressure, J. Murrie, £?8 > Goyern°ra, A. A. Common, 116 ; W. H Hoithcott, 116 ; J. Scott, 316 ; Lining for Cy-X boX?- ? Ar‘f^y’ 316 ! ^king fSr Stuff-608 T £ectlam> 316; H. H. Cobbett, 08 fJ- A‘ Flsker> 316 ; Pipe Couplings, G. 0.

Buckets TwT?1' 21?; Pisto,,s> Pl,mP cators Eocikv-'oocl, 116 ; Speed Indi-

cators, H. and A. Davis, 218

engines : 47, 438, 582 (See also Engines, Steam) Compound Steam, T. JF. Worsdell, 47 • Fluid 1 ressure, J, Elliott, 582; Liquid Pressure An phcable as a Liquid Meter, IK. A G Schcen heyder 582 ; Portable and Pump, W. Brown inoHve T cJ-p n) 582 • Tram and Loco’ Wafer’andTca’rey,;43Tter H' C‘

316> 438’

..IJ?’ Andrews, 316; J. Atkinson, 582 ; J. Brine 315 , T. Browett, 438 ; E. Butterworth 116 - K Capitaineand 0. Brunler, 316; F. IK. Crosslev GHffin^^F C16 h Dou8'Ias> H6! S.’

h n’ 7; ,G* Gnrflths, 116: W. J. Hill m f*' H-olt, 582 ; & Lawson 438 * J* 116°4T 5“^’115 : °- T‘ Newton; ixt>, 438,0.1. Newton, 316 : T Parker aqq .

J. J. Purnell, 116; E. J. C Welsh nd P Rapier, 116; Automatic, T. BackeHaw^IB • Compound, H. P. Holl and F ’ V6’ 582 ; _Gas or Oil Motor-“ C- Datalen T-Igniting Gas Engine Charges at Starting’ E R ’ Prentice, 438; Lubricating, S. Griffin’ irn'■ Production of a Compressed Gaseous Com’ pound for, E Capitaine and 0. Brafer 316 ? toi Tramcars, B. Barnes and J. Danks 58-2 16 ’ Engines, Hot-Air : 582 ’ 582

t-, N- P- Holt, 582; Society Rnab et Cle Engines, Hydraulic, D. Joh^on.m ’ 82 Engines, Locomotive : 47, 239

980^ A*eI’47 ’ G' M' Gai-rardand S. B. Gerrard 239 , Air Tramway Engines, R. Wilson oia' Coaling, and Removing Ashes from T Midpl’ ton and T. S. Huntlev 239 • nnn/l " Tramway Engines, C? W. Wafdled^"s^dV posmg of Exhaust Steam, S. Feather and R Shackleton, 239; Drawbars for T C n. K-47 ; Gas Tramway Engines °X wLn ^ Raising Steam in, J. Bradley, 239 uson’ 239 >

Engini°)TAR¥: 1151 3151 628 Rotary

M. H. Cary, 628 ; A. J. D. Dumoulin qis - t Fielding, 115; W. Macilwraith,

Porteous, 315 ; and Pumps, W. B. Savers 11^’ Engines, Steam : 114, 115, §15, 437, 438^581 582

. Bionuley, 315; T. M. Favell, 115* 7 w-HaclcwoTth, 581; H, Harrison 438* p Tin5 1

Acting Fluid Pressure Engines D S HinpJXr’

A. Perry, and C. C. Worthington' 31? ! ’ ' Gas, S. Robinson, 437 ; Air or^GasComo?'1'-Or Engines, E. Holt 437- a *PPrassmg

Valves, j. H. Man, 437 ; Balmiced SI de W. Rowntree andG. Temple 315 Va ves>

R. Cox 438; W. RobS ’^dGC7P?,Und’ tom, 315; Compound Expansive Slidl‘^Od‘ W. Freakley 581; Compound Porfell w’ Hornsby and R. Edwards 581 • ’ W>

Steam and Compressed Air’J t ’■r)Gof11Pounii Controlling the Speed of, RH n v2'/3’ 437 ’ Crankshafts, T. Wilson, 581 ? h’> ’

Valves, J. Beveridge 437 • .^^ting’ Heslop, 115; W. H.°Tozer ;’115 • Fluid^P sure Engmes, W Ross, 581; Governing t p' H. Fisher and C. A. Duvall 437* c™,’ .•R” Marine, E F. Piers, 437 ; Governor’s Th kelsen and J. Brunn, 582; R. Wrialit^iw' High Speed, A. B. Brown 315- T-r • 438 ’ W. Robertson and G. A. Goodw’in^Sls^H.1’ drauhe Governor and Expansion Gear oiT 1 arkes, 581; Link Motions for Slide v-u’ P’ A D. Bryce-Douglas, 315; Lhik Moti Valves, A. D. Bryce-Douglas, 315 • Low p f°r nUreL H’ ?avey> 114; Metallic Piston^11'6’?' Qualter and E Hall, 437; Packing for J „ Chapman, J. A. Fisher, and A H Che,,™ ’ d' D- B. Morison, 581; Wirth and Co 4P37J tons J. Smalley, 437; Pistons and'cvlin’de W M. Musgrave and J. Prestwich, 437 • pdor'sl Valve, T. M. Fell, 438; Single-Actin?

Parker, 437; Slide Valves, M. c Baker0’n/’ J. C. Chapman, 437; G.’ SchifeX^’ 4^!

Slide Valves and Valve Chest, E. F. Piers 437 • Stopping J. Tate, 581; Transmitting Motive Power, J E. Holloway, 437; Valve Gears // Borgsmueller, 581; G. Cawlev 581- T P Frikart, 115; A. Zalm, 437; Valve Gear of Duplex Direct-Acting, P. Dunlop, 581- Valve Motions of, W. N. Dack, 581; R Wvllie 437 Valve for Three-Cylinder, D. Joy, 437 • Valves for Cylinders of Air-Compressing or Blowing Engines, E. H. Birley, 437; Valves and Valve Gea*' fo**’ J Vertical, W. .Robertson and G

A. Goodwin, 315; Vibrating, W. E Crist 114* Working, Steering, &c., J. Weir 315 ’ ’

Engines, Traction : 48, 239, 582

For Agricultural Purposes, T. R. Harding 582 • Gearing of A. Greig,*48; Locking and DriX’ Geai , A. Greig, R. H. Shaw, and J. Whit- 1


J* F' 24 ’ Wirth and Co., 628 • Auto-PnnkC CA a,T? G' T' Peters> 628 ; Boring ' Rock, A. E. Stayner, 628; Boring Wells W Buckwell, 628; Taking up Slack' Chains in Working a Grab-Bucket, Skip, &c. J w Styles, 628; Transporting Earth, &c’ A Musker and C. W. Vaughan, 484 ’’ A’ I

Farmyard Implements : 292

Corn Crusher and Chaff Cutter, J Rutherford and W Lambert, 292 ; Hay an’d Stow Ekva T?r‘\?V Hornsby and R. Edwards, 292 ; E. and H. Roberts, 292; Preserving Green Crons D B Chatterton, 292 ; Silos, E. Cory, 2921- tPp Wagons, J. Woosey, 292 3 ’ 1 p I

Fire Extinguishers : 390, 508

W. B. Dick, 508; J. A. Lindgren 3Q0 • Hand Grenades, A. F. Spawn, 390 ° ’ Hand

Friction Clutches : 628

W. Van Vleck, 628 ; Gravity Friction Ratchets,

A. D. Simpson, 628; for Hauling Machinery J. Davison, 628

Furnaces, Steam Boiler : 193 194

J. W. Brightman, 194; R. H. Hepburn 193 • Consuming Smoke in, W. Noble, 194 • sJi’ddIv mg Air, N. Evans, 194 ’ ’ Pply

r““£“s-£;>;>142' 3M-“» C Dietzsch, 363; / W. Gordon, 142; M 14^1’ M3 ;w’ Hassa11- 553 ; W. R. Jones'

■ t ’ w^w1^143 ’ Panaderoy Pablos, Pp^wi Wnb-b’> 36i ’ Air- Introducing into, I g. Pope, 863; Bricks for, C. Thompson 143 •

pelting Metals, &c’., i.’ P Ostb^’l^- r Paustman, and

p. Ustoeig, 143 , Combustion of Liquid Fuel weftm^ nM<Z- C' Rossetti> 363 ; J. D. Bod-rane 363 ’• Resi.ccat’ng Air Supply to, C. Coch-363®’ e®lcoatJnS Coal> IL G. Fairburn, 363 Distribution of Gas in, J. P. Jtoe, 363 -Extracting Tar and Ammonia from Gases’ J. Dempster, 143, 363; Fire Lighters C Navarre, 390; Firebars, C. A. Glasbrook’and T. Lockerbie, 553; Gas, P. Iladcliffe 143 • Heating- Ingots and Blooms, P. Kirk’ 553 ’

I factu^e o%t%BTla^ 143 ’ for

I 3fiV St RlleV and w- Crossley, E3F^fnnff Meta’s> for- C. G. Wittenstrbm lure-tol 9t’ na”d P\ OstberS> 363 ; Metal-luigioal, S. P. Owens, 363 ; Obtaining Sulphur rom Gases, E. Hanish and M. Schroedei" 143 • Begulatmg Combustion, C. p. Kinnell and G. Rothnie, 142; Roofs of, J. E Bot 5“ Suppiying- Coals to, P. J. P. Cheesbrough and j’Moofe^”’ it?i;- VtiIisation of Waste Heat, CombustionUtilising Gaseous Products of

w • w Bwderm<”™ and E. W. Ear-Marchant J53 aS aS Auxilial’y Fuel- K- M.

IF H 1^0? 553 ; Llds for Gas Detorts,

m Wetwood and E, T. Wriaht 553 • Dili

BenTa36S3Obpitedfrom:Blast Furnaces, C. E J3eu, 363, Retorts, D. Jarves, 553 • H T fromFm-n63’ S.ePara£on of Carbonic Oxide r<^loni/ uinaces, A. K. Huntington 553

23, 165,

wlbtr Roth ’ p^Pso^ f

vyepei-Rothmund, 23: A. Zinser 23- Warn 340teiBaj’ ROrMU Fa°Ulds ailc)P 8.’Tomlinson, Griffin S Reducing Ores, J. K.

Andrews^nd’ASeivRnffU atlng' Feeds for> W-^^miens and A. W. Beaven, 165 ; J. E. Walsh,

Harvesting Machines : 290, 291, 292

Hornsbv a^^’r 290 ’ *{' IIarrison^ 290 ; J. 291 • lXn d J' Innocent, 291; W. Wilkinson, Osborne an(l D- 31 ■

Havmaket! -/ay Collectors, H. Lander, 292 ; Rakes T H c- Blackstone, 292; Horse Bamford ’ 9m Ra?lsd.en> 292; Mowing, S. B.

m 291: ^h^n,

Sheaf-BindimraTd5indinF’ M’ Jen^son, 291; 291• Howard and E. T. Bousfield,

and Kh®af^nd>ngand Trussing, J. Howard K Bou^id, 292; Tying! IV. A. Wood Hauling^HoisiPING A PP I

T 218, 340,°390,N4G84& 508A627RATUS = 24’ 166’

ring°a8bF cn oEkfKe,iz®r- 24 >' H- R- Leichsen-and Co -Uo ■ » AarnS’ -4’ 627 ; Otis Brothers and P A340 ’ c- Aapwr, 24 ; H. C. Walker and R Carey, 340 ; T. H. Ward, 627 ; F West 2“ Bearing^11, /nite’ 166 ’ W- Wilkinson Capstans h / n P"lleFs- M- Thomar, 218; Hall iRfi?’n-ffC’ Keynaer, 24 ; Chains, C. E. Aft Christie and p-Apparatus m ’ ?/ W^rd- 166 ’ Electric Safety CoP®^or f P’ C°W,?rd’ 340 >’ Friction Dunton 4q<’ J4TFarrar, E. H. Birley, and T.

> 484 , Hydraulic, E. Heurtebise, 166 ;

E. S. and S.

A. Biddell and

Crane^340 ; Prevention of Accidents in Hoiste, F^n’^;AUByPeStD^;S’P^; Wrought-Iron,’ R.‘ R- Gubbins, ^.^Regu-® Apparatus for, ‘ JI..’Martin 24 ; Safety Brakes for, Dominique Crespm de la Jean-nidre, 340 ; Raising and Tilting Coal, G. Taylor, 94 • Valves, Otis Brothers and Co., 340 nvnwANTS. Fire Extingisiiers, &c. : 508

T C Merryweather and C. J. W. Jakeman, 508 ;* M. Vinning, 508 ; Hose Couplings, E. Nunan, 508

Indicators, &c. : 507

Ascertaining the Weight of Vapours,

507 * Speed, K. W. Hedges, 389 , W. H. Schlot-feldt, 507 e

Induction, Suppressing .46-

K. Dembinski, 462; M. Deprez and Dr. C.

Herz, 462

Iron and Steel, Manufacturing and Treating, 144, 364, 390, 484, 554

The Compressed Steel Company, 364 ; C. J. Eames, 144 ; T. Froggatt, 144; T. Hampton, 364 * J. Riley and W. Crossley, 390 ; A. Rollet, 144 ; J. L. Y. Sarda, 144 ; C. Scheibler, 144 ;

L. E. Thomas, 364 ; J. E. Verdid, 144 ; Anneal-ing Iron, C. B. Holland, 554 ; E. S. and S. Thompson, 554 ; Casting Steel Ingots, J. Mell-in% 364 ; Coating Metals, W. A. Biddell and Mrs. Smith, 554 ; Forging and Tempering, IP. Hainsworth, 144; Gear for Cogging Mills, </. Riley, 144 ; Hardening, J. Thornton and H. Ellison, 364 ; Hydraulic Press for Forging,

R. H. Ticeddell, J. Platt, and J. Fielding, 144 ; Polishing and Annealing Iron, J. Sheldon, 554; Production of Wire, Plates, Rods, &c., Dr. F. C. G. MUller, 484 ; Purification of, W. H. Purdy, 364 ; Self-Hardening Steel, R. Hadfield, 554 ; Soaking Pits, J. Riley, 144 ; Sulphate of Iron, S. Callard, 554 ; by the Thomas-Gilchrist Process, B. Osann, 554 ; Welding, Purifying, &c., W. W. Ker, 364

Lamps : 70, 217, 218, 390, 507

F. R. Baker, 507 ; A. Martin, 507 ; T. Pickett, 507; Burners, S. Loewy, 507 ; Burning Hydro-Carbon Oils, J. Sankey, 507; Gas, F. Siemens, 70 ; T. C. J. Thomas, 217 ; T. C. J. Thomas, 218; Gas Lighting for Lighthouses, J. R. Wigham, 507; Magnesium, O. Ney, 507 ; Miners’ Safety, IP. Clifford, 217 ; E. Cuvelier, 390; L. Jenkins, 217 ; W. S. Laycock, 390 ; IF. Morgan, 217; C. Wolf and II. Friermann, 70 ; Oil Lamps for Lighthouses, J. R. Wigham, 601; Reflectors, A. R. Burman and A. S. Caine, 507 ; Safety, H. Armstrong, 70

Lamps, Electric : 94, 267, 461

C. A. Allison, 461; Arc, A. Pfannkuche, 267 ; H. Piper, 267; A. W. Richardson, 267 ; Carbonising Filaments for, F. Schaefer, 267 ; Carbons for Incandescent, M. Evansand F. Wynne, 461; Fittings, T. T. Smith, 94 ; Holders for, C H. Gimingham, and J. F. Albright, 267; Holders for Incandescent, A. Khotewsky, 94 ;

R. P. Sellon and G. C. Sillar, 94 ; Incandescent, W. Holzer, 94; E. Weston, 461; J. S. Williams, 267 ; F. Wynne, 461; for Railway Trains, R. II. Woodley, 461; Safety Apparatus for High Tension System, A. Wright, 461; Signal, J. E. II. Gordon, 94

Lock Nuts : 69, 217, 390

Abras Fibres, 69; S. Arnold, 69; J. P. Ball, N.

and E. Bates, 390; W. J. Clapp, bJ; VV. J. Clapp and B. J. B. Mills, 217 ; J. narrower, 217; J. C. McAfee, 69; J. Quarmby’2J7 ’ Ratchet, S.T. Croasdell, 390 Low-Water Alarms : 530

For Steam Boilers, T. Barber, 530 ; W. S.

Gardner and A. H. Sheppard, 530

Lubricators, &c. : 69, 217, 389, 390, 438

Thomson, 217 ; J. Hopkin-tnr’r?'1 ’ J* D* Noble, 69; The Peerless OU Ejec-

M- Schneider, 69; J. Ten-’ F‘ W-Thornton, 217; for Condensing Ste™ Engines, W. Richards, 438; Sight Feed, 69 1 J' T‘ Hailwood, 389 ; Steam rJ!;Carridre» 389 ’ IL OraW> 390 Casting : 143, 144, 363, 364, 484

i W^itley» 363 ; S. Rideal, 143 ; wn^ ’,33’ J‘ Riley. 144 ; J. and J. R.

pC' i Witte»str3m, 364; C. G.

143- c‘c xv^- and P. Ontbern,

Osthp™- iaawdtenstrom, E. Faustman, and P. Drv Sana Bars for» Chambers, 143 ; tinn S Cores’ J. H. Blessing, 143 ; Fabrica-Mowing MPa0n?ding.of Meta>s-w- Rose-364; Rice W •AArC^i!}es’x3' McFerran, 484 ; A.

kBfS "• aft Plates,^Nurae 363and’ 364 ’ Terne alld Tin


363 • Coatino- o 364 ; E. Moorewood,

McDouS.1 kSPIv Vessels with Lead, I. S. J. GanfwaySd'j W W with C’

Ma^tT4°4n- 144 ; E.

Whitehead ul. a Shedlock, 554 ; II. M. Silver, GW mL A"lalSaination of Gold and and other Fnrn?’ 3(? ; Combination of Blast Smelting Ox!"« fr’ J’ Bar,lald- 364 < Cowles,*^ Electricity, i. //,

’ ^e?.arating : 553

553 tr° ytlcal SePwation of Jletals, B. Moebius, ^Boriri^PPARATU,S * 23

T. HeppM< 23 .

H. Scoville 23- pZ i Koneman and H. J- Davison, 23; Miscellaneous • ro ’ Bal1’ 23

. 438, 462, 484 50R 218- 340> 3W> 390>

Accidents to 554’ 628

RRchin, JV Pearson ery’> Srevention of- R-

of I nf™ ;i^kallSu Ph08Phates, Manufacture p’ .L11!an Eliza Thomas, 554 ; Aluminium Producing, from Chloride of Aluminium I?

.GronsiI1>ers, 364 ; Asphalte Pavement V Wdkins 218; Brakes for Revolving Shaffe,]& posed to Axial Pressure, R. Ltiders 390 • Hnt b1 J- T- Welsh> 508> Canals, W n’ H“i!chl?S0P» /0 » Carburetters, E. F. Delamare* Deboutteville, and L. P. C. Malandin 554* Ga^°r Barrel, Manufacture of, A. Dunbar’ 70; Casks, &c„ Preparing, F. Myen m’. Cement, Testing the Strength of, H.^Faiia 70 • Cisterns, Waste Preventers for, F. Baxte 508! dutches, W. H. 0. Stanford, 218; Coal &c ’ Compressing, H. G. Fairburn, 554; Concrete and Mortar, Manufacture of, A. E. Carevand

E. Latham, 484; Cylinders for Hydraulic Fw*’ La Soc‘cte Anonyme des Anciens Etabhssements Cail, 340; Drive Chains Dp tachable, W Buxton, 364; Drying Machines’ mi”1 ‘"ncus. Acting Centrifugal, E. C. Roettaer 166 , Electric Clocks, Regulating, C. H Pond’ H. L. Bailey, J, Hamblet, A. S. Crane, and A L ’ Grnidh62: EIectric Energy, Transmission <rf ke^webe^ 46J? Fluid3> Controlling the i lessure and Flow of. W. T I <fvMn SmiilieFI4^8’ pHeatJ”?. and Cooling,Jt s! ?» r k 438 ; Founders’ Drying Chambers and*1}? hw h”’ 554 ’ Frcezin£ Machines, O. Koch and R. Habermann, 70; Gas Regulator R r Fountaim Ftoat®' ?08 Illum’mated ountams, Floating Apparatus for Producing

K J Bolton, Kt., 70; Induction Coils, J and Gadf^m“°M’4n2; Le1ad Pipes> Joining, W Farrt’and8f nMwhanual Movements, L. D. Bc>,m C- Humphreys, 390 ; Metal Sheets Pendjng the Edges, Van Schaick Sharp and W L?ol“mb. 484: Motive Power, Producing P1,’P}’eabie to Hot Air Engines, 31 p iy’ Boulton, o30 ; Operating on Large Foririno-/ Appliances for, G. SiddeTl, 627 ; Packim- News’ apers'M 218; Po’lishta "‘jleta ,?c p^h ??bes> E- Flint and F. Madelev 364 “ Portland Cement, Manufacture of H j’ WysP8e^;CoUlP2f«trap ing Machines, Eschew . c • Si0’’ 218 ’ Pyrometers, J R Cnr <0, Sawing Timber, E. W. Turner and fl?™’

c. vixw Glucose, &c., Manufacture of, The Davennort Glucose Manufacturing Company, 364 • Ther

5d8 = Jhcnn^stats,’ ILF Weston ^08^ TnnUaV^at‘On -Of Rivers> B- S-Aow ’ j V \oo1s> Sharpening, &c T J

the RehtiV^r’ J* ^Iac(lueen, 508; Varying H S S 70° 10w%°f £V° °r More dough 1 e*C™™> w. H. Barra-

ciou^n, 218, Water, Ejector Condensers for Raising and Forcing, T. II White nn* Water, Purification of, A. R Leeds 390 • ’wtfl’

Bickham, and W. Houldsworth, 508; Yielding e- B' G0°dfeU^

ORI>364 C389Fl508ARMS’ ExpL0SIVES» &c- : 68, 216,

21f-; Babbitt>68 J B- Broncs, 389, C. W Gurtis, 68; T. Ericksen, D. Shol-berg, and 0. T. Johnson, 216; A. Favier, 68 ' A. Joyeaux, 68; J. A. Longridge, 389 • J A Longriage, 389; H. S. Maxim, 216 ; J. Vavas-SirUr/T6ir’ A1ooAng\Guns b^T Artificial Light,

389; Armour Plates, T. E. Vickers ’ Beyno^ds, 216; Breech-Blocks, H W llolland, 68; Breechloading, T, Bailev 389 • Cartridge Cases for, W. Lorenz, 68 ; Cartridge Presses, A. Attwood, 216 ; Cartridges for, D F Downing, 389; A. S. Lyman, 389; A. S. Lyman’, 889; J. Needham and T. H. S. Hawker, 68 Chargmg Hollow Projectiles, W. F. Wolff and

M. de Foistei, 389; Firing, W. Lorenz 389* WirTclsr’ T- Gr^’ 68’ MocS

M. Ward, and J. Sample, 216, Launching Torpedoes, C. A. McEvoy, 216 ; Manufacture of Explosive Compounds, F. M. Lyte and C. L. J. A. Lewall 364 • Projectiles, T. W. Rammell, 389; Propelling Composition and Cartridges, G. Quick 389* 8-H^eraQndTN?ed-’ Ham, 68, C. F. Mannlicher, 216: H S Maxim

Arms Manufactoring i89 ’ B,lfle Action, H. Schlund, 389 ;

Shields J ^avasseur, 508; Submarine Mines C. 389 • • Gibbi'18’ 216 ’ Trai,lin=-

Ores, Treating : 554

T. Vosper, and J. Eastcott, 554 • Prenaratinn nf T ejonesS55f4 • ItaA F-Urnaces> E- Phillips and F n 4’ ^d"cinkr Ores of Aluminium, u p; H’ C°wles< 554 i lieduction of Ores H. M. Pierce, 554 ; G. M. Westman • Smelting, R. Stone, 554 Westman, 5a4, Ovens, Coke : 143, 363, 553

w?®??11’?53 : Z ^Culloch, Smp’lttoi-Trnn A 1A3’-R- de Soldenhoff, 363; Smelting lion, A. Greiner and S Ernf 363 Propellers : 46 (See also Ships) 1*’ 3®3

A. F. Barth, 46; W. H kJ Bradford 46- I naZto’cfc6inddy°r2he vlrustof shafte, K «’ fouS forf J.^nd^. /Thomson*^

Pumps : 23, 24, 164, 165, 339, 484 To8 627

F. Ball and IF. Horton, 24 J Dow 164 • R Mills, 484; J. Parker and A BMon 627- / fcs ™ m'p’ 627 : La Socifte Po’ron r Ores, Ills et Mortier, 165; H. Thierv 484* ? imusV^ ^rdenfelt,

Dnvlv ’ oC; .TFn -rges8k627 ; Double-Acting, H. Aikvpiipr44^"'pnes’ G’ Parfitt» 24 ; Force, G. Allweilei, 484 , Pneumatic, J. W. Gordon 508*

H°Thw<fC’ Hoppe, 23; H. Saiomo’ ters’ T H Stnrpv^on24 J Rotary and Exhaus-Bai- 165^S&al^;of%ZmFTw-» H^aiid^B 3W ;,Steam> G- Thornley, 339; //. ana a. l. Watson, 165- G Weir 23-Steam Pumping Engines, ’s. (?. 'Broiriw aiuiw:

Rolni 484; Valve for, C. Eichler, 24; A. Riedler, 24 ; Valve Mechanism for, J. R. Maxwell, 165

Purifying Water : 69 .

W. Anderson, 69 ; D. Nicoll, 69 ; Softening, p. R^lway^&c.1,' Brakes : 48, 240, 411, 412, 602

J Harding, 240 ; <7. <7ackson, 240 ; M. F. J. Mann, 240; D. P. McNiven, 240; D. P. McNiven, 48 ; M. Schleifer, 412 ; T Sloan anq

E. Hawks, 411; E. J-. C. Welch, 602 ; E. A. Wescott and E. R. Bristol, 412 ; Air Pressure Cylinders for, M. Schleifer, 412 ; Automatic Vacuum, J. Gresham, 48, 412 ; Electrical', G. Forbes and T. A. Timmis, 48 ; Flexible Pipes,

S. Alley, 240 ; Fluid Pressure, II. A. Hoy, 412 ; Gauging the Length of Air Pipe, A. P. Kaptei/n, 240; Rubber Tubing for, J. H. Cheever, 412; Stopping and Starting Vehicles, S. Sheppard, H. G. Barnes, and J. A. O’Connel, 412

Railways, Cable : 240, 412, 602

Conduits for, A. Bonzano, 602 ; Grippers for,

G. B. Bryant and E. D. Dougherty, 412 ; Tramways, 0. D. Orvis and iV. B. Adams, 602; Transporting Loads by, J. P. Roe and P. R. Bedlington 240

Railway Car Coupling : 48, 240

W. Heral, 240; T. E. Knightley, 48; J. K. Sax, 48; R. C. Sayer, 240; W. Walton and G. T. Irving, 240 ; S. L. Wiegand, 48; Buffers, J. S. Ay ton, 240

Railway Permanent Way : 47, 239, 240, 411, 602 E. Boyenval and Ponsard and Co., 411; J. B. Caramin and Co., 47 ; A. N. D. Delffs, 47 ; R. G. Pairlie, B. H. Hepburn, and F. A. Fairlie,; 239 ; W. R. Rowan, 240; Wade H. Smith, 411; Bogies for Trucks, &c., J. V. Meigs, 47; Bolts, J. Glover and C. Walton, 240 ; Bolts and Nuts, T. Richmond, 411; Chairs, J. S. B, Armytage, 239 ; F. Keeling and R. Rigley, 239 ; S Marsden and E, Mullin, 602; J. Poyser, 47 ; C. H. Rosher, 239; Combined Chairs and Sleepers, P. Kirk, 602; J. Quarmby, 411; J. Riley, 602 ; Fastenings for Chairs, &c., F. J. Talbot, 411 ; Fastenings for Rails, J. Kerr, 602 ; B. G. Martin, 411;

J. Poyser, 602; Frogsand Switches, C. B. Price, 411; Gates for Crossings, Copeland Manufacturing Company,47 ; Jacks, F. Westmeyer, 210: Joint Chair for, P. Richard, 411; Joints, T. A. Davies, 240; J. Kellow, 240; J. Kerr, 47 ; Locking Apparatus for Railway Points, G. Keeker, 602; Plates for Sleepers, A. Cooper, 411; Preventing the Accumulation of Snow, W. L. Howie, 602; Preventing Wood Key's from Working Out, T. Richmond, 411; Rails and Fastenings for, W. B. Quelch, 47 ; Railway and Tramway Construction, T. H. Gibbon," 411; Removing Snow, E. Leslie, 240; Securing Flanged Rails to Metallic Sleepers, W. Thompson, 602; Self-Clamping Chair, J. P. Jackson, and R. Symons, 411; Sleeper Rails, H. Hirch-weger, 411; Switches, E. Gordon, 411; Ties, E. D, Dougherty, 411; Washers, H. S. Stewart, 411

Railway Points and Signals : 48, 240, 602

B. Schneider, 48; 11. Williams, 240; Detonators for, G. Lirand and E. Gaupillat, 602 ; during Fogs, W. Edmonds, 602; Points, M, Phillips, 240 ; Signal Indicator, G. Jefferies, 48 ; Torpedo Signals, T. G. Palmer, 48

Railway Rolling Stock : 47, 48, 240, 390, 411, 602 J. Brown and T, Midelton, 240 ; E. G. She-ward, 47 ; Axles, J. Bourne, Jun., 411 ; Bearings, L. Leirer, 240 ; Buffers, C. G. Owen, 47 ; J. Trippett and T. and II. Searls, 47 ; Clearing away’ Snow and Warming Railway Carriages, J. Somerset, 602 ; Coupling, J. Darling, 602:

C. A. Dupuis and A. Jeanmaire, 411; W. S. Laycock, 411 ; C. Leidy’ and C. E. Green, 411; Drawbars, G. Wood, 47 ; Gauge, Altering, F. Mackinlay, 48 ; Gear, Springs, and Boxes, J. Tripett and T. and H. Searls, 240; Lighting Railway Carriages, A. M. Pym, 602 : Lubricating Axles, G. J. Churchward, 48; Safety Truck Appliances, J. Gerhardt, 411 ; Spiral Springs for Buffers, B. F. Cocker and J. Bishop, 390 ; Trucks, R, Caldwell, 48 ; F. W. Minck, 240 ; Wagons, J. Kerr, 47 ; J. Kitto, A. Paul, and R. K. Mancarrow, 602 ; Wheels, H. Ringwood, 240 ; J. P. Stevenson, 240 ; Wheels and Pulleys, R. Hadfield, 411

Rolling, Forging, &c., Machines, 23, 70, 165, 340, 484, 627

J. P. Binns, 165 ; H. Cheswright, 165 ; Air Cushioned Hammer, W. Husband, 165 ; R. and M. Mannesmann, 23 ; J. Oxley, E. Ward, and W. Oxley, 165 ; H. Sack, 23 ; Bearings for, W. S. Harris, 165 ; Bending Metals, Dosme et Cie., 165 ; Grooving, C. Philippot, F. Schneider, and C. Jaquet, 165 ; G. F. Thompson, 165 ; Hammers, G. Glossop and F. H. Stacey, 23 ; Hydraulic, C. Davy, 340 ; Hydraulic Presses,

D. C. Mayo, 165 ; Metallic Shell: 627 ; Nails, Russell and Erwin.

Rolling Mills, G. Burrough,

F. Mason and J. Conqueroi gular Forms of Metal, L. D' Farra, 627 ; Rolling Metals, C. R. Wedelin, 627 ; Rolls for Sleepers, A. Marklin, 23 ;

Knapp, 165 ; Turning Over and Transit......

Ingots and Blooms, E. W. Richards, 484

Rotary Engines, Turbines, &c. : 438 (See also Engines, Rotary)

W. E. Rich, 438 ; Rotary and Reciprocating, J. S. Fairfax, 438 ; Steam Wheels, J. T. Howson, 438 ; Wind Motors, A. Dumont, 438;

Sand Blast Apparatus, J. E. Matthewson, 24 Secondary Generators : 93

S. Roos, 93; Coils, Construction of, L. Goulard and J. D. Gibbs, 93 ; Intensifying Electrical Currents, F. P. E. de Lalande, 93 ; Transforming’Electric Currents, C. Zivemowski^ M• Deri, and O, T. Bldthey, 93

Shaft Bearings : 69, 434

G. Weston, 69 ; Adjusting Shaft Pedestals, A.

M- Butler, 69; Journal Bearings, J.

N. Wilhams, 69 ; Mechanical Oilers and Jour-nal Boxes, H. P. Humphrey, 69; Self-Lubri-catmg, J. Greig, 69; Shaft Couplings, G. and J. Rushworth, 484

Ships, Boats, &c. : 47, 239, 601

S. Firth, 601; Armour ’ Belt with Torpedo | Guard for, E. Kent, 601; Combined Gunboat i

t — , AAjvlialUlb UCB3C5)

u. v. mayo, 165 ; Metallic Shells, J. Whitley, 627 ; Nails, Russell and Erwin, 165 ; Plate-Rolling Mills, G. Burrough, 484 ; Rolling Glass, F. Mason and J. Conqueror, 70 ; Rolling Irregular Forms of Metal, L. D. Faria. 627 ; Rollincr ,____ ___•

..., x.u ; Shearing, R- . T. ig Over and Transferring

and Dredger, W. Simons and A. Brown, 601; Governing the Speed of Compound Marine Engines, C. Burnett, 601; Lifeboats, D. P. Dobbins, 47 ; F. L. Norton, 239; Lowering and Disengaging Ships’ Boats, J. E. Liardet, 239 ; Paddle-Wheels, J. Bramall, 239; Paints for Submerged Structures, D. Melville and J. F. Witney, 601; Propellers, J. Howorth, 239; Propulsion of, C. G. Rivers, 601; S. and J. A. Secor, 601; Raising and Lowering, J. Donaldson, 601; Reducing Skin Friction of, G. F. Askew, 601; Regulating the Speed of Marine Engines, L. A. Groth, 601; Sails for, G. Bianchi, 601; Screw Propellers, G. F. Askew, 601; J. Belduke, 601 ; Side Lights for, C. A. Lidstone, 601; Stanchions for Spar Decks on, G. Hughes, 601; Steam Steering, W. P. Hollick and E. Wimshurst, 601; Steering, R. It. Symon, 601 J. I. Thorny-croft, 601; Taking and Registering Soundings.

J. Ackerley and B. Parr, 601; Taking the Thrust of Shafting in Motion, L. B. Wells, 239 ; Thrust Bearings for Propellers, R. Birkerdike, 239; Towing Cables, A. Todd, 601 ; Ventilating, G. S. Dodman, 601

Ships’ Fittings : 46, 47

Anchors, C. Boyce, 46 ; H. McM. Gibb, 46 ;

Steering Gear, C. H. Washburn, 47

Signals: 47, 390, 412, 508 (fee also Railway Points)

Actuating Wires, F. R. Clarke, 390; Audible, J. Stephen and T. Burt, 390 ; Automatic Fog, W. Fox and H. P. Fenby, 47; Electrical, J. Enright, 412; J. W. Fletcher, 412; Electrical Alarm, M. W. and M. F. Parrish, 412 ; J. Radcliffe, 412; Pneumatic, C. E. Zimdars, 508; Signalling and Recording Trains, C. Diener and C. A. Mayrhofer, 390

Speed Indicators : 69, 438, 582

F. F. Almquist, 438; H. Hall, 69; T. Thorp, 69; Controlling Gear and Speed Indicator,

B. C. Browne, 582 ; Transmitting Motion to, M. Napier, 69

Steam Traps : 508

R. Hargreaves, 508; Applicable as Boiler Feeders, J. B. Erwin, 508; Applicable as a Gas Pressure Regulator, R. Kullig, 508

Stone Working : 166, 628

J. R. Bock, 628; Breaking and Crushing Machines, W. H. Baxter, 628; Crushing Mills,

E. M. Villeroy, 628; Cutting Stone, Puissant Fr&res, 166; Dressing Stone, P. Corcoran, 628 Telegraphic Apparatus, 94, 268, 462

J. C. Ludwig, 94 ; Electric Cable Recorders, Jf. G. Farmer, 462 ; Fac-siniile or Autographic, P. B. Delany, 94; Printing, G. B. Scott, 268 ; Synchronous Multiplex Printing, P. B. Delany, 462

Telephonic Apparatus, 94, 268, 461, 462

C. E. Allen, 268 ; L. J. Crossley, W. Emmott, and J. F. Harrison, 268 ; K. S. Dembinski, 94, 462; C. Langdon, 94; J. G. Lorrain, 268; J. Lowth and J. D. Ewart, 461; D. Sinclair, 268 ;

J. Stephen, 461; S. P. Thompson, 268, Call Apparatus, J. Poole and K. Maclver, 268; Checking Machines, J. J. Mann, 268 ; Circuits,

S. P. Thompson and P. Jolin, 94 ; Switches and Circuits, Stockholms Bell Telefon, 94 ; Transmitters, J. E. Fuller, 94 ; W. E. Irish, 94 ; W. E. Irish, 94; Long Distance Telephone Company , 94

Thrashing Machines : 290

P. Gibbons and A. S. F. Robinson, 290 ; J. R. Jefferies, 290; G. W. Morris, 290; Trussing Straw, J. Marshall, 290

Tools, Hand : 23

Drilling, J. B. Adams, 23 ; Screw Stocks, C. C. Flam me, 23 ; Spanners, C. F. Roden, 23 ; Stocks and Dies, J. B. Adams, 23; Vices, G. B. Taylor, 23

Tools, Machine : 22, 164, 339, 483, 627

T. M. Beer and H. Ransom, 627; Bending and Setting Bars, J. W. Hartley, 483; Bolt and Nut Screwing Machines, J.' W. Adams, 339 ; Boring, Dressing, and Finishing Cylinders, W. J. Muncaster and M. McKaig, 627; Boring and Facing Wheels, R. Hadfield, 627 ; Chucks, J. Delger, 483 ; for Corrugated Boiler Furnace Shells, J. G. Lawrie, 483; Cutting Files, R. Denison, 627 ; Cutting and Shaping Metals, J. Saget, 339; Drilling, W. F. Gilmer, 22 ; Drilling, Boring, and Tapping Metal, L. R. Faught, 627; Drilling Holes in Sides and Flanges of Cylinders, C. J. Galloway and J. H. Beckwith, 483; Drilling and Milling Metals, W. W. Hulse, 483 ; Expanding Mandrels, H. B. and A. B. Barlow, 627; Feed Gear for Shaping, P. P. Hure, 22 ; Grinding, G. Richards, 339 ; Holder or Gripper, J. Harrower, 483; Lathe, A. Emanuel, 164; Lathe Cutters, W. F. Smith and A. Coventry, 627 ; Lathes for Making Screws for Drawing Packing out of Glands, &c., J. McDowall, 483; Making Boiler Tubes,

T. Beeley, 483 ; Metal Cylinders, W. H. Brown, 627 ; Making Helical Springs, L. Sterne, 627 ; Making Irregularly Shaped Metal Articles, G.

F. Simonds, 339 ; Planing, &c., J. Barrow, 164; Planing and Shaping, W. Allday, Jun.,

483 ; Punching Machines, K. Hesteskofabrik, 483; Punching or Rivetting and Finishing Countersunk Rivetting, W. F. Gilmer, 483; Planing Machines, Reversing Gear for, G. W. Budd, 22; Rivetting, T. Morton, 483; F. Prasil, 627; Sawing, G. J. Hill, 627; Screw-Cutting Lathe, J. Shaw, T. Harrison, and W. Shaw, 627; Nathan Blum, 339 ; Shaping, F. L. Palmer, 164; Springs, G. W. Willforld, 22; Table for Forming Oval or Circular Figures, J. P. T. Slade, 483; Tool Holders for Screwing Machines, A. Mcllquham, 6’27 ; Valve Motion for Steam Hammers, A. Taylor, 483

Tools, Mining ; 165, 339, 340, 484

B. A. Legg, 165; Boring Wells, C. Chapman, 339 ; Cutting and Drilling Tubes, J. C. Merryweather and C. J. W. Jakeman, 340; Deep-Boring Apparatus, T. Parsons, 484; Rock Boring, F. B. Taylor and J. Hanning, 339; Rock Drills, B. A. Legg, 165 ; W. Teague, Jun.,

484 ; Screening Coal, J. Shaw, 340

Tools, Small: 22, 23, 164, 339, 483, 484, 627 Adjustable Boring Tool, W. Morling, 339 ; Adjustable Die for Wire-Drawing, F. M. Blake, 627; Bolts, Screws, &c., J. W, Phillips, 22;

Boring, H. Horner and W. Adcock, 23; Chucks,

D. Bauer, 22 ; S. N. Silver, 22 ; J. H. Storey n F1 PhilliP3.164 ; Drill and Lathe Chuck,

£ neyraham Manufacturing Company, 339 ;

Drilling Brace, R. S. Solomon, 483; Feed

on f°r Rochet Braces and Drills, J. F. Xtten,, 339 j Holder for Hand Tools, J. G. r«l n m’ 484 ’ Jaws and Jaw Plates for Vices,

B. Taylor, 483 ; Pipe Wrenches, G. Sonnen-thal and W. Keen, 627 ; Pliers, H. C. Gilchrist and C. Bellamy, 161; Ratchet Drills and Braces,

Stuart, 483; Skelp-Bending Tools for ■* ubes, E. R°ve> 339 ; Spanners, E. Barnes, 164 ; J. E. Gyde and G. H. Brydges, 164 ; Stocks, J. Bentley, 483 ; Stocks and Dies, J. E. Reinecker, 339 ; Tube Vices, W. Devoll and O. Howl, 484 ; Wrenches, F. and J. Brindle, 483

Torpedoes and Submarine Boats : 390, 601, 602

A. Campbell and J. Ash, 601; A. W. Slater, 390; W. Welch, 602 ; Ejecting Tubes for, W. Welch, 601; to Penetrate Nets, C. Wells, 390 ; Protecting Vessels against, A. C. Koerner, 390 Tramways : 47, 411, 602

G. F. Milnes, 411; Clip, J. W. Smallman, 47 ; Collecting Debris from Rails, E. A. Westhorp, 47; Compressed Air, G. Pardy, 411 ; Flanged Wheels for, J. Smith, 602 ; Locomotive for, <7.

C. Merryweather and C. J. W. Jakeman, 602 ; Loose Points for, P. A. Bourke, 602 ; Rails for, P. Kirk, 47; Rails and Chairs for, M. H. Smith, 411; Self-Ad justable Springs for, J. Bae, 411; Wheels for, C. A. Edge, 411; R. F.

H. Hovet, 411; F. G. Myers, 411; Wheels and Axles for, F. and E. C. S. Moore, 411

Transmission of Power : 69, 217, 340

J. A. Ewing and F. Jenkin, 217 ; J. B. Sharp, 217 ; J. T. Warman, 217; Belting, C. O. Gehrckens, 217 ; J. and J. Lee, 217 ; Coupling for, D. R. Cameron, 217 ; Hydraulic Apparatus for Transmitting Power and for Draining, G. Smail, 340 ; Slip Clutch for Transmitting High Speeds, S. Johnson, 69

Tubes, Manufacture of : 70, 390, 628

Fluted Metallic, J. Wilkes, 390; Hydraulic Machinery for Pressing Metal into Tubular Forms, IF. D. Allen, 628; Machine for Cutting and Screwing Tubes, W. Devoll, 628 ; Metal, A. Latch, 70 ; J. Robertson, 628; Producing Seamless India-Rubber, J. Iddon, 218; Wrought Iron and Steel, T. Jones and J. Smith, 628

Valves, Cocks, &c. : 69, 216, 217, 389, 507

J. S. Borlase, 69; J. Day, 216; T. Gameson, 507 ; C. F. Hargreaves, 217 ; J. McKellar, 216;

G. M, Marchant, 216; J. Sampson, 507 ; A. Thomson, 507; T. A. Wheatley, 507 ; Automatic, J. Harbottle and B. Edgar, 69; T. S. Truss, 69; Check, J. E. Bott and S. J. Hackney, 507 ; Double-Acting High-Pressure Sluice,

T. Blakeborough, 507 ; Hot and Cold Water, J. C. Threadgold, 507 ; Plug Taps, A. W. Death, 389; Stop-Cocks, J. A. Henckles, 389;

Swing Joint for Pipes Containing Fluid under Pressure, A. Feist, 507

Valves, Safety : 194, 530 (See also Engines, Steam)

M. Castlenau and C. Michelet, 194 ; IK. JV. Nicholson, and A. T. Allcock, 530; W. H. North-cott, 194 ; Water Gauges, H. Ochwadt, 530 Water Meters : 70,218, 507

W. Cotton, 70; T. Robinson, 218; J. Row-botham, 507 ; W. G. Stuart, 218; P. Tarda, 507; Applicable as Motors or Pumps, C. H. Hersey, 507

Wheels : W. Edwards, 48; J. and T. Trippett, and H. Searls, 48

Wood-Planing Machines : 166, 628

S. S. Hazeland, 628; Cutters of, and Grinding I the Same, J. Rawlings, 166

NAMES OF PATENTEES. Abras Freres, Nut Locks, 69

Achurch, A., Trenching, 292

Ackerley, J., and Parr, B., Taking and Register

ing Soundings, 601

Adams, J. B., Drilling, 23

Adams, J. B., Tools for Screw-Cutting, 23

Adams, J. W., Bolt and Nut Screwing Machines, 339

Airey, T. W., Raising Chimneys, 48

Aktien Gessellschaft Helios, Dynamo Machines,


Alberger, J. L., and Sault, T., Condensers, 116 I

Alexander, W. R., and Tooth, W. H., Feeding

Steam Boilers, 194

Allday, W., Jun., Apparatus for Plan mg and

Shaping Machines, 483

Allen, C. A’., Telephones, 268

Allen, J. F., Feed Motion for Ratchet Bracesand

Drills, 339

Allen, W. D., Hydraulic Machinery for Stamping Metal into Tubular Forms, 628

Alley, S., Flexible Pipes, 240

Allfrey, E. R., Lining for Cylinders, 316

Allison, C. A., Electric Lamps, 461

Allweiler, G., Force Pumps, 484

Almquist, F. F., Speed Indicator, 438

Anderson, W., Purifying Water, 69

Andrd, G. G., Electric Batteries, 267

Andrd, G. G. Explosive Compounds, 216

Andrew, C. H., Gas Engines, 316

Andrews, W., and Beaven, A. W., Automatic

Self-Regulating Feed for Mills, 165

Archer, Crushing Ores, 23

Armstrong, H„ Safety Lamp, 70

Armytage, J. S. B., Railway Chairs, 239

Arnold, S., Lock Nuts, 69

Ashton, T. J., and Holtzapffel, J. J., Sharpening Tools, 166

Askew, G. F., Reducing Skin Friction of Ships, 601

Askew, G. F., Screw Propellers, 601

Atkinson, B. F., Separating Gold, 144

Atkinson, J., Gas Engines, 582

Attwood, A., Cartridge Presses, 216

Atwater, J. B., Electric Motors, 266

Austrian Small Arms Manufacturing Company,

Repeating Rifles, 389

Ay ton, J. S., Coupling and Buffer, 240

Babbitt, B. T„ Ordnance, 68

Backeljaw, T., Automatic Gas Motors, 116

Bailey T., Breechloading Firearms. 389

Baines R< T., and Thomson, A., Lubricators, 217

Baker, F. R., Lamps, 507

Baker, M. C., Slide Valves, 115

Ball, F., and Horton, IF., Pumps, 24

Ball, J.P., Bennet, N. M., and Bates, M. E Nut

Locks, 390

Ball, W., Rocking Bars of Furnaces, 529

Bamford, S. B., Mowing Machines, 291

Bamlect, A. C., Harvesting Machines, 290

Baraclough, W. H., Water Supplying* Apparatus, 218

Barber, T., Feed Water Apparatus and Alarm for Steam Boilers, 530

Barker, C., Revolving Fork or Harrow, 292

Barlow, H. B. and A. B., Expanding Mandrels.


Barnard, T. J., Extracting Metals, 364

Barnes, B., and Danks, J., Gas Motor for Tramcar 582

Barnes, E., Spanners and Wrenches, 164

Barnes, G. P., Reaping Machines, 290

Barrow, J., Planing Machines, 164

Barth, A. F., Propellers, 46

Bauer, J. C., Chucks, 22

Bauer, T., Coke Ovens, 143

Baxter, F., Overflow and Waste Preventer for Cisterns, 508

Baxter, W. H., Stone-Breaking and Crushing* Machines, 628

Bay, C. S. de, Screw Fans, 165

Bay, H. de, and Rossetti, C. de, Combustion of

Liquid Fuel, 363

Bazin, E., Rotary Electric Batteries, 462

Beard, R. R., and Oakley, W. H., Gas Regulator, 508

Bedlam, A., Packing for Engines, 316

Beeley,T., Drilling, Dressing, and Turning Boiler

Tubes, 483

Beer, T. M., and Ransom, H., An Improved Tool, 627

Belduke, J., Screw Propellers, 601

Bell, C. E., Oils and Tars from Blast Furnaces, 363

Bell, J. R., Self-Acting Elevators, &c., 340

Bentley, E. M„ and Knight, W. H., Electric Railways, 267

Bentley, J., Screw Stocks, 483

Beveridge, J., Distributing Valves of Fluid Pres

sure Engines, 437

Bianchi, G., Ships’ Sails, 601

Biddell, W. A., and Smith, Mrs., Coating Metals with Vitrious Substances, 554

Biedermann, E., and Harvey, E. W., Utilising

Gaseous Products of Combustion, 553

Binns, J. P., Forging Machines, 165

Birkerdike, R., Thrust Bearings for Screw Propeller Shafts, 239

Birley, E. H., Valves for Blowing Engines, 437

Blackstone, E. C., Haymakers, 292

■^jus^able Die for Wire Drawing,

Blake, J., Steam Generators, 529

Blakeborough, T., Sluice Valves, 507

Blessing, J. H., Dry Sand Cores, 143

Blum, Nathan, Screw-Cutting Lathes, 339

Bock, J. R., Machine Tools for Working Stone, 628

Bodwell, J. D., Combustion of Liquid Fuel, 363

Bolton, F. J., Kt., Floating Apparatus for Pro

ducing Illuminated Fountains, 70

Bonzano, A., Conduits for Cable Railways, 602

Borgsmueller, H., Valve Gears, 581

Borland, S., Injectors, 530

Borlase, J. S., Valves, 69

Borns, G. M,, Packing Newspapers, &c., 218

Bott, J. E. and Hackney, S. J., Check Valves, 507

Bott, J. E., Roofs of Furnaces, 553

Boulton, M. P. W., Producing Motive Power by

Steam or Vapour, 530

Bourke, P. A., Loose Points for Tramways, 602

Bourne, J., Jun., Railway Carriage Axles, 411

Bowers, A. B., Dredging, 166

Boyce, C., Double-Arm Anchor, 46

Boyenval, E., and Ponsardand Co., Railway Per

manent Way, 411

Bradford, W. H. K., Screw Propellers, 46

B1*268e^’ C* S’’ E^ec^r^ca,l Conducting Material,

Bradley, C. S., Secondary Electric Batteries, 267

Bradley, J., Raising Steam in Locomotives in

Running Sheds, &c., 239

Bramall, C., Lining for Furnaces, 143

Bramall, J., Paddle-Wheels, 239

Brightman, J. IF., Furnaces, 194

Brindle, F. and J., Wrenches and Adjustable

Spanners, 483

Brine, J., Gas Engines, 315

Brison, C., Distillation of Substances Containing

Nitrogen, 364

Broad, J. and J., Ploughing, Harrowing, and

Scarifying, 292

Bromiley, T., Engines, 315

Brones, B., Explosive Compounds, 389

Browett, T., Gas Engines, 438

Brown, A. B., High-Speed Motors, 315

Brown, J., and Midelton, T., Railway Rolling Stock, 240

Brown, W., May, C. N., and Butler, A., Portable

Engine and Pump, 582

Brown, W. H., Manufacture of Metal Cylinders, 627

Browne, B. C., Controlling Gear and Speed Indicator, 582

Broivne, S. G., and Roby, IF., Steam Pumping

Engines, 484

Brunbauer, F., Injectors, 530

Bryant, G. B., and Dougherty, E. D., Grippers for Cable Railways, 412

Bryce-Douglas, A. D., Link Motion for Valves, 315

Pryce-Douglas, A. D., Link Motion for Valves, 315

Buchanan, R., Founders’ Drying Chambers, 554

Buckwell, W., Boring Wells, 628

Budd, G. W., Reversing Gear for Planing Machines, 22

Burgess, C. T., Chain Pumps, 627

Burman, A. R., and Caine, A. L., Lamp Reflectors, 507

Burnett, C., Governing the Speed of Compound

Marine Engines, 601

Burrough, G., Plate-Rolling Mills, 484

Butler, A. E. and H. M., Shaft Pedestals, 69

Butterworth, E., Gas Engines, 116

Buxton, W., Detachable Drive Chains, 364

Caldwell, R., Trucks, 48

California Feed-Water Purifying Company, Feed

Water Purifiers, 194

Callard, S., Treatment of Sulphate of Iron, 554

Cameron, D. R., Coupling to Communicate

Rotary Motion between Axes Inclined to one another, 217

Campbell, A., and Ash, J., Submarine Boats, 601

Capitaine, E., and Brunler 0., Compressed

Gaseous Compound for Gas Engines, 316

Capitame, E., and Brunler, 0., Gas Engines, 316

Caramin, J. B. and Co., Railway Permanent

Way, 47

Carey, A. E., and Latham, E., Machinery for the

Manufacture of Concrete and Mortar, 484

Carridre, H., Steam Engine Lubricators, 389

Carruthers, J. H., Screw Couplings for Chains,

&c., 508

Cary, A. II., Rotary Engines, 628

Casse, A., Suction Dredgers, 340

Castlenau, M., and Michelet, C., Safety Valve and

Pressure Regulator, 194

Cawley, G.,Valve Gear for Steam Engines, 581

Chambers, J., Core Bars for Casting Metals, 143

Chapman, C., Boring Wells, 339

Chapman, J. C., Slide Valves, 437

Chapman, J. H., Fisher, J. A., and Chapman,

A. H., Packing for Stuffing-Boxes, 437

Chaquette, E., Dredging Machines, 340

Chatterton, D. B., Preserving Green Crops, 292

Cheesbrough, F. J. P., and Royston, E. R., Sup

plying Coal in Furnaces, 553

Cheesman, H., Wire Rope, 508

Cheever, J. H., Rubber Tubing, 412

Cheswright, H., Rolling Metals, 165

Christie, J., and Roberts, P., Differential Hoist

ing Machinery, 166

Churchward, E. J., Lubricating Axles, 48

Chutter, G. F., Dynamo-Electric Machines, 266

Clapp, W. J., Lock Nuts, 69

Clapp, W. J., and Mills, B. J. B., Locking Nuts, 217

Clark, J. L., and Gibbins, J. P., Submarine Mines, 216

Clarke, F. R., Actuating Signal Wires, 390

Clifford, IF., Miners’ Safety Lamp, 217

Cobbett, H. H., Packing for Stuffing-Boxes, 508

Cochrane, C., Desiccation of the Air Supply of

Furnaces, 363

Cochrane, W., Moulds for Cooling and Discharging Slag, 144

Cocker, B. F., and Bishop, J., Spiral Springs for

Buffers, &c., 390

Coles, R., Vertical Steam Boilers, 193

Cominelin, E., Bailhache, G., Virloy, A. L. de, and

Bousignac, L. de, Secondary Batteries, 462

Common, A. A., Governors, 116

Compressed Steel Company, The, Steel Ingots, 364

Cooper, A., Steel andiron Plates for Sleepers, 411

Cooper, H. J., Portland Cement, 364

Copeland Manufacturing Company, Gates for

Crossings, 47

Corcoran, P., Dressing Stone, 628

Cory, E., Portable Silos, 292

Coryell, M., and Wheeler, F. M., Air and Water

Pumps for Condensers, 316

Cotton, W., Water Meters, 70

Coulson, J., and Todd, W. A., Ploughs, 292

Couteau, L. A., Reaping Machines, 291

Coward, N., Electric Safety Apparatus for Lift

Cages, 340

Cowles, E. II. and A. II., Reducing Ores of Aluminium, 554

Cozules, E. II. and A. H., Smelting Ores by Electricity, 364

Cox, J. B., Pyrometers, 70

Cox, R., Compound Steam Engines, 438

Crane, C. R., Hydraulic Valves, 340

Cranston, J. G., and Heppell, T., Borin o’ Coal

&c., 23 ° ’

Cranston, W. API., and Culp in, T.. Reaping Machines, 291

Craven, T. C., Drawbars for Locomotives, 47

Crist, IF. A7., Vibrating Engines, 114

Croasdcll, S. T., Ratchet Locking Nuts, 390

Crooke, G. R., Wire Ropes, 390

Crossley, F. IF., Gas Engines, 116

Crossley, L. J., Emmott, W., and Harrison, J. F.

Telephonic Exchanges, 268 ’

Curtis, C. W., Explosives, 68

Cuvelier, E., Safety Lamp, 390

Dack, W. N., Valve Motion of Steam Engines,

Daft, L., Electric Railway, 48

Dahlerus, C. G., Extracting Metals, 144

Daimler, C., Gas or Oil Motors, 115

Darling, J., Coupling for Railway Vehicles 602 Davenport Glucose Manufacturing Comnanv

Manufacture of Starch, &c., 364 P

Davey, H., Double-Acting Pump, 24

Davey, H., Low-Pressure Steam Motor, 114

Davies, J. T., Compound Steam and Compressed

Air Engines, 437 1

Davies, T. A., Railway Fishplate Joints, 240 Davis, H., Delivering Air under Pressure 508 Davis, H. and A., Indicating Speeds, 218* * Davison, J., Friction Clutches, 628 Davison, J., Rock-Drills, 23

Davy, A., Gas Engines, 116

Davy, C., Hydraulic Forging Machinery, 340

Dawson, W., Mills for Reducing Cement 23

Day, J., Valves, 216

Dean, W., Prevention of Accidents in Death, A. IF, Plug Taps, 38)

Hoists, 484

D’Humy, P. R. de F., Galvanic Batteries, 267

Delamare-Deboutteville, E. F., and Maland in

L. P.C., Carburetters, 554’

Delany, P. B., Autographic Telegraphy, 91

Delany, P. B., Synchronous Multiplex’ Printing

Telegraphy, 462®

Delffs, A. N. D., Railway Permanent Wav 47

Delger, J., Chucks, 483

Dembinski, K., Destroying Induction in Electrin

Wires, 462

Dembinski, K. S., Telephones, 94

Dembinski, K. S., Telephones, 462

Dempster, J., Extracting Tar and Ammonia from

Blast Furnace Gases, 143, 363

Denison, R., Machine for Cutting Files, 627

Deprez, M., and Herz, Dr. C., Suppressino- in.

duction in Telegraph and Telephone Lines 462

Deprez,M-, and, Leblanc, M., Electric Locomo-Dwrez M1; Transforming Electric Currente, 263 Devoll, W„ Cutting "8

Devoll, W., and Howl, O., Tube Vices, 4»4

Dick W B., Extinguishing Fire, 508 n-n J r and Mayrhofer, C. A., Signalling Dand Recording the Position of Railway Trains,

Dietzsch, C., Burning Cement, &c„ 363

Dodm’-in G S.’, Ventilating Ship Holds, 601 Bohlmann S. and Co., Lining or Covering Steam

  • la Jeannie, Safety

Dorialdson^ J., Raising and Lowering Boats, 601 vLrnbusch E. G., Secondary Batteries, 93

Dosnieet Cie., Bending and Upsetting Metals,


Drever W„ Type-Setting Engines, 508 Dumont, a’, Wind Motors, 438 .

Dumoulin, A. J. D., Rotary Engines, 315 Dunlop?/,' Valve Gear of duplex Direct-Acting Dunn,'ckJo Covering for Pipes to Prevent Radia-Dupuis! ^A^and Jeanmaire, A., Safety Dusan&t Weighing Machines 508

Dyball, A., and Payne, A., Hoes, 292

Eames, C. J., Manufacture of Iron and Steel, 144

Edge, C. A., Wheels, 411

Edmiston. J. B., Condensers, 438

^Edmonds, J., and Jefferis. W. H., Anchors for Steam Cultivation, 292

Edmonds, W„ Signalling during Fogs, 602

Edwards, W., Wheels, 48

Eichler, C., Valve Apparatus for Pumps, 24 .

Elieson, C. P., Elements for Primary Electric Batteries, 462 ,

Elliott, J., Fluid Pressure Engines, 582

Ellis, O. J., Air Refrigerator, 70

Emanuel, A., Turning and Tapping Lathe, 161

Emanuel, A., Water Strainers, 508

Emmens,’ S. H„ and United Patents Corporation, Compound Galvanic Battery, 267

Enright J., Electric Railway Signalling, 412

Enright, J., Electric Railways, 267

Ericksen, T-, Sholberg, D., and Johnson, O. T., i^n^^Steam Traps Applicable as Boiler EscherWyss, and Co., Self-Cleaning Pulp-

Straining Machines, 218

Espenschied, C., Shaft Level and Aligners, 8 Evans, M., and Wynne, F., Carbons for Incandescent Electric Lamps, 461

Evans. N., Supplying Air in Steam Generators,

Ewing, J. A., and Jenkin, F., Transmission of Power, 217

Faija, H., Testing the Strength of Cement, <0 Fairburn, H. G., Compressing Coal, &c., 554 Fairburn, H. G., Desiccating at Low Tempera

tures, Coal, &c., 363

Fairfax, J. S., Rotary and Reciprocatine

Fairlie,GR. (?., Hepburn, li. H., and Fairlie,

F. A., Railways, 239

Farmer, M. G„ Electric Cable Recorders, 462 Farrar, J., Birley, E. H., and Dunstan, T., I nc

tion Coupling for Hauling or Winding Appa-

Fan^LD., Rolling Irregular Forms of Metals, 627

Farra, L. D., and Humphreys, J. C., Mechanical Movements, 390.

Faught, L. R., Drilling and Tapping Metal, 627

Favell, T. M., Steam Engines, 115

Favier, A., Explosives, 68.

Feather, S., and Shackleton, R., Utilising the Exhaust Steam in Tramway Engines,. 239 .

Feist, A., Swing Joint for Pipes Containing Fluid under Pressure, 507.

Feldmann, A., Manufacture of Ammonia, 364 .

Fell, T. M„ Relief Valve for Steam Engine Cylinders, 438 ,.

Fenner, H. W., Distillation of Coal, &c., 3o4

Fenner, H. W., Heating of Stills for Distillation of Coal, &c., 364

Fielding, J., Rotary Motors, 115

Firth, S., Ships and Boats, 601

Fischer, J. G., Holder for Hand Tools, 484

Fisher, J. A., Packing for Engines, 316

Fisher, T. R. IL, and Duvall, C. A., Governing Engines, 437 .

Fitzgerald, D. G., Secondary Batteries, 267

Fitzgerald,’D., and Jones, T. J., Voltaic Bat-teries, 93

Flamme, C. C., Screw Stocks, 23

Fletcher, J. IK, Electrical Railway Signals, 412

Flint, E., and Madeley, F., Polishing Metallic

Rods, 364 .

Floyd, J, N., and Tangye, G., Slide Valves of

Steam Pumps, 339 ,

Forbes, G., Dynamo-Electric Machines, 266 Forbes, G., and Timmis, T. A., Electrical Brakes,

Formby, J., and Keizer, C., Travelling Cathead

Hoist, 24 . tt j

Foulds, J., and Tomlinson, S., Crushing Hard Material, 340

Fox, S., and Whitley, J., Casting Metals, 363

Fox, W., and Fenby, H. P., Foghorns, 47

Freakley, IF., Compound Expansive Slide v alve, 581 ,

French, J., Hayes, J., and Hodge, T. H., Steam

Traps, 194

Fretel, G., Locomotive Engines, 47

Frikart, J. R., Valve Gear for Steam Engines, 115

Froggatt, T., Steeling Iron, 144

Fuller, J. E., Telephone Transmitters, 94

Gabriel, Louis, Steam Excavators, 340 Gadd, W., Joining Lead Pipes, 503 Gadd, W., Washers and Nuts, 390 Gales W. H., Tube Scraper and Brush, 194 Galloway, C. J., and Beckwith, J. H., Drilling Holes in Cylinders, 483

Galloway, C. J., and Beckwith, J. H., Vessels Lined with Lead, 554

Gameson, T., Ball Taps, 507

Gannon, T., and Daudt, G. A., Surface Condensers, 438

Gardner, W. S., and Sheppard, A. H., Low-Water Alarm for Steam Boilers, 530

Gardner, W., Vertical Steam Generators, 193

Garrard, G. M. and Gerrard, S. B., Locomotive Engines, 239

Gaulard, L., and Gibbs, J. Z>., Coils for Electricity, 93

Gautier Bros., Driving Belts, 507

Gehrckens, C. O., Belts for Driving Machinery, 217

Gerboz, P. C., Measuring Electric Currents, 462

Gerhardt, J., Safety Truck Appliance for Railway Cars, 411

Gibb, II. McM., Anchors, 46

Gibbon, T. IL, Railway and Tramway Construction, 411

Gibbons, P., and Robinson, A. S. F., Thrashing Machines, 290

Gibson, J., Reaping Machines, 291

Gilchrist, H. U., and Bellamy, C., Gas Pliers 164

Gilmer, IK. F., Drilling Machine, 22

Gilmer, W. F., Punching, Rivetting, and Finishing Countersunk Rivetting, 483

Gimingham, C. II., and Albright, J. F., Holders

of Electric Lamps. 267

Girfitt, T., Fixing Harrow Teeth, 292

Glasbrook, C. A., and Lockerbie, T., Firebars 553

Glossop, E., and Stacey, F. IL, Steam Hammers, 23 Glover, J., and Walton, C., Bolts, 240

Goldberg, L., Transmission of Electric Energy to Torpedoes, &c., 462

Goodfellow, G. B., and Matthews, R., Coupling for Rotating Shafts, 69

Gordon, E., Railroad Switches, 411

(Gordon, F. IK., Hot Blast Stoves, 142

Gordon, J. E. H,t Lighting Signals by Electricity, 94

Gordon, J. W., Pneumatic Pump, 508

Graham Manufacturing Company, The, Drill and Lathe Chuck, 339

Granroth, J., Sight Feed Lubricators, 69

A^n,cS* F*’ ReoUlating Induced Currents of Air, 508

Green, T., Locomotives, 47

r H*’ Dy?»mo-E1ectric Machines, 461 Gieig, A., Gearing of Traction Engines, 48 S®lf‘Lubncating Bearings, 69 Sh^ Whittingham, J.,

Locking and Driving Gear for Engines, 48

GresJiam^J Smelting Iron, 363

GreskZ’, Jj.\ ^•X,Cl^CUUm Brake8’ 48> 412

torts! mChaiKinS a"d Dischargin& Gas Re-

Griffin’s - r ” Ped"cinK Ores, 1G5 P . 2"> Gas Engines, 438 PriflwA Rubricating, llG

Irot'h,‘ Le‘l’H-Re°uiaPtindUth,gs IU111|iniUn1’ 364 Engines, 601 o t,"° the S>peed of Marine

lubffinsLRJ'iiD'\vamo'1E'ectrie Machines, 266 Jyde J E ’ ^’?pr°Vht I,on Pulley".

•> and Bridges, G. II., Spanners, 164

tad/i'eifj’ Stea,n Engines, 581 ladiield,’r” Wheels> W

tailwood'J 143

laiwworth' jr ’ Feed lubricator, 389 144 orUl’ » •> Forging and Tempering Ingots,

'all’ n A? P^ive Chains, &c., 166

•all’H’’SpeedPlate8’ 654 allj J. F and vldlCatT’ 69 all, J. P ’ Crankin’ J’o Cranks> 316 allock, F. Zf „&kyts3310

Counteractin’- th?F- D ’ Pails for ampton, T Mam,^lght ofeShafts, 46 Iron, 364 ’ Manuf«ture of Steel and Ingot

143 obtaining Sul'

Lubricator, 69 °ar’ Automatic Syphon wdcastle. r A , 529 A-> Fireboxes of Steam Boilers,

z-^’dmg, J Brakes 94n Harding, T. R Traction^ .

Purposes, 582 Engines for Agricultural

Hargreaves, C F qi„-

Hargreaves, R Valves, 217

Harris, W. s * p?am Tl’aps, 508

TTMins,i65 ’’ eann^rs °r Brasses for Rolling Harrison H

J 6291"’ 11 ■ U < and "’AiX

Hawke,’Sr1^?1’"3,068, 553

Hawker, TH ^^rs, 530

J-. MMU*

Hazeland, g. s’ p?*11.1 Engines, 581 Healey, B’. D.X'a"‘nS "ood; 628 Hedges, K. W ,enerators, 553 Hellesen, W. Indicators 389 Henckles, J. \ SfnriCr?atteries, 267 Hepbu^ R ij ‘ J?P’coeks, 389 Herald, w •? 1 urnaces. iqq

Car Cijpfing, o40 or Pumps, 5’07 luidSIete«. Applfeable as Motors

H eslop, M., Eccentrics, 115

Hesteskofabrik, K.,Punching Machines, 483

Heurtebise, E , Hydraulic Elevators, 166

Hill, G. J., Sawing, 627

Hill, IE. J., Gas Engines, 316

Hind, (J Single Chain Buckets for Dredging and Elevating Purposes, 166

Hines, D. 8., Perry, W. A., and Worthington, C, C., Actuating the Valves of Direct-Actin" Fluid Pressure Engines, 315

| Hirchweger, H., Sleeper Rails, 411

Hitchin, R., Pearson, J. T., and Richmond, T.

Prevention of Accidents to Machinery, 628 ’

Hocking, H., Condensers, 116

Hodgkinson, J., Mechanical Stokers, 529

Holland, C. B., Annealing Iren, 554

Holland, H. IE., Breech-Blocks, 68

Hollick, W, P., and E. Wimshurst, Steam Steering, 601

Holloway, J. E., Transmitting Motive Power, 437

Holt, E Air or Gas Compressing Engines, 437

Holt, II. P., Gas Engine, 582

Holt, H. P., Hot-Air Engines, 582

Holt, H. P., and Crossley, F. IE., Compound Gas Engines, 582

Holt, H. P., and Jones, A. E., Electric Commutator, 94

Holzer, W., Incandescent Electric Lamps, 94

Honychurch, C., and Brown, A. H. W., Steam

Boilers and Furnaces, 529

Hopkinson,J and C., Induction Coils, 462

Hopkinson, J., Lubricants, 217

Hoppe, C., Rotary Blowers, 23

Horner, H., and Adcock, W., Boring Tools, 23

Hornsby, W., and Edwards, R., Compound Portable Steam Engines, 581

Hornsby, W., and Edwards, R., Elevators for Hay, &c., 292

Hornsby, W., and Edwards, R., Raising Chimneys, 48

Hornsby, J., and Innocent, J., Harvesting Machinery, 291

Hornung, Dr. F., Galvanic Batteries, 462

Horsfall, T. C., Bickham, S. IL, and Houlds-worth, W., Straightening Wire, 508

Houghton, E. J., and Collet, T. M., Contact and Reversing Gear for Dynamo-Electric Machines, 266

Hovet, R. F. H., Wheels, 411

Howard, J., and Bousfield, E. T., Sheaf-Binding Machines, 291

Howard, J., and Bousfield, E. T., Sheaf-Binding and Trussing Machines, 292

Howard J., and Gibbs, G., Reaping Machines, 291

Howard, J., and Gibbs, H. W., Ploughs, 292

Howell, S. E., Springs, 508

Howie, W. L., Preventing the Accumulation of

Snow in Railway Cuttings, 602

Howorth,J., Propellers, 239

Howson, J. T., Steam Wheels, 438

Howson, R., Gas Producers, 143

Hoy, II. A., Fluid Pressure Brakes for Railways, 412

Hughes, G., Bearings for Block and Pulley Sheaves, 390

Hughes, G., Stanchions for Spar Decks on

Ships, 601

Hulse, IF. IE., Drilling and Milling Metals, 483

Humphrey, H. P., Oilers and Journal Boxes, 69

Huntington, A. K., Separation of Carbonic Oxide from Furnaces or Gas Producers, 553

Hure, P. P., Feed Gear for Shaping Machines, 22

Husband, W., Air-Cushioned Hammer or

Stamper, 165

Hutchinson, W. N., Canals, 70

Iddon, J., Seamless India-Rubber Tubing, 218

Irish, W. E., Telephones, 94

Irish, IE. E., Telephonic Transmitters, 94

Jablochkoff, P.,Galvano-Electric Generator, 268

Jackson, C. A., Electric Motors, 266

Jackson, G., Continuous Railway Brakes, 240

Jackson, J. P., and Symons, R., Self-Clamping

Kail Chair, 411

Jameson, J., Coke Ovens, 553

Jarves, D., Retorts, 553

Jefferies, G., Railway Signal Indicator, 48

Jefferies, J. R., Thrashing Machines, 290

Jenkin, Fleeming, Governors for Electric Motors, 462

Jenkin, F., Underground Electrical Haulage, 266

Jenkins, L., Miners’ Safety Lamp, 217

Jenkinson, M., Reaping and Binding Machines, 291

Johnson, D., Hydraulic Engines, 115

Johnson, E. H., Electrical Conductors, 268

Johnson, S., Slip Clutch for Transmitting High

Speeds, 69

Johnson, S., Reaping Machines, 291

Jones, H., Dynamo-Electric Machines, 461

Jones, T. J., Galvanic Batteries, 267

Jones, T., and Smith, J., Wrought Iron and Steel

Tubes, 628

Jones, W. R., Furnaces, 143

Joy, D„ Crank Axles, 116

Joy, D., Fluid Pressure Engines, 437

Joy, D., Valve Mechanism for Three-Cylinder

Engines, 437

Joyeux, A., Ordnance, 68

Kapteyn, A. P., Gauging the Length of Air Pipe Connected throughout a Railway Train, 240

Keeker, G., Locking Apparatus for Railway

Points, 602

Keeling, F., and Rigley, R., Railway Chairs, 239

Kellow, J., Rail Joints, 240

Kemp, E., Compound Boilers, 193

Kennedy, E. S. T., Steam Boilers, 193

Kent, E., Armour Belt with Torpedo Guard, 601

Kent, W., Blowing Engines, 316

Ker, W. W., Treating Iron, &c., 364

Kerr, J., Fastenings for Rails, 602

Kerr, J., Railway Joints, 47

Kerr, J., Ventilated Railway Wagon, 47

Keymer, H. J. C., Capstans, 24

Khotewsky, A., Holders for Incandescent Electric

Lamps, 94

Kinnell, C. P.,and Rothnie, G., Regulating Combustion in Furnaces, 142

Kirk, P., Combined Chairs and Sleepers, 602

Kirk, P., Furnaces for Heating Ingots and

Blooms, 553

Kirk, P., Tram Rails, 47

Kirkaldy, J., Condensers and Heaters, 116

Kitto, J., Paul, A., and Mancarrow, R. R.,

Wagons, 602

Klotz, C., Giinthur, C., and Wilh Kops, Steam

Boilers or Generators, 193

Knap, C. C. S., Joints for Water Tube Boilers, 529

Knapp, R. T., Metal Shearing Machines, 165

Knightley, T. E., Tramway Wheels, 48

Koch, 0., and Habermann, R., Freezing Machines, 70 1 .

Koerner, A. C., Protecting Vessels against Torpedoes, 390

Koneman, W. A., and Scoville, H. H., Ore Concentrators, 23

Korting, E.,Sand Moulds, 143

Kullig, B.y Steam Trap Applicable as a Gas-

Pressure Regulator, 508

Laidlaw, J., Centrifugal Machines, 69, 340

Lalande, F. P. E. de, Intensifying Electrical

Currents, 93

Lander, H., Hay Collectors, 292

Langdon, C., Telephony, 94

Latch, A., Metal Tubes, 70

Lawrie, J. G., Corrugated Boiler Furnace Shells of Cast Steel, 483

Lawrie, J. G., Mould for Casting Steel, &c., 364

Lawson, S., Gas Engines, 438

Laycock, W. S., Couplings for Railway Rolling-

Stock, 411

Laycock, W. S., Miners’ Safety Lamps, 390

Layton, W. T., Controlling the Pressure and

Flow of Fluids, 508

Leach, W., Staying the Firebox of Boilers, 193

Lecouteux and Garnier, Steam Engines, 581

Lee, J. and J., Belting, 217

Lee, R. A., Primary Batteries, 268

Leeds, A. R., Purification of Water, 39.0

Legg, B. A., Mining Machines, 165

Legg, B. A., Rock Drills, 165

Leichsenring, H. R., Wheels and Pulleys, 218

Leidy, C., and Green, C. E., Railway Coupling, 411

Leirer, L., Bearings and Axles, 240

Leprevost-Bourgerel, G. O. L., Pipe Couplings, 218

Leslie, E., Removing Snow, &c., from Railways, 240

Leutner S., Steam Generators, 193

Liardet, J. E., Lowering and Disengaging Ships’

Boats, 239

Lidstone, C. A., Side Lights for Ships, 601

Lindgren, J. A., Fire Extinguishers, 390

Lindsay, W. H., Bridges, 70

Lirand, G., and Gaupillat, E., Detonating Signals for Railways, 602

Lishman, T., Heating, Purifying, and Supplying the Feed Water to Steam Boilers, 530

Lloyd, G. H., Steam Boilers, 192

Lockwood, J. G., Checking Shocks in Chains,

Ropes, Bars, &c., 507

Lockwood, W., Pistons, Pump Buckets, &c., 116

Loewy, S., Lamp Burners, 507

Long - Distance Telephone Company, Transmitters, 94

Longridge, J. A., Ordnance, 389

Longridge, J. A., Ordnance, 389

Lorenz, W., Cartridge Cases, 68

Lorenz, W., Firing Ordnance, 389

Lorrain, J. G., Telephony, 268

Love, E., Skelp-Bending Tools for Tube Making, 339

Lowth, J., and Ewart, J. D,, Telephony, 461

Ltiders, R., Brakes for Revolving Shafts Exposed to Axial Pressure, 390

Ludwig, J. C., Telegraphy, 94

Lux, E., Ascertaining the Specific Weight of

Gases and Vapours, 507

Lyman, A. S., Cartridges, 389

Lyman, A, 8., Cartridges, 389

Lyte, F. M., and Lewall, C. L. J. A., Explosive

Compounds, 364

McAfee, J. C., Nut Lock, 69

McCulloch, J., Coke Ovens, 553

McCullock, J. McG., Steam Boilers, 193

McDougall, I. S., Coating Copper Vessels with

Lead, 554

McDougall, J., Driving Belts, 390

McDowall, J., Lathes for Making Screws for

Drawing Packing out of Glands, &c., 483

McEvoy, C. A., Conveying and Launching Torpedoes, 216

MacFarline, J. W., and Coleman, J. J., Gas Pro

ducer Furnaces for Steam Boilers, 19.3

McFerran, J. A., Moulding and Compressing Machines, 484

McGillivray, J., Gas Engines, 438

Mcllquham, A., Tool Holders for Screwing Machines, 627

Macilwraith, W., Rotary Motor Engines, 115

McKaig, W. R., and Stitt, J. C., Steam Generators, 193

McKellar, J., Valve Cocks, 216

Mackinlay, F., Varying the Gauge of Wagon

Wheels, 48

McLaren, J. and II., Wheels for Traction Engines, 239

M‘Niven, D. P., Brake Block, 48

M A wen, D. P., Brakes, 240

Macqueen, J., Silent Tyres for Road Vehicles, 508

Mactear, J., Furnaces for Chemical Processes, 143

Magee, J., Gas Engines, 115

Maignen, P. A., Softening Water, 69

Makin, J., Coating Sheets of Metal with Lead, 364

Malam, W., Steam Boilers, 529

Man, J H., Automatic Cut-off Valves, 437

Mann, J. J Checking Machines for Public Telephones, 268

MfnnwE’ i\\?l'ake and Starting Apparatus for Wheeled Vehicles, 240

Mannesmann R. and M, Rolling Metal, 23

RcPeating Firearms, 216

M»^Z^S-nW;VEmCtro'Ms8netic Engine, 461

Mai chant, G. JI., Taps or V al res 216

Merchant,4xle’Boxes or Bearings, 507 fcS *’ v ’ Water as an Auxiliary Fuel, 553 Marchese E., Extraction of Copper, 144

V llr“?hinff Rolls for Manufacture of lion Railway Sleepers, 23

Marks, G. 0., Hoists, 24, 627 . fi02

Marsden, S., and Mullin, E., Railway Chans, 60-Marshall, J., Trussing Straw, 290

Martin, A., Lamps, 507

Martin, B. G., Fastening the Rails of Railways, 411

Martin, M., Safety Apparatus for Lifts, 24

Mason, F., and Conqueror, J., Rolling Glass, /U

Mason, S., and Hill, A., Hoes, 292

Massey, A. S., Ploughs, 292

Mathewson, J. E., Sand Blast Process, 24

Maw, IF. H., Aiming Guns by Artificial Light, 389

Maxim, H. S., Guns, 216

Maxim, H. S., Repeating Rifles, 63

Maxwell, J., Steam Engines, 581.

Maxwell, J. R., Valve Mechanism for Duplex

Steam Pumps, 165

Mayo, D. C., Hydraulic Presses, 165 .

Meigs, J. V., Elevated Railway and Bogies for, 47

Melling, J., Casting Steel Ingots, 364

Melville, D., and Whitney, J. F., Paints foi S

merged Structures, 601

Meredith, 0., Steam Boilers, 193

Merry weather, J. C., and Jakeman, C. J. •>

Cutting and Drilling Tubes, 340

Mer ry weather, J. C., and Jakeman, 0. J. k., Fire Hydrant, 508 T w

Merry weather, J. C., and Jakeman, C. J- "•» Tramway Locomotives, 602

Midelton, T., and Huntley, T. S., Coaling Locomotive Engines and Removing Ashes, 239

Milburn, T., Haydon, C. W., and Mundy, E., Reducing Rotary Motion, 484

Milinaire, A. and C., Elevated Railway, 602

Miller, J. J., Regulating Pressure of Water in

Hydraulic Hoists, 24 .

Miller, L. B., Measuring Electricity, 462

Mills, B. J. B., Grinding Hard Materials, 340

Mills, R , Pumps, 484

Milnes, G. F., Tramcar Vehicles, 411

Minck, F. W., Railway Trucks, 240

Moebius, B., Electrolytical Separation of Metals, 553

Moon, G. W., Amalgamation of Gold and Silver,

Moore, F. and E. C. S., Wheels and Axles for

Tramways, 411

Moore, G. E., Manufacture of Hydrogen, 143

Moore, J., Utilisation of Waste Heat in Furnaces, 553

Morewood, E., Coating Sheets of Metal, 363

Morgan, IK., Miners’ Safety Lamp, 217

Morison, D. B., Packings for the Glands of Fluid

Pressure Engines, 581

Morling, W., Adjustable Boring Tool, 339

Morris, F. S., Multitubular Steam Boilers, 529

Morris, G. W., Thrashing Machines, 290

Morton, T., Rivetting Machines, 483

Morton, W.C., Ploughs, 292 .

Morton, W. C., Wheels of Traction Engines. 48

Moseley, C., Boxes or Cells for Primary and

Secondary Electric Batteries, 462

MUller, Dr. F. C. G., Production of Wires, I lates, Rods, &c., 484 _ . .

Muncaster, TK. J., and McKazg, JL, Boring, Dressing, and Finishing Cylinders, 627

Murrie, J., Pressure Gauge, 508

Murrie. J., Thermometers, 508

Musgrave, W. M., and Prestwich, J., Pistons and

Cylinders, 437

Musker, A., and Vaughan, C. IK., Elevators or

I Grabs for Excavating, 484

i Myers F., Cask Making, 218

I Myers, F. G., Tramcar Wheels, 411

Napier, J. M., Transmitting Motion to Speed Indicators, 69

Navarre, C., Fire Lighters, 390 .I

Needham, J., Hawker, T. H. S , Cartridges, 68 Nevile, JR. II. C., Controlling the Speed of En-gines, 581.

Newton, 0. T., Gas Engines, 316

Newton, O. T., Gas Engines, 116, 438

Ney, O., Magnesium Lamps, 507

Nicholson, IK. N., and Allcock, A. 1., Safety Valves, 530.

Nicoll, D., Filtering Water, 69

Nobel L., Wittenstrbm, Ch G., Faustman, E., and Ostberg, P., Melting Metals, 143;

Noble, J. D., Lubricators, 69

Noble W., Consuming Smoke in Steam Boiler Furnaces, 194 ..

Nordenfelt, T., Blowing Engine, 627

Normand, A. and Co., Tubular Steam Boilers, 529

Northcott, W. H., Safety Valves, 191

Northcott, W. H., Speed Governors, 116,

Norton, F. L., Lifeboats, 239 .I

Nottbeck, C. de, Dynamo-Electric Machines, 461 Nun an E.< Hose Couplings, 508I

Nurse^G., Manufacture of Terne and Tin Plates,

363 ’|

Oehwadt, H., Water Gauges, 530

Grain IF. Steam Engine Lubricators, 390 Orme,’ J. A., Preventing Priming 529

Orris, O. D., and Adams, N.B., Cable Tramways,

Osann, B., Purification of Iron, 554

Otis Bros, and Co., Lifts, 340

Otis Bros, and Co., Valves, 340

Owen C. G., Buffers, 47

Owens S. T., Metallurgical Furnaces, 363

Oxley, J., Ward, E., and Oxley, W., Rolling

Mills, 165 |

Pablos, F. Panadero y, Furnaces, 553

Paley, J., Screw Propellers, 46

Palmer, F. L., Shaping Machines, 164

Palmer T. G., Torpedo Railway Signals, 48

Pardy G., Compressed Air Street Railways, 411

Parfitt G., Pumping Engines, 24

Parker, J„ and Bladon, A., Pumps, 627

Parker J.. Dredging Machines, 166

Parker, J., Single-Acting Steam Engines, 437

Parser, T., Gas Engines, 438

Parkes, C. R., Hydraulic Governor and Expan-ParneU^G."T^Fluid Pressure Engines, 581

Parrish, M. W. and M. F., Electric Alarm Appa-ratus’for Railways, 412 . .

Parsons, 0. A., Dynamo-Electric Machines, 461

Peer/JS n 7 ^ep-Boring Apparatus, 484

389 °l Ejector Company, The, Lubricators, PeJrvnHAFBT^U1Ieys or Drums’ 69 Ppifrn,?'TF'ATTherm0StatS’ 503

340 ’ L’’ and Diers> G>’ Grinding Mills,

^utomatic Chain Grab, 628

Phil inn A^C^’ A,i Electric Arc Lamps, 267

P1H PP°^ C., Schneider, F., and Jaquet, C., Cutting Grooves on Rollers, 165

rh!£S’ 7 ’ ?£d Jones, T., Preparation of the Charge for Zinc Furnaces, 554

Phi •PS> w Bolts» Screws, &c., 22 n- i ES’^I>’ Mova-We Points, 240 Pickett, T., Lamps, 507

Educing Ores and the Utilisation of Waste Gases, 554

pjr?’ S’ Sp Governing Marine Engines, 437 riers, E. F., Slide Valves and Valve Chests for

Steam Engines, 437

n ^iectric Arc Lamps, 267

lona, C. H., Bailey, H. L., Hamblet, J., Crane, a b., and Gray, A. W., Electric Clocks, 462

Poole, J., and Maclver, K., Telephonic Call, 268 r'ope, o., Introducing Air into Regenerative Furnaces, 363

Porteous A. N„ Rotary Engines, 315

10JJ?r’ Stopping Leakage in Boiler Tubes, 0Z<7

Poyser, J., Rail Fastenings, 602

Poyser, J., Railway Chairs, 47

Prasil, F., Rivetting, 627

Prentice, E. R. and H. N., Igniting Gas Engine

Charges at Starting, 438

Price, C. B., Railway Frogs and Switches, 411

Proctor, J., Mechanical Stokers, 529

Puissant Frbres, Cutting and Dressing Stone, 166

Purdy, W. H., Purification of Iron and Steel, 364

Purnell, J. J., Gas Engines, 116

Pym, A. M., Lighting Railway Carriages, 602

Qualter, J., and Hall, E., Metallic Pistons, 437

Quarmby, J., Railway Chairs and Sleepers, 411

Quarmby, J., Screw Bolts, 217

Quelch, W. B., Rails and Fastenings, 47

Quick, G., Cartridges, 389

Radcliffe, F., Gas Furnaces, 143

Radcliffe, J., Electric Alarm Apparatus, 412

Rae, J., Spring for Tramcars, 411

Rammell, T. W., Projectiles, 389

Ramsden, T. H., Horse Rakes, 292

Rapier, R. C., Cranes, 24

Raudnitz, S., Galvanic Cells, 93

Rawlings, J., Cutters of Wood-Planing Machines 166

Reinecker, J. E., Stocks and Dies, 339

Rhodes, B., Packing for Steam Joints, 194

Rice, A., Sand Moulding, 364

Rich, W. E., Turbines, 438

Richard, P., Joint Chair for Railway Permanent Way, 411

Richards, E. IK., Machinery for Turning Over and Transferring Ingots and Blooms, 484

Richards, G., Grinding Machines, 339

Richards, W., Lubricator for Condensing Steam

Engines, 438

Richardson, A. W., Electric Arc Lamp, 267

Richmond, T., Bolts and Nuts for Fishplates, 411

Richmond, T., Preventing the Wood Keys Used for Fastening Rails from Working Out, 411

Rideal, S., Bolts and Nuts, 143

Rideal, S., Metal Casting, 363

Rideal, S., Wheel Tyres, 390

Riedler, A., Valves for Pumps, 24

Riley, D., and Lee, W., Firebars and Smoke Prevention, 529

Riley, J., Gear for Feeding and Turning Steel Ingots, 144

Riley, J., Making Steel, 144

Riley, J., Sleepers and Chairs, 602

Riley, J., Soaking Pits for Steel Ingots, 144

Riley, J., and Crossley, IF., Manufacture of Steel, 363

Riley, J., and Crossley, W., Manufacture of Steel, 390

Ringwood, H., Wheels, 240

Rivers, C. G., Propulsion of Ships, 601

Roberts, E. and H., Hay Elevators, 292

Robertson, J., Metal Tubes, 628

Robertson, W., and Godwin, G. A., Horizontal Engines, 315

Robertson, W., and Godwin, G. A., Vertical

Engines, 315

Robinson, S., Engines, 437

Robinson, T., Water Meters, 218

Robinson, W., and Godwin, G. A., Compound

Engine. 315

Roden, C. F., Spanners, 23

Roe, J. P; Distribution of Gas and Air, 363

Roe’, J. P., and Bcdlington, P. R., Transporting

Loads by Cables, 240

Roettger,E. C., Drying Machines, 166

Rogers, H. J., Manufacture of Gas, 363

Rollet, A., Iron and Steel, 144

Roos, S., Induction Current Generator for Long

Cable Telegraphy, 93

Rose, F. D., Steam Boilers, 193

Rose, W., Fabrication of Iron and Steel, 364

Rosher, C. H., Railway Chairs, 239

Ross W., Fluid Pressure Engines, 581

Rounth waite, T., Vertical Steam Boilers, 193

Row, O. M., Condensing Steam from Impure Water, 438

Rowan, T., Primary Electric Batteries, 267

Rowan, W. R., Railway Permanent Way, 240

Rowbotham, Water Meter, 507

Rowe, J. A., Rivetted Joints, 193 .

Rowntree, W., and Temple, G., Slide Valves, 315

Rushforth, W. H., Supplying Boilers with Water, 194

Rushworth, G. and J., Shaft Couplings, 484

Russell and Erwin, Nails, 16o

Rutherford, J., and Lambert, W., Corn Crusher and Chaff Cutter 292

Ryland, F., Sand Moulds, 364

Rysselberghe, F. van, Electric Batteries, 462

, H., Rolling Mills, 23

Sack, R., Ploughs, 292

Saget,J., Cutting and Shaping Metals, 339

Salomo, H., Rotary Pump and Blower, 484

Sampson, J., Valve, 507

Sang, J. F., Excavators for Cutting Trenches, 24

Sankey, J., Lamps for Burning Hydro-Carbon Oils, 507

Sapsworth, G. S., Machine Belting, 390

Sarda, J. L. Y., Treatment of Iron and Steel, 144

Sax, J. K., Wheels, 48

Sayer, R. C., Rope Couplings, 240

Sayers, W. B., Rotary Engines and Pumps, 115

Scarlett, G., Dynamo-Electric Machines, 266

Schaefer, H., Carbonising Filaments for Electric

Lamps, 267

Schafer, H. F. B., Carbon or Carbonaceous Electrodes for Primary and Secondary Elements, 462

Scheibler, C., Manufacture of Steel and Iron. 144

Schleifer, M., Air Pressure Cylinders for Railway

Brakes, 412

Schleifer, M., Railway Brakes, 412

Schlotfeldt, W. H., Speed Indicators, 507

Schlund, IL, Rifle Action, 389

Schmidt, W., Steam Engines, 315

Schmidt, W., Steam Generators, 192

Schneider, B., Railway Signalling, 48

Schneider, M., Lubricators, 69

Schoenheyder, W. A. G., Liquid Pressure Engine Applicable as a Meter, 582

Schuhmann, G., Slide Valves of Steam Engines, 438

Scott, G. B., Printing Telegraphs, 268

Scott, J., Governors, 316

Searby, J., and Howe, T., Plough Heads, 292

Seek, H., Roller Mills, 23

Secor, S. and J. A., Propulsion of Vessels, 601

See, H., Crankshafts and Bearings, 316

Sellers, W„ Metal Moulds for Casting Steel Wheels, 364

Sellon, R. P., and Sillar, G. C., Holders for Incandescent Electric Lamps, 94

Sellon, R. P. and J. S., Armatures for Dynamo-Electric Machines, 93

Sellon, R. P., Safety Devices for Use with Electric Currents, 93

Sharp, J. B., Converting Motion, 217

Sharp, Van Schaick, and Holcomb, W. W., Bending or Folding the Edges of Metal Sheets, 484

Shaw, H. S., Varying the Relative Motion of Two or More Bodies, 70

Shaw, J., Boiler and other Furnaces, 529

Shaw, J., Screening Coal, 340

Shaw, J., Harrison, T., and Shaw, W., Screw-Cutting Lathe, 627

Shaw, T., Alloys for Electric Conductors, 94

Shedlock, J. J., Extraction of Metals from their Ores, 554

Sheldon, J., Polishing and Annealing Iron, 554

Sheppard, S., Barnes, H. G., and O’Connel, J.

A., Stopping and Starting Vehicles, 412

Sheward, E. G., Railway Rolling Stock, 47

Shill, R. E., Kibbling and Pulverising Minerals, 165

Shippey, A., and Wyder, J. E., Dynamo-Electric Machines, 93

Shone, J., and Ault, E., Raising and Forcing Water, 627

Siddell, G., Operating on Large Forgings, 627

Siemens, F., Gas Lamps, 70

Silver, S. N., Chucks, 22

Simon, H., Coke Ovens, 143

Simon, H., Roller Mills, 23

Simonds, G. F., Making Irregularly Shaped Metal Articles, 339

Simons, W., and Brown, A., Combined Gunboat and Dredger, 601

Simpson, A. D., Gravity Friction Ratchets, 628

Sinclair, D., Telephonic Apparatus, 268

Skrivanow, P. G., Electric Batteries, 93

Slade, J* P Ova,l or Circular Figures,

Slater, A. W., Torpedoes, 390

Sloan, T., and Hawks, E., Railway Brakes, 411

Smail, G., Hydraulic Apparatus for Transmitting

Power and for Draining, 340

Smalley, J., Pistons, 437

Smallman, J. W., Haulage Clip, 47

Smilley, S., Heating and Cooling Fluids, 438

Smith, E. C., Fasteners for Driving Belts, 390

Smith, G., Fastener for Driving Belts, 507

Smith, J., Flanged Tramcar Wheels, 602

Smith, M. H., Contact Makers for Electric Tram-cars, 267

Smith M. H., Rails and Chairs for Tramways, 411

Smith, T. T., Electric Lamp Fittings, 94

Smith, IP. F and Coventry, A., Lathe Cutters, 627

Smith, Wade H., Railway Permanent Way, 411

Soci^td Anonyme des Anciens Etablissements

Cail, Cylinders for Hydraulic Presses or Accumulators, 310

Soci6t6 Bertet et Sisteron, Crushing Machines, 23

Socitte Knab et Cie., Hot-Air Engines, 582

SociMe Maison Brtguet, La, Electric Meters, 93

Society Poron Frbres, Le Fils et Mortier, Drawing and Forcing Pump, 165

Soldenhoff, R. de, Treatment of Coal to Obtain Coke, 363

Solomon, R. S., Drilling Brace, 483

Somerset, J., Clearing away Snow and Warming Railway Carriages, 602

Sonnenthal, G., and Keen, W., Pipe Wrenches, 627

Spawn, A. F., Hand Grenades, 390

Stamford, E. C. C., Non-Conductor of Heat, 529

Standford, W. H. C., Clutches, 218

Stanford, E. K., and Button, E., Revolving Harrows, 292

Stanley, J. N. and T. B., Steam Boiler Furnaces, 529

Stayner, A. E., Boring Rock, 628

Stephen, J., and Burt, T., Audible Signalling Apparatus, 390

Stephen, J., Telephonic Apparatus, 461

Sterne, L., Making Helical Springs, 627

Sevens, J- S., and Major, C. G., Hydraulic Lifts,

Stevenson, G., Steam Boilers, 529

Stevenson, J. P_, .Car Wheels, 240

Stewart, H. S., Washers, 411

Stockholms Bell Telefon, Telephone Switches and-Circuits, 94

Stone, R., Smelting, 554

Storey, J. H., Rotary Pumpsand Exhausters, 339 Storey, J. H., and Phillips, J. F., Lathe Chucks, 164

Stowe, B. L., Belting made of Fabric, 390

Strong, G. S., Steam Engines, 438

Struthers, W., Repairing Metallic Bearings, 39

Stuart, II. A,, Ratchet Drills and Braces, 483

Stuart, W. G., Meters for Liquids, 218

Styles, J. W., Taking up Slack Chains in Working a Grab-Bucket, Skip, &c., 628

Symon, R. R., Steering Ships, 601

Talbot, F. J., Fastenings for Railway Chairs,&c., 411

Tamine, R., Electric Conductors, 268

Tamine, R., Electrodes for Secondary Batteries, 267

Tarda, P., Water Meter, 507

Tate, J., Stopping Engines, 581

Tavener, J., Electric Current Regulator, 93

Taylor, A., Valve Motion for Steam Hammers, 483

Taylor, G., Staiths for Moving Coal Wagons, 24

Taylor, G. B., Jaws and Jaw Plates for Vices, and Jawed Chucks, 483

Taylor, G. B., Vices, 23

Taylor, F. B., and Hanning, J., Rock Boring, 339

Taylor, G. C., and Truman, E. T., Covering Electrical Conductors, 268

Teague, IK., Jun., Rock Drills, 484

Tennant, J., Lubricators, 217

Therkelsen, A., and Brunn, J., Governors, 582

Thiery, H., Raising and Forcing Water, 484

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Sources of Information